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  1. Yep I think I was running on an incorrect assumption about events and was going on about like regional level events which can be 2 days drive straight. But it does suck if you cant organize an extended game anywhere locally.
  2. Nearest is 45 min next closest from there is about 4 hrs.
  3. I uh. I think I was the one who boohoo'd you cause it's so remote here compared to anywhere in america distance wise, and finding extended games still doesnt seem to be an issue for me.
  4. I am amused to see that I'm considered a hyperspace hallelujah advocate considering I dont think I'm going to play it at all? It's mostly that I get annoyed when I see bad arguments like "we were lied to" when there is demonstrable proof that we were warned. Or the famous "I cant play with my old 1.0 in 2.0" sure you can. Play extended. Like I do. And when I see those bad arguments I try to correct them. And that never goes well on the internet.
  5. So the big disadvantage I see is that it could very quickly settle into "this is the single best list" and there may be a faction that simply doesnt have a response to the top combi due to reduced options available. The players I can see losing out are ones like my buddy mark who is scum for life but isnt found of the current lineup and myself. I'm a gunboat fanatic and am not inspired by current empire options. Im debating wether I should go republic or just skip the hyperspace and stick to extended. Possible concern is split playerbase (see above). Not seeing any weaknesses in the format itself (yet) but we need to see if an single oppressive combo pops up.
  6. No but hes run out of room to move goalposts so now we're at the "refuse to look at evidence" phase. He'll never accept that his own assumptions led to feeling cheated, not anything anyone else did.
  7. Definition Early: near the beginning of a particular time or period. weeks before release qualifies. you have now shifted the goalpost to the "early" statement and even that doesnt hold up. Are you just incapable of admitting that they told the community and you just didnt pay attention?
  8. Here is the line you underlined: "Could they have said so in an earlier article? Sure." But they did say so. Both in article and nova. So yeah you've moved goalposts to their timing instead of statements. You have now called them out for not saying it "earlier" when it was still said before release. I'm not telling myself anything I'm quoting your stupid words back at you.
  9. No not mushing and twisting updates. 2 back to back announcements about the edition. Theres a difference. Theres that reading comprehension of yours at play again.
  10. Your example specifically includes maybe. They declared alt formats. They declared restricted specific ship pools. Oh and he found the cache you were after for nova evidence. This stuff isnt hard to find at all. The guy who doesnt understand how to get memes in a post found the articles declaring it in less than a minute. I also dont see why they have to use your preferred word use? Like your statement there could probably be twisted and confused by someone like you just as much as theirs were. Lots of people understood them. Your comprehension is the issue. Get your maybes outtahere
  11. Ok. Now add preview one. Plus preview 2. Because they cant announce everything all in one article. (Once again explaining painfully simple concepts) You have formats being created with specific pools. It was all there in the first 2 articles about this game. And yes you're now moving goalposts because your last statement on that was about how they didnt warn about ship bans.
  12. Fine. Second ******* article. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/1/xwing-second-edition-organized-play/ May 1 last year. How many times did they have to tell you. Beyond this, you have the new squad building app / website, which enables us to create a wealth of wholly new experiences. We can use the app to tailor individual events around specific pools of ships, pilots, and upgrades.
  13. No if literally every event was hyperspace then you would have a point that there is only hyperspace OP. But that isnt reality. And whining about 3 states away falls flat with me because I could cross 3 of your states driving to the next major city from the one I'm in. Seriously you guys are spoiled for choice compared to here. And if my nanook of the north *** can find extended games (I do) and you cant then it seems like an attitude issue.
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