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  1. Small point, but I thought it was pretty clear they would be heavy weapons, not leaders. Alex did say at one point you cant have echo and a Z6, and talked about how they dodnt want a personnel slot for the spec ops units.
  2. Alex Davie said toward the beginning of the live stream to expect to see something within the next 3 (I think weeks) about determining cover and troopers, he was talking about competitive play, jump troopers, and how OG Luke's saber was so tall and mentioned something about a models volume. I am expecting it to be changing models to have a set space they take up.
  3. Just think of how much more precise they would be if they were imperial stormtroopers!
  4. The dice is supposed to both show the power of the gun and the capability of the model shooting. The E-5 is supposed to be powerful, light, and somewhat inaccurate. So it makes sense the inaccuracy is highlighted with the B1s. Then someone who is trained in small arms shooting picks up the same weapon and is able to account for the inaccuracies of the base gun, it makes sense the power of the gun shows.
  5. They said in the live stream it is just shorter than a range 1 stick and I think they had the measurement. I'm pretty sure that makes it the same size as the TX-225 just in a circle (and with 2 more notches) instead of an oval.
  6. I am pretty sure they said in the live stream they would have multiple pilot minis.
  7. I am hoping armor X and white surge or no armor and red. Obviously armor red is nice but I dont know if I dare hope for that yet.
  8. Terrorism, we are still trying to figure out by who though.
  9. I hardly looked at her tokens TBH. Have they ever just not added tokens before? Could be cassian and K2 have 2 cardboard sheets because of the extra order tokens, and they ran out of space on Iden's sheet and assumed we have enough supression tokens to have a bag of them we leave at home and have stopped punching them out. But I am just tossing out ideas and have no idea.
  10. They actually have 10, that looks like 2 3 tokens stacked, they are a bit bigger. Either FFG had space and wants us to have more 3 tokens, I am guessing it's a command effect/K2SO has never tell me the odds. And based on tokens shown, someone else posted K2SO is probably at 5 wounds.
  11. You also take commands from an unpainted hoard of WHFB skaven models because their unblinking grey plastic eyes scare you? No? Just me?
  12. Can you post this again so I can like it twice? Also death troopers literally have death in the name.
  13. It's not about defending FFG, and more about reminding you tanks, B2s, and phase 2s exist and pointing out they cant drop support for half the game for a year. I havent really looked at the clone weapon options, as I am more interested in playing droids but looking back at them I think you are under valuing the RPS-6 for cheap range 4, and it's a bit expensive compared to the Z6 but I think the DP-23 is going to be really good too. It's also giving you both the captian and specialist that both look at first glance like good options. I guess if you really feel you have to blame someone for a staggered release schedule, FFG is as good as anyone else, but again, most of that info is false. The clone wars core set came out in October, we got Dooku and Rex in November, and then the trooper upgrade packs were pushed back because of production delays and are currently expected in January. Even if you dont count doubling the options for core units as an option, and if you dont I personally think you're wrong because phase 2s dont look much different from phase 1s and I am still not sold on the B2s. The tanks/troopers are in Febuary, and that is 3 months out, not 3-4. I am sorry, I couldnt find the expected release quarter listed on the articles, looked on the upcoming page and they havent been added just yet, so just assumed month of paints or month after. As to the special forces, it has been a little while so I am not 100% sure, and I'm on mobile so dont want to go back through a bunch of articles to check, but I am fairly sure the civil war core set originally came out in April or May, and then we had issues with veers, leia and snows, the vehicles, and battle cards and the scouts and commandos were in August and then like first week of October. So they are following a similar release pattern. Sure, I would love all of my options up front but that isnt the way FFG does releases and they let everyone know that options wouldn't be immediately available sometime in the summer I believe when they said the heavies wouldn't drop right after the core set. If you're local area suffers because of it I am sorry, but I kinda like the staggered releases. It's a lot easier to buy a box or 2 a month instead of a whole army up front. Personally I am happy we get news as far out as we do, and much prefer it to a couple weeks before launch to account for any delays. So far they have been fairly upfront about communication and if anything it seems to have gotten better. I dont get why everyone is getting mad at FFG for telling us things and being wron instead of leaving us in the dark.
  14. The operative expansion was forced on them by Disney, all factions are getting the unit expansions at the same time, and the 2nd core unit for the CIS and Republic and heavy both were announced at gen con and are scheduled to come out in Febuary, Cassian and Iden are probably March or April. I want more CIS stuff just as much as the next droid lover, but they did say upfront there would be releases for the civil war era, just more for clone wars era until they were caught up. It seems a bit unrealistic to me for a company to not support half of its factions while it catches up the other half with a year of releases.
  15. We really need Saw and partisans if we're going to be accused of space terrorism.
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