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  1. B&N f'ing up again...😂
  2. Charity Against Cancer event happening throughout this weekend.
  3. Since you have to use the Boba crew, why not switch out Bossk with Moralo? You can truly have some fun against your opponent. This also gives you the opportunity to do the Reinforce action while having the Force available to mod your dice. As well as adding shield upgrade onto Moralo since Boba crew is free. (43) Lok Revenant (4) Ion Cannon Turret (6) Veteran Turret Gunner Points 53 (43) Lok Revenant (4) Ion Cannon Turret (6) Veteran Turret Gunner Points 53 (70) Moralo Eval (0) Jamming Beam (4) Boba Fett (11) Maul (2) Trick Shot (6) Dengar Points 93 Total points: 199
  4. We usually play at Highlanders in Booton on Sundays, they also meet up on Wednesdays. Hex in uptown NYC on Mondays, and Cstrat on Thursdays by 34th. There are also a few members who meet up locally at bars to play during happy hours
  5. Monday Jan. 28th is the official date...👎
  6. I picked up an additional 2 Lancers at $7 each. So just for fun, I will run a generic 3 Lancer list😁
  7. as stated, until there is any further info from FFG, that's how we are all playing it in all our tournaments (different judges at every event). PAX is coming up soon, so maybe some further info will be released. Until then, Qi'ra lets you shoot on a rock?
  8. confirmed by both the tournament judge as well as the person who won the CapaCup last weekend. Until any other info from FFG, that's the ruling in the NYC/NJ tournaments.
  9. So at our store championship today, it was confirmed that you CAN shoot while on a rock with Qi'ra!!
  10. I've watched games where Boba with all his goodies has gone down fast by a swarm of bombers. So in reality, Boba is ok and doesn't need a change.
  11. I have been looking at creating a list to use my Dengar, this looks fun!Thanks
  12. if you have a receipt, scan it and upload to their online claim form.
  13. I ordered mine from an online store and Asmodee sent me the promo deck
  14. Also note, that the attacker cannot reroll his dice again during step 3.
  15. nj1978

    Scum Questions...

    A YV-666 with Lando and IG crew is great! Depending on the situation, you either opt for: 2 calculate tokens or take the reinforce token. Either way, have it ready to use in case Lando's skill is needed when you attack. They are still tanks that handle a good amount of damage while your smaller ships get into prime position.
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