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  1. lyinggod

    An Idea for access to Magic via Careers and Talents

    Have you seen this. It seems to work well to mechanically differentiate casters mechanically. If you want to limit further, perhaps the ranks in each magic action also determine the specific number of effects the casters know.
  2. lyinggod

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    Thanks, Not sure what happened. I will fix them and have it up tomorrow morning.
  3. lyinggod

    Shadowrun - Paul M N Haakonsen

    For those interested, I did a rebuilt of the book so they the layout is optimized for printing.
  4. lyinggod

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    As promised, here is the link to the Genesys: Shadowrun re-build. When possible the original images were chased down to ensure maximum color print quality. The way the text was extracted may have resulted in some layout, formatting, or typo issues that were introduced. There is a low quality (LQ) version that people can make comments on via google docs preview mode if these issues need to be fixed. Game mechanics/conversion issues are something I would rather avoid addressing.
  5. lyinggod

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    I did get it finished. I will provide a link as soon I have an opportunity. It should be within the next day or so.
  6. lyinggod

    0 size character melee skill

    If your Silhouette 0 races get too small.... I found the following on this forum somewhere. Its for races that are about 6" tall, maybe up to a foot or so (GMs discretion). Tiny: Fairies are Silhouette 0 and have an Encumbrance 1, not 5. They treat all objects and all non-fairy races taller then 1 foot as being 1 Silhouette higher. They add 5 Encumbrance to items not of Fairy Craftsmanship. They treat all normal sized Melee (Light) (1-handed) weapons as Heavy (2-handed) weapons. They cannot use normal sized Heavy Melee Weapons or normal-sized Ranged weapons. They increase defense granted by cover and normal-sized items by 1. They add [bo][bo] to all Stealth checks.
  7. You work looks interesting. As a suggestion for pdf layout, widen the gap between the columns to about .16" or .25" for improved readability.
  8. lyinggod

    [SotB] Any new cyberware rules?

    I apologize if I came across as condescending, it was not intentional. I was merely trying to point out that ultimately its the GM who determines what balance means, whether that's playing the game RAW or making adjustments to achieve whatever they feel balanced/fair actually means. Changing RAW isn't a bad thing since do so is RAW. Even if there are no EMP weapons in SotB, you can always add it. Again, apologies.
  9. lyinggod

    [SotB] Any new cyberware rules?

    I haven't seen the book yet either. Money and XP are different meta-currencies as are wounds and strain. You spend money to get a set of lockpicks that give you a boost or you buy the tier 1 talent that does the same; two different currencies being used. Rarity is also a form a meta-currency. This all enforces a potential amount of "unfairness" on players. Unless you're dealing with 12 year olds or people stubbornly entrenched in the WORLDS MOST BANAL RPG GAME's mindset regarding unwavering balance for every +1 then fairness means everyone is having fun. In Android, you spend permanent meta-currency (strain) on a cyber-limb. Is this worth it? That's up to the player. What if you decide that in your world that cyberware can be sundered? Is that fair or is that just the way the world works. I am working a post-apocalypse science fantasy game/setting in which magic items (or at least their magical aspect) can break relatively easily. Is that fair? It doesn't matter because it's the way the world works. Players will have to use their magic items conservatively if they want to keep them.
  10. lyinggod

    [SotB] Any new cyberware rules?

    Remember normal limbs (at least in Star Wars) aren't subject to malfunction or ion weapons where cyberware is. Cyberware does have its shortcomings. Additionally, chopping off a cyberarm mid-length is less devastating (IMHO) then a crit and it bothers me less to do so to cybered characters if it is relatively easy from them to get it repaired/replaced (assuming they have the funds to begin with, even if it wipes them out financially).
  11. lyinggod

    Request a Homebrew Thread

    Most of this forum is about user created content as that is the very nature of Genesys as a toolbox/universal game. The things that you refer to have been placed in the main thread with great frequency. FIIW, I detest the term homebrew, it sounds like your some kind of backyard tinkerer. The game I usually see the term "homebrew" associated with is so limited and stifled in character/class creation, breadth and flexibility that creative GMs and players are almost immediately limited by their advancement options. Thus the need for homebrew come into being. Systems that aren't (based on or inspired by) the WORLDS MOST BANAL ROLEPLAYING GAME dont have near the need for "homebrew" as these flaws are greatly reduced (or gone entirely). The exception of course are the tookbox games like Genesys and a few others that are designed specifically for it. There! A short answer and a long whine.
  12. lyinggod

    Expanded Skill Set Document

    Odd. Now its working. Don't think it was me. Did several different copy/pastes to overcome user error. Maybe there was a momentary hickup somewhere.
  13. lyinggod

    Expanded Skill Set Document

    Google gives an error
  14. Excellent Idea, Thank you
  15. I am working on a post apocalyptic game where society fell in the 23rd century (lasers, hover cars, etc) and about 700 years have passed. Most knowledge has been lost or buried. Some technology is still there to be found. I am having problems working out how to implement Knowledge (Ancient Lore) checks to have PC try to figure out these ancient, seemingly alien devices. The idea is to account for the possibility of sticking your hand in the blender, accidentally shooting yourself or your buddy with a laser pistol, or accidently causing the item to explode. Weapons and armor will be expanded on from Huzz's Scifi Weapons list. Some Star Wars vehicles will be reskinned. Initially I thought of assigning a tech level to the various devices by general category and then a difficulty based on that. Example: A laser pistol might be [ch][di][di] and Laser Auto Rifle might be [ch][ch][di], powered armor might be [ch][ch][ch]. To my mind this seemed to scale up to fast when dealing with vehicles or silhouette 1+ robots. THe next idea I had was to base the difficulty on silhouette with the idea the smaller items are less complicated than larger items with an extra [th] added for particularly difficult items. This seems to be me to be too generalized. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how "tech levels" might become difficulty levels and implemented. Thanks