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  1. Clearly OP has not served in real world military. "Marines make do."
  2. The other well know wargaming company are ruthless at shutting down third party manufacturers for their game because minis ARE their business. I think Legion third party stuff is in a slightly safer place. Shapeways, etc. versions of SW minis doesn't hurt Disney's bottom line (their licensing deal with FFG sees to that) - and therefore isn't at all high on the Mouse's copyright infringement agenda. It might be higher on FFG's agenda - but FFG have a really solid defence in the sheer number of dead trees you need to play their games (unlike that other well known tabletop war games manufacturer, where you can get by with poorly scanned pdfs). Every sculpt on Mel's needs an official FFG product to be playable, so it's probably not really eating into their margin... yet
  3. No, it will not. It will give us plenty bounty hunters - maybe even bounty hunter good guys. But a full faction worth of stuff for Legion, probably not.
  4. Great stuff - my Veers has biniculars too, odd pose! May steal this theme. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Why? Star Wars strikes me as fairly static technology-wise. It's as if tech has pretty much plateaued. If anything, tech was much more finessed in Clone Wars - it was after all, a more civilised age. 😀
  6. Bargain bookstores are the place to find them. Really lovely art books for painting inspiration.
  7. The Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide says they were veteran Stormtrooper squad leaders on special assignment rotations. I'd expect we might see one make an appearance in the next "Specialists" box - maybe as a heavy upgrade with "Leader" and giving access to a training upgrade card.
  8. I think the article suggests the emplacement trooper mortar will only be available alongside Shoretroopers. So you'll still need these models.
  9. Will the new Clone Wars core set have an updated Key Positions card?
  10. I suspect we're near a sweet spot right now, just because of the way random activations work. Adding another rank wouldn't really do much for the game, certainly at 800 points. Say you are going to take 3 Imp bikers, that's 3 support chits in the bag. If you are fielding an AT-ST there's not likely going to be much more than one or two other Heavy, support or SF chits to draw. Adding another category at this stage isn't going to add depth to random draw mechanics, list building, etc.
  11. Shows how much (little) attention I've actually paid to the tournament regs. 😂
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