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  1. I mean it works for his DL-44 as well
  2. I would recommend miniature market next time. They ship before release and are cheaper.
  3. Great looking terrain! i love the little touches, posters and what not.
  4. https://www.4ground.co.uk/deciduous-woodland probably the best pre made tree on the market.
  5. This was a surprise i didn't see coming so soon, Bravo FFG!
  6. I agree with Amanal. This How to Play will get you to that warm and fuzzy rules understanding.
  7. @Tabletop Oddity What 3D model program did you use to design the walkways in? They are looking pretty fantastic!
  8. I pretty sure we will see future units that are able to provide trooper support the likes of medics(heal wounds), combat engineers(negate/destroy cover), communications (increase command distance bubble). Hopefully they will be sold as support troopers that you can then just attach out to your regular Rebel/Storm trooper units.
  9. Well to be honest the Storm Troopers are going to be pretty straight forward with little color variation. I'll prime/zenithal grey/white. Come back Paint all the black parts, eyes, helmet, joints, hands, weapon. After that highlight the raised parts of the armor and weapons. I'll do the bases separately assembly line fashion, by the time one base is dry then its time to come back for washes and then highlights. The rebels on the other hand will be the most time consuming as I'm leaning towards a mixed camouflage of various greens/browns, very much like the endor rebels and in general they just have more base colors to lay down and highlight.
  10. Yea I'm going to try to have my core Empire done by the end of the weekend on release week. Rebels will take a little longer as I'm still chasing down what scheme I'm willing to settle on.
  11. This is the one I've been waiting on. Can't wait to watch!
  12. Overall it's been a great and civil discussion. But I'm really glad we have an official ruling! The more I think about it, the less overpowered it seems.
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