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  1. Hats off to them. I like to think its incentives like this that spur them on. Birthday's on Sunday, so I'll see if the Mrs can whip up some boiled hat for me.
  2. It isn't free. You have to take a T-47 to get one.
  3. FFG provided High Res pdf sometime after 1.6 dropped. I uploaded lower res trimmed screenshot grabs to the files section on the Legion FB group earlier. They are a bit rough, but will do the job as sleeve inserts.
  4. The folk who made the decision do not know, nor do they care, than an update was coming out. If I could guarantee that statement with money I would. The involvement of a PE firm is, when these decisions inevitably come, highly toxic to the gaming community that is their customer base. But they don't care, as long as unit sales continue after the restructuring. The one thing we know is that the decision was not made by people passionate about the Legion we know and love. I hope AMG are.
  5. These two comments catch it for me: the phrases "our game" and "get a community up". This is what makes wargaming such a great hobby - you're investing in relationships, not plastic crack. PE firms don't care about that - as long as the spice flows... er... the product continues to sell. Maybe Legion will weather this change - the community is strong, great video and podcast creators etc., but the weakness is the timing. Covid has been hard on the LGS. If local community was struggling a bit under the weight of crappy restock issues, it's going to be a lot harder under a reset (like X-wing 2.0 showed us), on top of the economic woes Covid recovery will present. The pressure is on for AMG to not screw up. Regardless of the power of the IP, Star Wars fans in any market have the power to dent success (e.g. the TLJ backlash that squashed Solo out of the gate). Continuity is going to be key for a lot of us.
  6. Well, indeed. That was what triggered my concerns for continuity last night when I read the PressR. I'm just not a fan of PE firms running gaming studios.
  7. Absolutely appalling treatment for the development team who made their success. I've thought before one of the biggest problems for FFG was trying to marry up board game release and marketing strategy with a TTMG. The move to a gaming studio might enormously help with that. Might still be tied to the same production and distribution network though, time will tell. Just feel very sorry for a bunch of folks i don't really know, but feel i got acquainted with through the personal effort they put in to building Legion and engaging with the community.
  8. So in the cold light if day, these ARE the important questions for the community. 1) Will there be an RRG Update if FFG have let the dev team go? 2) With a transition to a different team, will the game balance - an essential component for OP (about which there are now serious questions) - be sustained, or are we talking a (soft or otherwise) relaunch? 3) What about stock levels?
  9. Covid certainly gives everyone breathing room for a GREAT RESET. Even the Davos crowd. 😉
  10. I think the key questions immediately are around 1) The RRG update. Will this be released via FFG, and will the update see us through the likely blackout during transition? 2) Announced and leaked releases. Will the development pipeline be affected - I.e. will team members be transitioning from FFG, or will development balance be affected by changes in the team? 3) Most importantly from my perspective - implications for English language stock in Europe. Will we get restock?
  11. Delete you? Sounds harsh. What did you do?
  12. Edit - just noticed this is a month old! Did you get your order? Ok... so you're in the UK so you have incredibly good consumer protections under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, and the Consumer Contracts Regulations. See here for some details. Reading your story, it looks as if you've done nothing wrong in asking for a refund on an undelivered order. A lot of UK businesses are struggling because of the impact of Covid-19, and they might be experiencing cashflow problems. You could ask them if that is the case and seek some resolution - but they have legal obligations to you as a customer. Staffordshire County Council Trading Standards is where you go to resolve it if they don't refund you in a timely fashion. You can find that here. Whatever you do, by kind to them. Covid is a rubbish situation and its overwhelming a lot of small businesses. Asmodee stock issues will be compounded by it. Doesn't excuse their poor behaviour, but it doesn't give us a right to be mean either.
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