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  1. I am playing in, essentially, a Shadowrun game using SotBS as the main book plus bits from SotC and Rot. We left magic unchanged for RAW and it works well since its really just RoT reskinned (guns instead of bows, cars instead of carts). We added a few new rules regarding having cybernetics and using magic (or be healed by magic) to keep some of the flavor of Shadowrun. As far as not including a mechanic in the game (ie Magic), it depends on how your world works. Magic should be included if it exists in the world (or can be reskinned to be something like controlling nano-robots). If you are running something like Blade Runner, then zero magic. If you have a Eldritch Cyber setting, then maybe instead of having access to entire magic actions, characters can only learn individual spells found in hidden books since magic is truly rare. It depends on the world. Change or modify magic (or anything) to fit your world vision. Unlike magic in D&D, which has the same magic rules/implementation in every setting (when used at all) due to the entire mechanics system being so fragile due to being so tightly interwoven, you can have as much or as little as you want without worrying about breaking the basic mechanics just by making changes.
  2. lyinggod


    I didnt get really beyond this as it was something I was doing for myself and I got distracted by something else. It is incomplete. I would post a PDF of what I have done but I was ripping stealing all the graphics/layout from the SF PDF from the appropriate sections so certain people might get cranky if I posted it here.
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    I did some work on a Starfinder conversion but it was based on Genesys, not EotE. I used GM Huzz's Armory for weapons and made Technomancy a varient of magic, added a few talents, and that was about it. It really didn't need much specialized conversion beyond race talents.
  4. lyinggod


    Your assumption is pretty spot on except part of the focus is on RIGID character advancement. As with any game, if you like combat slogs, Genesys can be played that way just as roleplaying can be added to D&D/PF/etc games. If you like the Starfinder universe, then it would be pretty easy to adapt it to Genesys. The mechanical aspects of adventure paths can always be used but just as guides for adapting NPCs, monsters, etc. Remember, every setting is a Genesys setting.
  5. lyinggod


