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  1. I'm a massive fan of the Mandos and whilst they would be a small faction (I see no reason not to have them part of a scum faction as long as I can still run a force of them) they would be highly elite so a 800pt force may only be your commander and three troops they would be capable of standing up to any other force. The Mando troops would be pretty cheesy in that they would have high defence, high offence, high mobility and crazy weapon options (like every dude in the unit could buy and anti armour weapon) they would still face the same challenges all highly elite low model count armies in all games face to help balance them out. The main selling point of all this is there wouldn't be a huge investment on FFG's part in that they would only need to produce maybe one unit box set and a handful of commanders, something that could be repeated with a few other factions too like the ewoks, tuskan raiders and wookies. These mini faction could also have an additional unit card allowing them to work for the main factions where applicable thus doubling (or there about) the sale value as it opens the market up on them.
  2. There is no faction I want more than the Mandalorians, I just love my space vikings and with any luck they will include clone wars stuff so I can run the deathwatch lead by Pre Vizla(the most badass and mighty Mandalorian ever!).
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