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  1. lyinggod

    Strange Aeons - Paul M N Haakonsen

    Thanks for looking i found a copy, plus his Fallout and Dead End books. They are, however I would actually like to have them printed so I am rebuilding Shadowrun to be more print friendly and consistent. I can pass a link onto you when finished if you wish to give it a review. I also hope to give the final PDF the ability to switch between GENESYS and SW symbols using javascript attached to a button. I think I have figured out how to do this but is the last thing to do after the last layout corrections. Its close to being done.
  2. Can anyone one point to a non-facebook link where Strange Aeons by Paul M N Haakonsen might be found. Thanks
  3. lyinggod

    Android: Official Genesys System

    You could give mundane weapons the quality “Archaic”. Weapons with this quality, depending on how you wish to portray the difference in tech levels, may add setback dice, difficulty dice, or simply reduce the base damage when used against non-Archaic defenses (armor, shields, etc). If you want mundane weapons to have a similar damage effect to advanced weapons, reduce the number of threat required to run out of ammo by 1. This represents the lack of a power pack to supply the weapon with additional energy “ammo” compared to a kinetic weapon. You could also increase the damage of archaic firearms by one to represent the superior stopping power of a kinetic weapon against advanced armor in conjunction with having a greater likelihood of running out of ammunition. Of course, or archaic weapons also don’t show up on energy sensors. You could also do something similar with melee weapons. In this case, perhaps, archaic melee weapons would have limited effectiveness against advanced armors but would get the benefit of not having an energy signature or battery pack to run out of juice (increase threat to break by one). As for weapon attachments, you just declare some to be archaic, some as Advanced, and some of as magical. Each attachment with a matching weapon type. Rarity would depend on how each of the weapon qualities apply to your game and it’s technology levels.
  4. lyinggod

    The Cards Rant?? Sorry

    @Bibbles If you had a module for a system you were trying learn (ie Genesys), what would it have it in that you are lacking now? It would say "start here, go a bunch a places, do a bunch of things, and then save the day." You and the players would say asking "how do I do fly/fireball/teleport with my character/npc" and much page flipping would occur and the first session or two would be slow as people who read the rules in prior weeks were refreshing their memories on how things worked. If you scribbled your own notes (however detailed) for an adventure, the same thing would be happening. If you need the structure of a module, you could always adapt one for the genre you are interested in as there are lots of free modules online or adapt an existing module you already possess. You could also the ask the community for suggestions. Things like this have been asked before and the community has been quite helpful. What types of issues are you encountering in putting together your opening adventure for your new campaign?
  5. lyinggod

    The Cards Rant?? Sorry

    I have found that modules are, at best, a crutch. The greater issue is that Genesys is that it is a universal rule system, not a predefined setting like Forgotten Realms, HoL, Shadowrun, or even Realms of Terrinoth (for genesys). In order to have an adventure, you first have to define the setting that strikes the fancy of you and your players. If you or your players dont like fantasy, then that one shot fantasy adventure you refer to wouldnt be of much regardless of power level. Genesys has suggestions on how to go about doing this but doesnt do it for you. An adventure doesnt need to have 300 pages of defined world to set it up nor does it even need to have 30+ pages of defined adventure path. It only needs some scribbled notes that indicate what the goal of the adventure is, a few adversaries, and maybe some important points about their environment. The only real question to ask for that first starting adventure is are you bringing the characters together for the first time or are they starting as an established group (like in the first Dragonlance novel). Then give the players a few crumbs and let them lead the adventure. If the reward (or penalty) is sufficient they will meander (or bee-line) in the right direction with just a little coxing. Be spontaneous. If you cant decide how to start things, then start in the middle of the action like how a James Bond movie begins. IF you need help with coming up with plots and the like, there is plenty of web sites that deal with plot creation or generating plot points. DriveThruRPG is also a good source of cheap or free plot or adventure material. If you are not the "wing it" type, consider listening to the excellent DICE POOL PODCASTS. They talk extensively about how a GM that is new to Genesys can make the most of everything from creating characters to designing worlds to just winging it.
  6. lyinggod

    Android Setting Ruleset

    This is highly unlikely as Oggudes uses a talent tree and Genesys uses talent pyramid. These are not compatible with each other and Oggdude has given zero indication that he is interested in adding Genesys specific functionality . Consider using this character generator. You will probably have to do the initial entries yourself.
  7. Here is a Star Wars force to Genesys Magic conversion for you (not mine):
  8. lyinggod