    I seems to me that Starcana was a fairly good starfinder equivalent. The only thing missing might be Technomancy and that could just be magic some kind of required tech focus or only affects technology limitation.
  6. I am trying to find a (regular) discord group for Genesys (or similar, ie 2d20). I have tried Reddit LFG, Facebook LFG pages, and Roll20 LFG but have had zero response. Can anyone suggest a good place to post such requests for games that aren't D&D 🤯?
  7. Excellent PDF. It seems to be that some pages would be likely to be used multiple times. For those using the form fillable options, perhaps releasing each page "category" as an independent files (ie as a zip file) since not everyone is able to extract pages as separate pdfs or duplicate pages.
  8. It does have its quirks. This particular document tends to also take a long time to generate a PDF and it has some alignment issues once generated. As I understand it, mis-alignment issues can occur if the document author doesn't place column breaks just right. The kickstarter GM BINDER is currently running should allow them to fix these problems and add new features. For me, I just took the raw GM BINDER code (post CSS) and dumped it into indesign. A little bit of search/replace GREP magic to replace GM Binder structure with some paragraph and character styles and some quick application of cell and table styles and now I have an editable document that I can easily bend to my will. If you are interested, here is the link to my PDF of it for my group. It is currently a work in progress and needs some tightening up. I have made some minor changes to the original version, adding Archetype and Career fluff and tweaked the Mystic Archetype. Additionally, the author has recently updated his version to change from using Essence on cyberware to a more Hard Point/modular approach. I like the Essence better so I have kept this in my version. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmK9yarW75NjizYC5G4eORQ6XqNd?e=xvOj7i
  9. Also consider this: It's an adaption of Paul's adaption but its approach is to add Shadowrun elements to Genesys instead of making Genesys more like SR. It also covers technomancers. It is a work in progress. https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LmzWVaUsH0hNSslHxSR There is a glitch so the GM Binder conversation to PDF is a bit spotty. I think it's the best SR adaption so far and only 75 pages or so.
  10. I interpreted the original question to be regarding the alteration of an existing pdf, not one of content creation. If I was incorrect then I apologize. 😭
  11. FWIW, I use a paid program called Infix. It allows easier and more effective editing of PDFs then Acrobat Pro in most cases including search and replace of fonts/letter combinations, re-flowing text between columns/pages, etc. Its is not perfect and tends to crash on very large documents and gets a little twitchy when dealing with form fields. I recently had a PDF for Genesys, but using Star Wars symbols, it was only a few clicks (per symbol) to replace all the symbols.
  12. When develop begins again, as a suggestion, please consider including Archetype Talent pre-requisites so that Archetype (Race) specific talents may be attached to specific archetypes (i.e. Wings (Tier 3) is a mutation developed by some monkeys that have been in the presence of witches. Only available to witch monkey archetype). Also multiple prerequisites on Talents such as "must have Arcana or Primal to use" Thanks
  13. This is great and thanks to the author for creating this. However, development seems to have stalled. Is this no longer under development or has development just been suspended?
  14. I am not surprised that my players took XP over money, I actually expected it. I just wanted to offer them the opportunity to be able to due so. I am not worried about the $ to XP equivalencies. Most of the the Shadowrun Genesys book adds a significant amount of mechanical complexity that is contrary to the "essence" of the narrative simplicity of Genesys. The reason I took the approach that I did was to create a better "middle ground", cutting out or simplifying stuff that was too mechanically excessive, adding the missing, etc. If you look at it strictly from a $ vs XP, then cyberware can easily become overpowered. The question is how to balance this. It is easier for me to treat cyberware similar to equipment in that it can be damaged. However, instead of having a weapon requiring Sunder and for the enemy to specifically target the cyberware, generating three or maybe four (I haven't decided yet) advantage /threat can result in their cyberware gaining a damage level. A few hits like this and their cyberarm fails unless they have someone on hand to do emergency repairs. Its the trade off for being highly chromed. If a "natural" gets shot in the arm twice, they gain 5 wounds. If a street samurai gets hit there twice (due to appropriate threat), they also have one setback per hit as arm actuators start to fail. A third hit like this and their arm fails (this idea is still being refined). Also remember it is harder to heal people that are heavily cybered, which can encourage people not to go too nuts on cyberware and this will be particularly bad for starting wizards that have only 1-2 ranks in magic (I am also using the Knowledge is Power magic rules from the forum). Remember this is not d20. It is not a game that becomes broken because a "+1" gets mis-applied. Keep in mind that the Shadowrun RPG is a lot like D&D/warhammer 40k (GW) in that it is meant to primarily be a squad based miniature combat game (with RPG elements). Everything in these games is designed to support this focus. Genesys is not and everything is focused on the Narrative. While this setting is expected to be more combat focused then "normal" Genesys, I am not as worried about characters becoming overpowered because I will use in-game GM underhandedness resourcefulness to keep things from becoming overwhelming. Plus, I have told my players that this setting is in active development and that anything and everything is subject to change if it appears to be too unbalanced. I don't think, using my indicated approach, that this will be much of an issue but this way there will be less whining grumbling if I find I do have to make an in-game change.
  15. The book looks pretty but it has some significant gaps, the money you mentioned just being but one. There are various concepts (rules, gear, abilities, etc) that are mentioned in the text, in passing, but are not actually defined. This is because the author wasn't very thorough in copying the text from the original SR books. I have ripped this apart and rebuilt it in Indesign so that I can modify this as necessary as I find these issues (and to give it a SofBS theme). I have borrowed ideas from the /u/clarity-of-porpoise (CoP) reddit conversion (the Genesys version, not the earlier Star Wars conversion; all the mechanics, zero fluff) and another 15 page SotBS SR version. This includes the CoP version of spending XP to get resources/money similar to the SR resource model, including about 80 XP for 400,000 nuyen (money) with 5000 as a base start instead of 1,000. I have just started running this and my group had it session zero. I found that my players wanted their XP for stats and skills more then they wanted to start with a lot of gear or cyberware, so no one spent any XP to get more money despite having a rigger, street samurai, and a mage. They figure they will get (better) gear and cyberware as they get more money so they are all living on the streets at the moment. I also plan to have their cyberware become damaged with enough THREAT/DESPAIR as a constant potential.
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