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  1. I LOVE IT! The paint scheme is simplistic and I always appreciate a non complicated scheme! I know this’ll sound weird, but are you going to name it? Like give it an unofficial title you’d call it for fun? I know I’ll do it for mine!
  2. Doing mine in Geonosis Reddish Brown for most of mine. Beige with red markings for security droids.
  3. What model were you planning on using to represent this commander? I'm curious. Plus, I always love seeing homebrew stuff people made for games I like. Keeps things fresh! I don't know enough of the rules to say for sure, but I like them! I'd play you.
  4. I was going to convert a phase 1 squad or two into ARF troopers so my dad could use them along with phase 2 clones. There are no ARF heads right now, but there’s will be in the future, of that I have no doubt. You could try that?
  5. I watched the livestream Crabbok showed and am SUPER excited! I have a few comments/questions for you guys on the Clone Wars minis if I could have a moment of your time... Rex: I know Dad is super stoked to have Rex as he's playing a mix of 501st and 212th, and so soon too! He'll love it. I'm willing to bet we'll get both styles of his helmet in his box, looking toward Sabine and her multiple heads. Dooku: Oh Em Goodness! Gonna be a Seppy player for Legion, and really looking forward to Dooku. His sculpt looks great based on the render, and his pose, oh man his pose! It has that perfect arrogant challenging stance that a master duelist would use! Form but not overly aggressive and animated like Grievous's pose. Suits Christopher Lee/Dooku's personality perfectly! Phase 2 Clones: Customization is always key in my household, and if these options match up to the expectations as FFG are saying, then there will be a lot of fun to be had for me! B2 Super Battle Droids: Nothing else to say except "Watch out for those wrist rockets!" Models look nice too, good to have the rocket launcher droid as a specialist. TX130 Fighter Tank: Ah, the fighter tank, fond memories of playing the original Clone Wars video game on the Gamecube and Battlefront are swimming back to me in droves! AAT: Ah yeah! Favorite design from the prequels. I cant tell you how badly I wanted a toy one of these for years! Well, my inner child will finally be sated when this baby comes out! It's definitely getting the Separatist Blue and Grey treatment for paint! How are you fellow Generals of the Droid Army painting yours? That's all my comments I have, thanks for reading!
  6. Personally, I’d love to see ARF trooper helmets and clone backpacks for my clones. Dad’s doing a 501st army, and I want to add some ARF troopers for when he switches to phase 2 clones when they get released.
  7. I know right? This is my favorite of the huge X-wing ships! Best of all, we Separatists get them!
  8. Voted here too. I just like making stories with miniatures to be honest. Ive currently got a rogue’s gallery of converted miniatures for fringe characters that would look really nice in the RPGs. And I add new ones every once in a while.
  9. I’m surprised noone’s made a Zann Consortium repaint of the Starviper, like metallic with yellow markings.
  10. Here’s another for the AAT. That was my absolute fave design from the prequels. If they make it an on Sprue kit, I hope they give the option to put a guy in the turret as a commander, whether a droid of some kind or Whorm Loathsome. He was in an AAT in the movie.
  11. Hey Buckethead! I was wondering if you were planning on doing Clone kits and heads! I would LOVE a multipart clone commander kit!
  12. This is how I’m painting my clones (Despite being a seppy fanboy...) actually based on action figures. Art work by Markus Aurelius Starkiller I think the name is..
  13. Also the Nimbus Commandos, but we'll definitely not see them as Jabiim was replaced by Umbara.
  14. True true, I'm betting my money more on Neimoidians, Geonosians and Umbarans then Karkadans (Sp?) or Zygerrians. There were also organic units in legends, the Koorivar Fusiliers and Gossam Commandos to name a couple that I know off the top of my head, though I doubt they'd go THAT far. Still doesn't hurt to dream though...
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