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  1. Already said add me to pre-order list in the other thread 🙂 But thinking this would make great Beginners/kiddy intro game, one way of getting them into the full on Arkham game. Let FFG cut out the usual rubbish and make it a complete 4 person starter. Bring it out for Christmas 2020 and that's my present list sorted! Would find it way way amusing if what started as an April fools turned into an on shelf product.
  2. Add me to pre-order list if you ever decide to really do this :-)
  3. Something I wish FFG would do with all their rules and FAQ's. Printer friendly versions.
  4. Honestly don't know. Personally hoping they forgot to switch on the profanity filter totally, but that's just because i'd find it amusing that they forgot to do that ? Until someone gets a totally OTT Archon named deck there's no way of knowing if it's just a few "unfortunate" word combos or not. Also, we don't know what they mean by unfortunate word pairings, there are worse things than profanity. In the meantime it's just slightly amusing to think about what they have let slip through. Joking aside though, there are some types of named deck that i would return. But if they are of the order of the one PK mentioned then it's like shrug of the shoulders and who cares. It raises the deck to a somewhat interesting collecting deck, not a hair on fire thing. And even the somewhat interesting is a bit of an overstatement ?
  5. Quote.... Our customer service team will verify that your deck has been flagged for removal, then work with you to arrange the return of the defective deck. So if you want the two decks yes you do have to send it to them. I imagine FFG doesn't expect a lot of these decks back even with the two for one, I imagine they just have to make the offer though.
  6. Personally would go for simplicity and the glossary definition of capture. Captured Aember goes to the opponent. Keeping track of aember sources would just add a complication into the game.
  7. Just wanted to wish FFG luck in getting me to give up one of my keyforge decks if it has an unfortunate Archon name. Not even for the two decks for one ? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/9/archon-names/ Might be illegal for tournament play, but you're so not getting it. Wondering whose job it was to switch on the filth blocker and forgot ?
  8. Pre-ordered back in July, no damage deck as I had to do an online order. But I know of at least one bricks and mortar store that didn't have any pre-orders but are selling the base set with the promo damage deck. Swore at time I wasn't going to pre-order but gave in, wish I hadn't now.
  9. Slight issue when using a medium base with turret ring. The identifier socket is too loose. The turret marker raises the ID cardboard so that it falls out at the slightest move. On the small base the plastic stands out more so that the ID is held firmly in place. Put a Y wing next to K wing with turret marker, look at them side by side and you can see why. The small base has about an extra mm. As well as this there is an issue when basing IG88 on the medium bases. Because the mounting point on the ship is different to the standard mount, it's triangular, you have to use the mounting peg from the 1st edition which falls off the medium base if you look at it the wrong way. Time to super glue the peg in.
  10. The pre-orders have started to ship. Ordered at different times so have received first 2 of 4 confirmation emails. So looks like any worries about FLGS not getting stock in time are groundless. Email just dinged with email 3 ? Someone mentioned Amazon pushing back the release date, personally if I was FFG they would be down on the list for stock after specialist game stores, so wouldn't base anything on Amazon schedules. Local book Forbidden planet tends to get book releases the wee before Amazon release dates.
  11. Buying this pack is a bit situational. All of the cardboard in this pack is in the Imperial update box, so if you are buying that there is less reason to pick this up. Maybe if you want the new paint job, but not sure how different it is going to be from previous versions. Buying a new X wing for example is a no brainer possibly, due to the new sculpt. Or it depends on what the distribution of generic pilots is going to be, if you want a swarm of one pilot type you might get this and an expansion pack to make up the numbers. As of now and I say this as a collector of everything, this ones not high on the to buy list unlike the new sculpt ones.
  12. ? why not, they did it with the X wing. Can't remember what model it was but they took a (think it was a Revell kit at the time) 1920's biplane, turned the fuselage round, gave it 4 wings and lo and behold an X wing. Big regret was losing the book that showed all the modelling being done for the movie. One day I will remember what aircraft they used for the X wing. Someone here remember?
  13. There was one guy on here who said Alex Davy had it wrong when he said how a card worked and that was crystal clear. Honestly not a question about valid argument or not. Some people will read that card and tell you it doesn't do what it says it does because they want it to say something else or other reasons. So always best, even though sometimes even this doesn't matter, to have the word straight from the horses mouth. Anyway don't want to hijack that thread with this discussion, there's probably a few rants like it around already ?
  14. Have you seen how many arguments are taking place on the forum based on what is said on the cards. Even when we think it is perfectly clear what the card says, I guarantee there is someone on here who says it means something totally different.
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