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  1. If we're already off the rails on base size. It would be cool to see some single formation support units like a bone cart that's 3x1 that has ability to add trays to reanimate units (or like a Yeron chariot)
  2. Excellent! The visuals really bring these to life my friend. I think you should keep Brutal 2, but make it 1 (6) so it has a full six trays to show it's magnificence. I think 2 trays wont be enough to make the model the right size. What do you think? Also then it would need to be more like 75 pts right?
  3. I think I need a second look at it because I want to see if my first impression was wrong. Or I want to find specifically what it was about the Dunwarr that made me not quite sold on them so I can give some input on them! I laughed. If you can find clever puns you're close enough to a native speaker. Dope card man. Super cool.
  4. This is brilliant. I think it's thematic, does wonders to help out Ardus as a hero and gives the undead something that the other factions have that tends to be very powerful - surprise movement.
  5. Dude, gorgeous work. You're making me all excited about what the next releases might be. Love the Banshees. Love their dial, rules. All of it. I want to look again at your Dwarf list because I used to play Dwarves in WFB and for some reason your units in that one didn't do it for me (which is why I want to go back and see why), but these are fantastic.
  6. yass I think besides Prince Faolan, they'll be one of the only brutal elf units. I also hope theyre a siege unit instead of a cav.
  7. I think Vampire infantry would be so choice for this. I also think they would be really cool if they were 2Armor/1Health and 3 to a base and allowed for regenerating wounds off surges. 3 to a base still allows for some awesome regen mechanics and if Heavy/Elite Infantry is a different unit type than regular Infantry, then it wouldn't be weird for Maro to be able to bring trays of vampires from the... uh... vampire-dimension? For regular infantry, I think either zombies (like a suuper cheap unit to balance Waiqar's expensive units) or a Grave Guard type skeleton infantry that's more armored/faster than regular reanimates, but I don't know if that's too similar to Reg-animates. I think it would be cool to have a special action or modifier that simulated a zombie horde: [Special Action/Modifier]: Add one full tray to this unit. That would be pretty awesome with hero upgrade slot for Maro.
  8. I can't remember where or who came up with the idea, and it might not be feasible for FFG to do this, but I thought having a heavy infantry option with 3 bases per tray instead of 4 could open up some really cool options for balance/feel of heavy hitting infantry.
  9. For sure!! Originally this was another reason I had Maro with Duskblade, as Ardus can use a single surge to heal himself if he needs. Yeah, I agree. In a game where great lists are hard to make under 200 pts, this is really important. I guess it's kind of like the undead version of a glass hammer. Plus the Ardus upgrade card should have a +1 surge on it too. It would be so choice! (fun in theory, probably frustrating in practice, lol) If you've Maro'd a fourth row of Skelebros in that big block you get 3 re-rolls though so you're going to hit that combo at least once or twice and that might be all you need... plus if you have Vorunthul and maybe some wraiths/dks handling the problem units, it could work.
  10. In reply to your wave analysis. I agree, I'm thinking their new printers are working like crazy to bust out these releases. I bet our release waves will increase frequency just due to the revenue they're making off of me alone. They've missed their other targets by like... half a year most times right? I think they'll be more on target with all the new releases. Super excited.
  11. But I actually don't mind it in this game surprisingly. I think it's actually thematic. The Uthuk are the unnumbered horde from the Ru Darklands that attacked when the others have already been fighting each other for a while. This shifts everyones meta game focus to them, just like the focus of the factions would have to shift from their inbattles to face the new, greater threat. I'm stoked about the results of GenCon and how they've impacted the game. True! And I think there will always be ways to use the base units due to new upgrades, how units work together, etc. What a great game. I'm more focused on what is awesome and upcoming and what they've done so so well with this game than on the occasional Shame Upgrades.
  12. I really like the large Bone Golems and I think that's what would be next, but I've been wrong about releases... let me check... 100% of the time. However, I really really do like the idea of reanimate skeletons struggling to restrain a banshee, and while similar to the wraiths in theme, the type of effects a siege banshee could bring to the table could distinguish them clearly and make it a really cool unit to include. @Maktorius I actually thought this would be the next release instead of the wraiths. I thought Waiqar would be the first to get 2 siege units!
  13. I agree this is insanely expensive. I think that the potential for new units and new surges to make Ardus an exploit is probably what explains the points. I'm waiting on a clarification on this one because I can really see it going either way (of course I think it's obvious I'm in favor of it) But what if you can spend the Chiropthrope's unique surge to increase the Ardus unit's threat by 1, then you would only need one more surge to reduce armor by one. Threat increase mixed with armor decrease is pretty much the definition of insane and I think worth the points that seem - at least at the moment - to be extreme.
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