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  1. lyinggod

    My own take on GM sheets

    it takes a big animal to know when they are write 😆
  2. lyinggod


    Except for (space) magic, there is no real difference between the two except Genesys tells you how to create things. If you are avoiding Genesys, then you are 100% winging it with EotE/AoR/FaD with zero guidance. If you are trying to do a straight conversion of all things Dragonstar, that's where the challenge will come from, not Genesys or EotE.
  3. Old joke: How does Microsoft change a light bulb? It doesn't. It declares darkness an industry standard.
  4. lyinggod

    Terrinoth - Humans and magic skills

    Actually "The Force Leaps Out of Bed, Fully Awake, Dressed, and Bypassing Coffee"
  5. lyinggod

    Lethal Critical Hit Tables

    I have a scan of the critical hit and fumbles tables from the book that this inspired me to dig out and chuckles from the good old days. "You stumble and nearly fall down in an apparent attempt to commit suicide. You are stunned 4 rounds." Good stuff
  6. lyinggod

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    It seems that the game only really needs 4 skills: Do Things Say Things Hurt Things Know Things It can be argued that Hurt Things could be replaced by Do Things. Talents can add granality as needed.
  7. lyinggod

    ASCII characters for the Genesys dice and results

    It depends on what application you are using the macros in. If you mean using it on the FFG forums, you can use BBCode. I think that this may be affected by your browser. I was looking at this on my ipad and it didnt work, but in Chrome (Windows) it does. YMMV
  8. lyinggod

    A Thing I Did (For My D&D-Adjacent Group)

    If I was to guess, I think he has just renamed them. He is trying to further conceptually separate these from Hit Points and whatever passes for fatigue in D&D/Mathfinder to avoid mechanical associations by his players to D&D concepts. "Fatigue" may actually be a better word then "Strain" in communicating the "strain" concept. Or I may be way of base in my speculation.
  9. lyinggod

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    It seems that you are taking issue with your own (and perhaps correct) definition of these words and how such definitions don't match with the way they are defined in the CRB. These words are merely labels for conveying in-game concepts, Genesys/FFG are not attempting to redefine these words. If you take exception to the names of the skills, change them to Level Headed, Focused, and Awareness or whatever strikes your fancy to better reflect the effect of each skill.
  10. lyinggod

    Terrinoth... still On the boat

    Specifically, the freighter company that was transporting several hundred tons of product from the Chinese manufacturers to the U.S. of Self Righteousness (I live here) went out of business. The ships immediately returned to home port (not the US) and much of what they were hauling vanished to include FFG books. The books required reprinting which takes time and sufficient funds. So, if you wish to blame FFG for events far beyond their control.... Perhaps D&D and clones do sell better through Amazon but the better games such a Genesys and SW (and hundreds of others) require a more hands evaluation to get the games full measure. Unfortunately, quantity rarely = quality and getting people to buy into better RPGs requires more then a short paragraph on Amazon. RPG diversity in our FLGS is shrinking and we all need to do our part to direct people there, instead of online, to turn the tide. Vitriolic attacks on game companies (or anyone else) benefits no one. This is the reality of life and getting bent out of shape over it only gives you heart burn.
  11. lyinggod

    Terrinoth... still On the boat

    That Go game ran late into the night but during the show he had a booth with the In Nomine RPG that he was supporting. It went over well from what I saw. Sun Tzu was walking the show, talking up an early draft of L5R . I remember thinking it was a rip off Oriental Adventures but when I saw it wasn’t based on D&D, I realized it had the potential of being a fun, playable game. It turned out to be very much so (not counting that D&D travesty that came out later).
  12. lyinggod

    Terrinoth... still On the boat

    Interesting rant but you are significantly misinformed in regards to GAMA and how businesses work. I have been to GAMA, in a previous life, when I used to manage a FLGS. While there is a bit of truth in what you say about hanging with buddies in the evenings, it is first and foremost a trade show. Games stores and distributors can get hands on product, just like car, gun, or electronics trade shows. When I went, Magic the Gathering had just been announced as being "in development". Shortly before the show, our store ordered a few boxes of decks and booster of this unknown trading card game. We had the opportunity of play demos of the game at GAMA and immediately ordered dozens of cases of each, which was about a x100 increase in our initial order (it wasn't enough). GAMA gives retailers and distributors the ability to do more then judge a product buy is cover or from a short blurb in a press release. As far as Amazon goes, the vast majority those that shop on Amazon are "normal" (aka banal) people. RPG's sales are insignificant through them compared to hands-on at the FLGS.Its one thing to buy a clock or a book from Amazon but for many gamers, its the ability to get hands on that counts. This gives the opportunity to judge quality and content of a product first hand. This is especially true if deciding to invest in major supplemental book, let alone an unknown rule system. The majority of gamers, D&D players, and roleplayers buy from their FLGS not just so these stores stay in business but because they can see the product for themselves. Game publishers are a business and, regardless of how much they love the industry and their games, will do what sells the most games. If Amazon gives them the vast majority of sales, then that will be their focus and GAMA will fade away. The reason that GAMA has been persisting for well beyond 30 years it because it is a successful method of getting their products sold. Regarding Star Wars books that are still "on the boat". At least one of their books had a shipping incident and the initial print run was lost. This really set back their time line. This was not intentional and cost them dearly. All companies, gaming and otherwise, are in the business to take your money and leave you with product (or services). They are not going to purposefully screw their customers (yes, a very few exceptions exist) because that means they will sell less product. Sometimes in order to maximize sales, they will stagger releases on new items. This is the same reason that film studios move release dates. If they flood the market with too much product, their customer won't be able to buy everything which affects their bottom line. This does not warrant wild, unfounded speculation and unsupported assumptions on your part. Ultimately, Paizo and others are not giving B.S. answers. They are giving you as accurate information as they can. Its unfortunate that products don't come out as fast as we would like but that's the nature of the gaming beast.
  13. lyinggod

    Genesys Master Resources List

    You should consider signing up for, at least, Google Drive. It’s free, provides a lot of online storage that can be shared how you choose, an online office suite including spreadsheet and word processor, and it’s free. There is no reason not to have it, plus it’s free.
  14. lyinggod

    Muskets and Lock guns for a Fantasy Musketeers setting

    They haven't. Page 108, Right column, 3rd full paragraph.
  15. lyinggod

    Stupid dice question

    I had a similar issue with blank dice and a new player. I told them that number of dice represented innate (G) or trained (Y) skills, the negative dice are the total influences of the opponents skills and other factors. The actual symbols are the small actions and effects, positive and negative, known and unknown, that are working to or against the player which ultimately culminate in a net success or failure. A when the dice are blank then those minor issue are exerting any immediate influence. Circumstances and events of the moment neither "come together" for the character in any way or fall apart in any way.