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  1. Only time will tell, but my point was that the main dividing point in this generation is farm more... divisive than the previous trilogies. Far fewer people were planning to skip RotS for instance. I don't even remember that being a thing. Of course you were going to see Star Wars! That last one sucked though.
  2. Everyone I know who is a Star Wars fan is sitting this one out. Solo also sold a bunch of seats on presale, and then no more after that. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just not sure your experience is gospel.
  3. I suppose that depends on your definition of a "good time". "Who shot first?" Seems very preferable to " Are you even going to watch Episode 9?"
  4. Exactly. I actually remember feeling conflicted, because I thought AOTC was HORRIBAD, but I absolutely NEEDED to know the name of every Jedi at the Battle of Geonosis. Haha
  5. I was around and it was completely different. People thought the movies were bad, but they enjoyed the world building. The PT added lightsabers, and new planets and ships, it really expanded the universe. Dislike for the movies continued to be widespread, and only since the ST have I heard people saying they don't mind The PT, usually to highlight their dislike for the ST.
  6. You are the only person doing these things. Before you arrived, another poster and myself disagreed and I went out of my way to make sure that I stated that I was not personally attacking him or his feelings on the subject. You came in and specifically addressed the point I made about people pretending that the entire fandom was responsible for a few bad eggs, and how did you do that? By outright stating that the entire fandom is responsible for a few bad eggs. You did that specifically to cause a problem and be rude. People are talking about TLJ in a Mandalorian thread because they are both Star Wars films. They are also talking about Solo and ROTS. You can attempt to rephrase and restate what you've done, but the prrof is in the pudding. You came in, instigated, accused, derailed, and then played victim, all within the span of your first two posts. The reality is that you are just not a nice person, and you think anyone you don't agree with is somehow beneath you, or "toxic". That's you in the mirror, my friend. And I hope you figure that out and grow up a bit someday. Step 1 will be realizing that the old "attack and then declare the fight over so that you can pretend you were the bigger person" tactic is not only useless and ineffective, it shows just how little respect you have for other people. I'm willing to drop it if you are, all you have to do is not reply. It's that easy.
  7. Is the entire series out, or are they releasing it in pieces?
  8. I don't know what you think you are proving, aside from the fact that you are the only terrible person here. Again, this only applies to you. I'm assuming you are offering me your slipper?
  9. Basically every living human being is on board with that sentiment until said bad behavior is implied against everyone on the opposite side of an opinion.
  10. Everyone take note of what happened here, by the way. The TOLERANT NEW STAR WARS FAN insulted and attempted to bully the EVIL BASEMENT DWELLING OLD STAR WARS FAN. Talk about dividing a fandom and creating hostility wherever you go. Tell me, when you successfully drive people away from Legion because they don't share your opinions, will you repeatedly show them quotes about sinking your own boat on their way out?
  11. EXACTLY. Imagine if someone came around and said, "Everyone who dislikes pizza is terrible" because he really likes anchovies and ran into someone who doesn't.
  12. Are you? You are the only person doing the thing your quote references.
  13. Do threads usually get locked quickly when you enter them and attack people personally for not agreeing with you? Asking for the Star Wars fandom.
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