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  1. Thanks for the info. I was worried about my busy September getting a tournament. October is a lot better.
  2. My guess is core set of sequel stuff. But I hope for Profundity.
  3. I participated in my first store tourney on Sunday. Took second, but the winner already had his bye after winning 3 store tourneys so I got the rolldown (at least thats what we call it in bike racing/triathlon). Im hopeful to participate in regionals, but can't find any info yet on regionals, let alone the ones near to me in Ohio. Any thoughts?
  4. I have the imperial stuff that came in the base set, want to trade that for more rebel stuff. prefer MC30s, Phoenix Home, etc.
  5. Today I played in my first store tournament. I didn't win, but was second, with some mistakes and playing the Assault Frigate for literally the first time. Got the bye for regionals because the guy who won has won store tournaments already this year. Had tremendous fun, looking forward to my next one. I was trying to find some info on regionals. Anyone seen any postings on that yet?
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