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  1. Steck638

    Skull Forge Stuff

    The idea was to use some of them as stand in Z-6 troopers, but they are just small enough to look out of place if I did that.
  2. And then slowly felt his head start to bulge as his hands and arms began to itch.
  3. Steck638

    Skull Forge Stuff

    @Skullforge It looks like your alternate blasters are a tad small. Everything else I got looks awesome though.
  4. Steck638

    Future Rebel Units

    Honestly I would rather have a Y wing or X wing. Not super likely I know but they are just cool.
  5. Steck638

    Multi-ability List

    You know you can assign the order to boba then just wait to activate him and draw from the bag? You don't have to activate the orders you assigned before the ones you draw.
  6. Steck638

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    It's not a huge deal, but do you have plans to work on adding unreleased stuff into the game? I really like playing around with theory crafting lists. Edit: I can't spell today
  7. Steck638

    What’s left for this year

    We see the empire torturing people and hear about the horrors of imperial prisons all the time. Either the average Joe doesn't believe the stories or imho more likely is hoping to be able to break out fairly easily.
  8. Steck638

    Legendary Dice

    I have gone entire games without rolling a result on a white defense die. It's a sad time for the rebellion.
  9. Steck638

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Some hands to go with the mon cal would be nice. I would really like a loose blaster/weapon pack. A different pose/outfit luke would be really cool but FFG will probably end up making one eventually. Most of my wishing for this game is for more announcements right now.
  10. Steck638

    How much converting do you plan on doing?

    Putting Luke's head on a stormtrooper might be cheating, he wouldn't be tall enough.
  11. Steck638

    Ion guns: are they really worth it?

    And then a ready action every turn after to ready him.
  12. Steck638

    Sato MC75 2.1

    I hadn't even noticed that yet. So it's 2 more points, an exhaust, but can be any dice color... doesn't quite seem worth it imho
  13. Steck638

    Sato MC75 2.1

    After trying a sato mc75 wedensday I am thinking about trying caitken and shollan over ordinance experts on it. For 2 points it gives you a bit more flexibility in refilling. It's not just because my friend took like 8 gozonties and I couldn't get am accuracy all game.
  14. Steck638

    Differentiating Troops --What's your plan?

    In warmachine I got some small colored loom bands, then I could pull out one color to represent each squad and when the game is over I could pull the loom bands off. I'm thinking for legion I'll probably do some aurebesh writing on the bases.
  15. It really comes down to outflying and forcing a better engagement, taking out the ISD at range, or using bombers. I'm probably making it seem a bit easier than it is. I've never actually played against that combo, my friend and typical opponent doesn't want to take it.