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  1. Flying vehicles in tabletop games are usually scaled smaller than infantry for several reasons - to represent it being above the action, to cut down on the amount of space it takes up and to cut down on cost. If you get your knickers in a twist over every permutation of scale in wargaming, you're only going to cause yourself grief. I also read a lot of people commenting about how quickly a flyer would overshoot the playing area in reality. Number one, it's a game. Number two, it's a game. Number three, think about how long a period of time a skirmish game actually represents - you might be taking 1-2 hours to play through a fight that would really last 15-20 minutes. Number four, it's a game.
  2. This. Wet palettes really do help instantly.
  3. Citadel - Imperial Primer is my 'go to' primer but starting with a black base takes a little practice, particularly when you're painting lighter colours. Vallejo - My paint of preference. Really good quality, huge range, good price and they come in dropper bottles which are much more practical. Army Painter - Good range, more fantasy oriented than Vallejo, bit thicker consistency in my opinion. I use AP inks for washes. My main tip for anyone new to painting minis is to research and use a wet palette...cheap and simple to make, it gives you an instant improvement to your painting (and gives your paint a longer life too).
  4. But it wouldn't. Legion is specifically an attempt to sell to tabletop wargamers. In that market, preassembled/prepainted minis just don't cut it. Assembling (up to a point) and painting minis is a central part of the hobby, wargamers don't see it as an issue or a rip off or added complexity...it's a big part of the reason for enjoying the hobby. Yes, FFG might not bring some of their existing customers to Legion for this reason, but that number will be outnumbered by the wargamers they are looking to attract.
  5. So it would simply have a 'hold the flag' type scenario for it i.e. victory conditions would be that the rebels kept imperial forces 12" or more away from their end of the table by the end of turn 6. Or you could just have a battle on a Hoth board without worrying about what happened in the film...
  6. I don't see what would stop you recreating Hoth at this point. You might need to homebrew AT AT rules but otherwise it looks like everything you need is achievable with Legion.
  7. But we're talking about tapping into the wargaming market. If that argument held true you would only ever see British/American/German forces for WW2 games, British and French for Napoleonics etc. because really, all the other armies were similar. FFG aren't looking to sell exclusively to FFG fans with this game...they're looking to expand into a market where people collect armies extensively as an integral part of their hobby. Wargamers LIKE buying and collecting miniatures, they don't see it being somehow ripped off.
  8. So...you don't think FFG want to tap into the general wargaming market...by releasing a wargame? Well yes, only wargamers interested in Star Wars will buy Legion, the IP excludes anybody who isn't. That's only the same as me saying I don't play Napoleonic wargames because I'm not interested in the Napoleonic wars. FFG will bring out as many factions and 'silliness' as they can sell at a profit, although there's a consideration that you don't want to alienate players by doing it. No, Legion won't topple W40K, of course it won't...but if you think that FFG didn't have at least half an eye on that particular prize then you're probably wrong.
  9. Yes, of course. When I put together a force for a wargame, I always have options to allow me to build different lists - I may or may not field 2 MMGs but I have the miniatures I need to do it if I want. But once I've built one faction (and very often before I've even finished!) I want to build a different army. I've got a wishlist of at least four or five armies I'm planning in the future for different games. That's the mindset of pretty much every tabletop gamer I've ever met and that's the market FFG are looking to tap into. Will they focus on the original trilogy to begin with? Yes, with possibly some Rogue One as well. But once FFG have done that, and if the games is successful, they'll start looking at other releases from other sources. Why would they not?
  10. The better option would be to prime with black, paint the white areas with a couple of thin layers (possibly very light grey), ink wash (AP dark tone) and then highlight in white. Using wash as the final step would leave you with some very dark stormtroopers...
  11. What's missing from that is that if you make a faction more powerful...you have to increase the points cost to keep balance. Bigger points cost = smaller force on the tabletop.
  12. Yes, same stats = same points, just as any improved stat should = more points or a decreased stat elsewhere. In BA, all armies have 'special rules' that do the same job to some extent e.g. Americans can move and shoot with no penalty, German machine guns get an extra dice etc.
  13. They certainly do in Bolt Action, not familiar with FoW and those are easily the two most popular examples. There are some exceptions e.g. Russian armies in BA can have a 'free' squad of inexperienced infantry but broadly a standard infantryman is the same cost in each army. Certain weapons will add points, as will increasing a units experience.
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