    Android Character Sheets

    Colour me intrigued (The intrigued color is a plaid with streaks of purple and glitter, fyi)
  9. lyinggod

    experience points deflation

    The question I would ask is "why". What benefit do you gain from this besides apparently having to divide everything by 5 instead of using the established XP system for Abilities, Skills, and Talents? If your players also using this new system then you have added extra math and complexity. This is not Mathfinder (pathfinder ?).
  10. lyinggod

    Superpower talents

    The introduction is much better. If the document is meant to stand on its own, you may wish to give a brief overview of how the talents are meant to go together since, if I understand it correctly, you have to buy a tier 2 talent (base control) before you can buy a tier 1 talent (ie Magnitude) which is different from the standard genesys rules. I haven't read your document all the way through but if common upgrades such as range, magnitude, etc are the same for each power type do you need a specific magnitude (etc) talent for each power? Could you not say something like "When this talent is first acquired, it must be assigned to a base control power which cannot be changed. This talent may be purchased once for each base control power." This way you only have one magnitude (etc) talent instead of 6 Normally in Genesys, Talents are listed first by Tier and then alphabetically which is fine since most talents aren't extensively linked to each each other. In your superhero rules, many of the talents are associated with each other such as Animal Powers. It seems to me that finding talents would be easier if the related thematic talents are placed together such as all the mind control together and all the animal control together with the general talents that are more universal such as magnitude in a separate group. Time late, brain mush, this sense hope make....
  11. lyinggod

    Superpower talents

    The things that jumped out at me the most are: 1) Please indent your paragraphs or add spacing between paragraphs. The lack of these makes your introduction hard to read. 2) I suggest re-writing your introduction to indicate how you suggest the user may make use of incorporating these talents. If you feel there are several methods, fully elaborate on each method to the extent of perhaps providing examples. If you are not using trees, remove references to trees. 3) Example of my confusion: Are your base powers purchased as part of the standard Genesys talent structure and the upgrades handled separately or are the various upgrade talents (magnitude, etc) just mixed into the Genesys talent sheet with regular talents? 4) If you, as the author, feel that your writing may be confusing then think what others who are not familiar with what you intend will have to endure.
  12. lyinggod

    Another Character Generator

    Yeah, but I was hoping for an offline version plus since Oggdudes is 90% there when it comes to being Genesys compatible plus having one program to handle both would be nice. But I get it, my group LOVES Star Wars and the NDS system but mostly are just Star Wars fanatics so they won't look at Genesys at all. For fantasy, the rest of the group likes pathfinder and that mathfinder mentality actually hinders the Star Wars game a bit. So sad. (This is a jab at my group, not Oggdude).
  13. lyinggod

    The Trouble with Tricksy (and How to Fix It!)

    @BringBackForbiddenStars is correct. Too many GMs forget what the ultimate purpose of the any RPG (even d20) is meant to do. The spirit of these games, or RULES AS INTENDED, is to tell interesting stories and have amazing adventures, not exploiting the system through RULES AS WRITTEN. Too many GMs get caught up in the idea that since the rules say a player can essentially exploit something, he must be allow to use that exploit until version 2.0 of the rules hopefully fixes it. Have your discussion with the players, or maybe just that one player, and tell them to reign it in or either you wont allow them to exploit the situation or many challenge dice will be added/upgraded to exploitative action. Your the GM so sometimes you have to put your foot down instead of just saying "please". Possible solutions to inappropriate use of Tricky. The item is Its cursed - Somewhere the PC nicked an item that was cursed, warded, tracked etc. It may work as an immediate solution but will cause issues for a session or two. Defective, adding upgrades or automatic threats/fails/despairs. Item itself or object that slips out of a pocket when the object is produced is immediately recognizable by adjacent NPCs, generating a (possibly delayed) poor or hostile response. "How is it you are always stealing the signet rings of nobles or have love notes from their wives?" After having the "conversation" with the player, consider providing verbal clue that they are exploiting by saying something like "you search frantically through your pouches for a solution. Nothing seems immediately appropriate but you THINK this <thing> might do the job"
  14. lyinggod

    Another Character Generator

    I could have done that but I wanted to actually remove most of the equipment and other entries since there was a lot more SW equipment then Genesys equipment and I didnt want the extras hanging around. Plus the issue with talents.
  15. lyinggod

    Summoning Templates (WIP, Need Feedback)

    Works for me but I miss copied it on my first attempt