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  1. Since you can force push a unit closer to Vader wouldn't that be better than saber throw? I don't know, I just don't see the value of saber throw vs the insane versatility of force push.
  2. "The advange imps do have with vader on the board is the immunity to suppression bubble. But is it enough? Troops die so fast or become useless after losing a couple of units when firing against anything in cover, the suppression bubble is fairly useless. If troops could actually survive against attacks then suppression would be a factor but they don't ... they will die long before suppression is a factor.
  3. So can you can have 3 88 twin light blaster cannons on the same AT-ST?
  4. I did a quick search, couldn't find anything about this. What is the point of Weiss piloting the AT-ST? The AT-ST has Arsenal 2 without him right? So taking him is just an extra 10 points for no reason? Or are we forced to use a pilot for the AT-ST? Also, when you use arsenal 2, do you fire both weapons separately even when attacking the same target or can you fire them both at the same time at the same target pooling the dice and stacking impact? For example the ms-4 twin blaster cannon and the 88 twin light blaster cannon. One has impact 3 and the other has impact 1.
  5. Rocket Trooper may not really shine until there are more vehicles in the game with armor.
  6. They confirmed there are 2 females and 1 alien in each core box rebel squad. https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/board-games/news/fantasy-flight-responds-to-star-wars-legion-diversity-concerns
  7. They could always create a new smaller class AT-AT. I am fairly sure they did that for x-wing with the Imperial epic ship. I don't think the Raider-class Corvette existed in the star wars universe until they wanted it for x-wing. I think the next question would be, what would they counter it with, for the rebels? Will they have to create another new vehicle to counter a new AT-AT type vehicle?
  8. They are not perfect pictures but they are clear enough on my computer. If you open up the other pic, look at the Duros on the right side, on either side of it there are 2 units holding the Ion gun. Above that Duros is the possible female. Those 3 figures around the Duros look like they have the same face, to me.
  9. Not sure that is a female and it appears the figure that is looking through the rifle scope has the same face as the figure with the Ion gun.(I think it is an Ion gun. I can't remember) https://i.imgur.com/aY7oDQ8.png https://i.imgur.com/jgJBM24.jpg
  10. I assume jump 1 will go as high as terrain height 1. According to one of the videos with the dev you use the range ruler(range 1) to measure height 1 ... and range 1 from what I have read around the forums is 6 inches.
  11. I have been reading this thread for a few days so I may have forgotten a post or two... but has anyone that wanted inclusion, say that it must be 50/50? I am just wondering why this 50/50 thing became something to argue against or argue about at all? I have only seen people arguing against 50/50 not for 50/50. As far as I can remember when it was mentioned one of the seven troopers in a unit might be a female, everyone that wanted or had asked about the inclusion of females seemed appeased. It still kind of baffles me as to why people who want inclusion are pushed against so hard by the other side of the argument. In this specific case, what is the downside to making sure there are some female models in the core box for the sake of inclusion? If females are included, who is getting hurt? Who loses out?
  12. Would they need wheelchairs? Luke had a robotic hand that seemed to be wired to his brain somehow. So I don't think there is any type of injury they couldn't fix with robotics. Vader was mostly robotic, legs for sure(If I remember correctly), not sure about arms.
  13. It would make sense for them to have at least 1 female miniature with the Rebel Troopers unit. I can't imagine the rebellion would turn anyone away from fighting, considering the size of the Empire. I could be wrong but I always thought the guys who have the attitude that this is for boys not girls is because those guys would be too embarrassed to lose to a girl. From what I understand, Leia will be a commander like Luke and Vader. I assume she will be out in an expansion set when they release the core set.
  14. I wouldn't think they need transports because the map is so small but... They have this nifty system all in place for setting up the game. So part of someone's strategy could be having transports and trying to get the deployment zones that are furthest apart when setting up the game if the other person doesn't have a transport in their army. Giving the army with transports an advantage for moving to objectives more quickly. The dev guy made a point about that sort of strategic thinking when he mentioned when he was play testing with another guy, that guy employed a strategy where he picked the divided 4 deployment zones because he had 2 commanders and the dev only had 1 commander.
  15. Measuring height by the lead dev I think at 27:54 of the video. I personally think height 1 is way too high. Speeder bikes will be able to pass over it with no issues I think.
  16. I watched an interview with the dev for SW:Legion and he made it sound like the core set will come out at the same time as wave 1.(he said something about people being able to buy enough troops to fill out an army on day 1 of release) I assume that is why the core set won't be out until next year. Even though it appears to be ready and probably could be out by Christmas this year.
  17. The demo game was around 400 points per side with upgrades and played on a 3x3 instead of 3x6 and the table looked pretty busy to me. From what I have seen it appears they have designed this game with tournament play in mind. Smaller play space means action will happen on turn 1 turn 2 at the latest, the movement is fast, attack and defense resolution is very quick.
  18. "Legion will be out for Christmas..." Think a Jedi mind trick would work?
  19. I assume it will apply, as long as the rebel troopers have the right upgrade icon, because you roll all the dice as one volley then you pick 1 die to reroll for the scope upgrade. I don't think it matters that it is a special upgrade weapon because they seem to treat the whole unit as one.
  20. This replay is awesome for learning about the game and gameplay. But the thing that really blew me away was the last 5-10 minutes when they explained how the game starts. I love the objective based gameplay system they have in place. I think the replayability factor with this system will be great. I think it better than other games I have seen with this style of gameplay.
  21. That is the minigun I know about. You can only re-roll 2 dice with an aim token unless you have precise 1 like stormtroopers. White dice seem pretty terrible for accuracy. Here is a video with the Z-9 in action.
  22. The DLT-19 upgrade is 24 points. 1-4 range 2 red dice for damage and impact 1 I have a question about the rebel troopers upgrades. One is a minigun type, any idea what the other one is? I see it in the picture from an earlier post in this thread. At first glance, I thought it might be some sort of flamethrower but the rebel guy holding the gun doesn't look like he has a fuel tank for it.
  23. When I first saw the game I instantly thought AT-AT !!!! But the more I thought about it the more unrealistic it became for this game to include one. Maybe some day in the distant future AT-ATs will make an appearance as an epic unit like the did for x-wing with those epic ships. I think the game would have to be played on a bigger map with transport units for the ground squads.
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