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  1. The most honest answer at this point is, "Any where that has the item you want in stock." It seems that as soon as isolation measures started, lots of us went ahead and order what we could, knowing it might be a while locked up with our plastic crack. Stock levels are therefore really low. I'd also say, if you can, order from an LGS. These guys are the stores that keep the hobby growing, they are vital for places to meet and play. The next few months are likely going to see a fair few of them close. Do what you can to support them, to support the game.
  2. It's a storage box. That's how you use Pathfinders. The joke doesn't work if you have to explain it. 🧐
  3. FFG recently produced a Prime Championship prize specially for their use.
  4. What's shameful is the divisive politics of the UK, and the way we seem to think now is the time for debate and twist reasonable comments (e.g. you disputing my point that there aren't any leading epidemiologists saying we can stop Covid-19 in its tracks in the UK.) So I'm going to bow out.
  5. FFG can't acknowledge TTS exists. Digital media is a totally separate license with the Mouse.
  6. The UK strategy is not ideologically driven - and its shameful to suggest so. The CMO, CSO, and just about every leading epidemiology expert in the UK, know that we are not in a position to stop Covid-19 in its tracks. We haven't been as tooled up as say Japan or Malaysia, after learning lots of lessons from SARS. There's a good expert's outline of the UK strategy in this twitter thread. Expert opinion seems to be heard immunity is as good a strategy as any, if you have the tools to manage it. Its high risk, but failed containment strategies as lethal. https://mobile.twitter.com/iandonald_psych/status/1238518371651649538 Interestingly, Prof. Donald's view is that the moves to now restrict larger gatherings are the ones bring politically motivated, because the current expert-led strategy isn't popular enough.
  7. This is just not the case. Covid-19 is effectivly asymptomatic, or sufficiently common-cold-like but contagious for around 5 days before it gets serious enough to warrant healthcare intervention. What that means is that when you first identify a patient, you're already too late to stop it spreading. Toss in global travel, for tourism and commerce, and you realise, "If only we'd shut off China sooner." is not the lesson we need to learn. Instead, we need to learn from SARS, MERS, even the Chinese experience with Covid-19 since January, etc. During the "contain" stage we need to be as ruthless as Japan, or Malaysia have been. China is nationally down to a handful of new cases each day. In that sense, I think Western nations have been really slow - testing was inadequate, internal travel restrictions too late in coming, etc. At this stage, it looks as if the goal has to be to slow progression towards the most vulnerable groups - older people with preexisting health problems - to buy time for more adequate treatments to be developed, and to hope our health services don't get stomped as hard as Italy's is right now. All of which is to say, cancelling Adepticon is totally the right thing to do.
  8. When FFG meet a shipping date, I'll eat my hat. 🤠
  9. I listened to this podcast today in the car, no such noticable problem. #Odd
  10. If I might posit an explanation: Give it a few months, but business headline "Private Equity firm PAI Partners seeks buyer for games publisher Asmodee." Seems likely, they are shedding everything that impacts bottom line.
  11. Made a similar observation the other day with my local rp gaming group. As soon as investors are calling the shots, gaming companies are in some trouble. Most - baring literally a handful - games just dont have the profitability margins investors look for. Sad times. This discussion was off the news that FFG's rpg dept wont even be using freelance workers to fully produce games. Its completely gone.
  12. Flamethrower, Frag Grenades. Put them in a tank. Drive up. Kill. Maim. Burn.
  13. Yes, but he's packing at AT-AT just off-table. 😉
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