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    OldSchoolEmpire got a reaction from Matt3412 in Jabba’s Sail Barge   
    I want one!
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Undeadguy in T-47s have Armor AND Cover?   
    Crits or a lot of hits. 
    If you have HH-12 squad at full health, you will roll 3 blacks ad 5 whites with Impact 3. 
    Aim action Roll dice 3 blanks, 1 crit, 3 hits, 1 surge Reroll 2 blanks into 1 hit/1 blank Convert surge to hit 1 crit, 5 hits are in the attack pool Cover removes 1 hit, leaving 4 hits Impact converts 3 hits to crits 1 hit and 4 crits in the pool Armor removes the hit 4 defense dice are rolled 2 blocks remove 2 crits Speeder suffers 2 wounds
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Nyxen in Heartbreak   
    At my lgs, we got in 12 core sets, and by the end of my shift today 10 were pre-spoken for. I'm excited.
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to KraydKaflar in Amazon is sending stuff out early.   
    Got core today, too bad it showed up just as I had to go to bed.
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Sorastro in Get Started Painting SW: Legion - New Article   
    Hi folks!
    I’m flattered by the assumption that I had a hand in the painting article because I think it’s really nicely written and layed out, but just to end any speculation I can tell you I wasn’t involved at all.
    Don’t forget they have some very experienced and awesome in-house painters at FFG including the wonderful John Shaffer (who I had the great pleasure of meeting last year) so I don’t think we should be surprised by the quality of this guide.
    Now.. back to doing what I do best - editing the next video (the AT-ST). 
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Hawkstrike in I'm building/painting my FLGS's demo Core Set, any questions?   
    What  ... is the airspeed velocity of an unladen speeder?
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to clove3019 in Excitement levels? Whats yours   
    Thursday & Friday are vacation days and my kids are off school for Spring Break.  We will be playing our favorite family game - “The Orphan Game” where the kids leave me alone and act like they are orphans so I can paint all day
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Sirdrasco in Excitement levels? Whats yours   
    I'm excited!
    Got my FAT mat, got my preorder in, saved 20% at my FLGS so I was able to get a core, a dice pack,2 troops, 1 support, and 1 heavy for each faction.
    Sexy tokens from CurledPawCreatives https://www.etsy.com/listing/598772211/acrylic-battalion-token-set-sw-legion?ref=shop_home_feat_4 
    But a 5 week vacation put me behind on the terrain building, so going with a quick alien forest build and go from there.
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Skyguard in Amazon is sending stuff out early.   
    I got the dice expansion pack from Amazon today too. I am now ready to answer all your dice questions. ?
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to phxcmd in GAMA Trade Show GF9 Legion Terrian   
    From a Facebook post:

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    OldSchoolEmpire got a reaction from beefcake4000 in Looking for tree recommendations   
    probably the best pre made tree on the market.
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to ForceSensitive in PSA Speeder bike assembly Wrong   
    Figured somebody else would have posted it, but haven't seen it yet. Quick heads up, the bikes in the core sets don't actually line up to their instructions in the book. Their was a tab and slot missing on the foot pedal assembly that's in the book, but not the model. The workaround is simple, attach the trooper and arms to the bike first, then using the troopers feet as attach points to guide the angle on to the groove of the pedal bar attach point. That is all. Had a picture, it is to high quality to let me load it ?
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to SunDancerGE in IAmGameFor - an app for finding gamers   
    Since FFG has no "chat" subforum (at least none that I found) I'll post here because SW:L has the most traffic at the moment. Please watch the video and join in!
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    OldSchoolEmpire got a reaction from DarkJello in Quick queries for those in the know   
    I agree with Amanal. This How to Play will get you to that warm and fuzzy rules understanding. 
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    OldSchoolEmpire got a reaction from beefcake4000 in Quick queries for those in the know   
    I agree with Amanal. This How to Play will get you to that warm and fuzzy rules understanding. 
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Tabletop Oddity in Star Wars Modular Walkways - FREE 3D Files   
    I used Tinkercad, really simple, free online software. I'm not a pro 3d designer or anything! Thanks.
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    OldSchoolEmpire got a reaction from Big Easy in Support, Heal and Regeneration   
    I pretty sure we will see future units that are able to provide trooper support the likes of medics(heal wounds), combat engineers(negate/destroy cover), communications (increase command distance bubble). Hopefully they will be sold as support troopers that you can then just attach out to your regular Rebel/Storm trooper units.
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    OldSchoolEmpire got a reaction from Undeadguy in Day 1 painting plan   
    Well to be honest the Storm Troopers are going to be pretty straight forward with little color variation. I'll prime/zenithal grey/white. Come back Paint all the black parts, eyes, helmet, joints, hands, weapon. After that highlight the raised parts of the armor and weapons. I'll do the bases separately assembly line fashion, by the time one base is dry then its time to come back for washes and then highlights.  The rebels on the other hand will be the most time consuming as I'm leaning towards a mixed camouflage of various greens/browns, very much like the endor rebels and in general they just have more base colors to lay down and highlight. 
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to KalEl814 in Lady Rebels   
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I believe that females can be telepathic, telekinetic, empathic, future divining, lightning shooting, high jumping, and quick running space wizards who equip themselves with swords, ships, and guns that defy nature and physics as we understand them.
    But you want me to believe they can ruck like a man? GET THAT SJW NONSENSE OUT OF MY IMPOSSIBLE SPACE OPERA!
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to MasterShake2 in Steady: Move-Shoot-Move   
    did anyone else think this when they read the title:
    and communicate. What's the sound of the infantry? Boom boom!
    ...no? Okay.
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    ...and Episode 5 is now up

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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    Hi Egilius!
    Good question!  I think there's a trade off to be made; with the Legion Stormtroopers I really wanted to avoid the most arduous part of painting white armour - which is building the white up in multiple layers, which is necessary after shading with a dark wash.  The trade off is that we're then left manually darkening the recesses (although as mentioned in the video, even this isn't really essential).  However, the increased scale and clarity of the Legion models make this a fair bit easier than with the smaller IA miniatures, so for me this seems like the most sensible approach. 
    I also wanted to achieve a cleaner look than I did with the IA Stormtroopers (although I did of course add some selective weathering) which is hard to achieve when throwing a wash on (or using the dry brush technique)
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    OldSchoolEmpire got a reaction from Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    This is the one I've been waiting on. Can't wait to watch!
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    OldSchoolEmpire reacted to Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    Hi folks!
    Episode 4 is now live - I hope you enjoy it

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