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  1. I am not surprised that my players took XP over money, I actually expected it. I just wanted to offer them the opportunity to be able to due so. I am not worried about the $ to XP equivalencies. Most of the the Shadowrun Genesys book adds a significant amount of mechanical complexity that is contrary to the "essence" of the narrative simplicity of Genesys. The reason I took the approach that I did was to create a better "middle ground", cutting out or simplifying stuff that was too mechanically excessive, adding the missing, etc. If you look at it strictly from a $ vs XP, then cyberware can easily become overpowered. The question is how to balance this. It is easier for me to treat cyberware similar to equipment in that it can be damaged. However, instead of having a weapon requiring Sunder and for the enemy to specifically target the cyberware, three or maybe generating four (I haven't decided yet) advantage /threat can result in their cyberware gaining a damage level. A few hits like this and their cyberarm fails unless they have someone on hand to do emergency repairs. Its the trade off for being highly chromed. If a "natural" gets shot in the arm twice, they gain 5 wounds. If a street samurai gets hit there twice (due to appropriate threat), they also have one setback per hit. The third hit like this and their arm fails (this idea is still being refined). Also remember it is harder to heal people that are heavily cybered, which can encourage people not to go too nuts on cyberware and this will be particularly bad for starting wizards that have only 1-2 ranks in magic (I am also using the Knowledge is Power magic rules from the forum). Remember this is not d20. It is not a game that becomes broken because a "+1" gets mis-applied. Keep in mind that the Shadowrun RPG is a lot like D&D/warhammer 40k (GW) in that it is meant to primarily be a squad based miniature combat game (with RPG elements). Everything in these games is designed to support this focus. Genesys is not and everything is focused on the Narrative. While this setting is expected to be more combat focused then "normal" Genesys, I am not as worried about characters becoming overpowered because I will use in-game GM underhandedness resourcefulness to keep things from becoming overwhelming. Plus, I have told my characters that this setting is in active development and that anything and everything is subject to change if it appears to be too unbalanced. I don't think, using my indicated approach, that this will be much of an issue but this way there will be less whining grumbling if I find I do have to make in an game change.
  2. The book looks pretty but it has some significant gaps, the money you mentioned just being but one. There are various concepts (rules, gear, abilities, etc) that are mentioned in the text, in passing, but are not actually defined. This is because the author wasn't very thorough in copying the text from the original SR books. I have ripped this apart and rebuilt it in Indesign so that I can modify this as necessary as I find these issues (and to give it a SofBS theme). I have borrowed ideas from the /u/clarity-of-porpoise (CoP) reddit conversion (the Genesys version, not the earlier Star Wars conversion; all the mechanics, zero fluff) and another 15 page SotBS SR version. This includes the CoP version of spending XP to get resources/money similar to the SR resource model, including about 80 XP for 400,000 nuyen (money) with 5000 as a base start instead of 1,000. I have just started running this and my group had it session zero. I found that my players wanted their XP for stats and skills more then they wanted to start with a lot of gear or cyberware, so no one spent any XP to get more money despite having a rigger, street samurai, and a mage. They figure they will get (better) gear and cyberware as they get more money so they are all living on the streets at the moment. I also plan to have their cyberware become damaged with enough THREAT/DESPAIR as a constant potential.
  3. For other options for creating your own random table output consider via the web instead of a program or app: http://dxcontent.com/ or googling variations on the theme of "create table generator rpg" (this seemed to bring up a number directly or forums that pointed to some.
  4. If you can't use Wine for linux or, if using a mac, Virtual Box, Parallels, etc there is always Inspiration Pad Pro. It has an Android app but I found it to be little bit quirky compared to Tablesmith.
  5. Is this document no longer available?
  6. Worked for me, File -> Download -> Select document type
  7. If you use much random generation, see Tablesmith. Much easier to setup then spreadsheets and substantially more flexable.
  8. I fixed my Data set issue. I was using as custom data location for dropbox sync and, for some reason, OggDudes didn't like that location any more. It started defaulting back to the default AppData location. What didnt work: I copied the entire data folder to a new location and changed the path in oggdudes. What worked: I created a new dataset in the default Appdata location and the copied just the DataCustom folder and characters into it. I verified that I could load and save custom data and copied the entire new data folders to a new folder in drop box and changed the path. I can now read my original custom data as well as add new data once more.
  9. Thanks but that is an actual attachment, I think I found finally found one for a custom attachement which I hopefully can use once I fix my "lost" dataset
  10. New problem. I finally found an option that seemed to add a range band as an item attachment option. To test it, I duplicated the attachment, made some changes to the custom attachment and saved. It didn't seem to be loading properly into the chargen so I completely restarted Oggdudes. Now Oggdude's no longer shows my custom data. The files are there but none of my custom data options (there were two) are showing up SELECT DATA SET. Any suggestions on how to get Oggdudes to see my custom data again or is there a log that shows where an error might be generating that causing the custom data load to fail? Thanks
  11. I did, the ones already in oggdudes reduce difficulty at long/extreme range or remove environmental setback. I dont see anything that says, to the effect, "increase range by 1"
  12. I am trying to enter the data from Collapse of the Republic into Oggdude's 2.3.3. I haven't done much of this previously so my knowledge of the the data editor is limited. On Page 60 of CoR, the Mandalorian Chamber weapon attachment indicates a mod option that increases range band by 1. I can find an option that reduces range band but not increases it. Am I just not seeing it or this mod option not currently available.
  13. Ultimately the question is "Does this make sense for your world". If the item has been found as part of a Perception (or other roll) with advantage/triumph then you can declare it sturdy enough. Otherwise you can decide that any one staff, rod, etc, is ornamental, and therefore an improvised weapon, or was built (purposefully or accidental) to be function as a weapon. As noted earlier, if it breaks then you lose both the weapon and the implement; two for the price of one 😛. I am getting ready to run a Shadowrun Genesys game, some implements will double as weapons, some won't; with the same breakage potential. This makes sense for my world. Also, remember, that Genesys focus's on simple generalizations for just about everything. This is true with implements also. The book implies that all ring implements improve magic X and all staffs improve magic Y. That's fine if it fits the lore of your world, otherwise you can have Aza's Ring of Fiery Fury, Nag's Staff of Flaming Excess (Dam +2, Crit 3), or Gnossis' Dagger of Flaming Vengence (Dam: +1, Crit 3, Pierce 1) which each remove one difficult from adding Burn, if it this type of variety fits the lore of your world. So in the end, why not have a fighting staff or sword as an implement? Do what works for you and the lore of your world? This isn't THE WORLDS MOST BANAL RPG, small changes wont break the game
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