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  1. I would have agreed a couple months ago, but now with the prices of the tanks, I dont really think that's much of an argument any more. Sure it's expensive for some cards, but you wouldn't need them to play the game, they just would add options. Like I said in my post, the scenarios look cool, and I'll probably get them eventually, but it's a lot to pay for 6 cards you'll get to use a few times and a bunker. Honestly I kinda want to get a bunker eventually just to paint and put in my display case to hold my rebs as I start playing CIS more. But hey designed a game that actually makes it kinda hard to go through doors into building because you need to be able to move the model along the movement tool and so there are some angles where you just cant get in the door. Once you're in the building you cant do much because it's got no way to view out besides the door. I am really hoping FFG makes terrain that is easier to use in game and that they dont drop this bunker that a lot of people dont buy after the negative reaction to the AT ST for the same reason and get discouraged from terrain making for a time.
  2. I have files to 3d print a bunker, I was really hoping this or the droids would come with new non scenario battle cards. Because it doesnt I think it's going to be a pass from me for now, we'll see after I get my droid army more together and dont have tanks looming on the horizon. Overall I like that they have terrain now, I just really want it to either come with new things you could use in competitive play, or was priced a bit lower. I really want them to take my money I just dont know if I want to drop that much money on something I will only get some use out of a fiew times.
  3. Ive seen a lot of people recommend Tamya, and I agree they are good, but any liquid cement for models should really work. Ive been using Model Master because its got a nice thin tube applicator and my game store stocks it. Ive been working though destroyer droids and Grievous on my breaks at work, havent touched the battle droids yet. And while there are a lot of parts, and the instructions leave something to be desired IMHO the models are really nice. I haven't done many new GW models, but these compare very favorably to the gaunts I was putting together a month ago. They are I think a bit more on the fiddly side than is ideal I think, but a lot better than some of GW's earlier sprues and much more detailed.
  4. I've got a 2nd Grievous, I was planning on using the extra sabers to upgrade my Luke's and Duku from Herbert's saber.
  5. By all units I meant units, like b2s and phase 2 clones. I am guessing this is the last wave of announcements with soft plastic heros just because I've got a feeling they were designed about the same time frame and they haven't finished switching over production to the newer plastic, but that's just a guess.
  6. I think the plan was to eventually go back and re-release everything and try to get it switched over ASAP. I was really hoping it would be everything going forward, but I can live with what so far looks like all units going forward and most heroes.
  7. Or LOS blocking, stalling their activation until you can shoot something, or by giving then a coms upgrade of your choice to issue them an order or put them in range. I do t really see AI: as that ad of a trade off because there are so many ways to get around it. Itll probably catch us unawares the first couple games then we will all be used to it and know how to play around it.
  8. Steck638

    Smoke Grenades

    Normally, grenades actually add a new weapon profile you can choose to use with various effects for the different grenades. The smoke grenades instead give you a new action you can use (sorry, cant look up the name now, iirc it's just called smoke, right after the grenades in the rrg) that let's you place a smoke token, they dont add a weapon and this action is not an attack.
  9. I think he meant because it forces your first action to be an attack. I dont know how much of a problem it will really be though, with them being droid troopers and so you can get them with the chain of B1s you have.
  10. I think I remember reading somewhere that the allies also refused to modify their helmets in WW2 to cover further down the head and neck solely to avoid looking like the german soldiers even after such a design was proven to provide more protection. Also didnt the germans not want to use the T-34 even though the Russian tank provided better armor and weapons than the Panzer 4? Sure that last one was more about it being a "worse" design because it wasn't designed by the germans.
  11. I split 2 cores at first. Then I got 2 fleet units when they came out. Decided I liked rebel troopers more than fleets about July of last year IIRC and got a 5th unit. Then got 2 more units (the 7th one was for some conversions I had planed) about November. Wasn't really out of the gate, we just haven't heard anything about more troopers and I was having more success with a Z6 unit than most other things. That said, I am getting 2 units of vets but I think I'll usually only run 1.
  12. Not sure its worth a new thread, but the card packs updated to on the boat today.
  13. It looks like you loose nimble and gain 8pts for the surge. It is pretty good but not really straight up better. Itll probably depend on how the heavy weapons look but I think I am going to need at least two boxes.
  14. Eh, this news seems kinda luke warm, I think itll freeze over before it reaches the first marker.
  15. The one I am looking to (eventually) print has a couple pictures of it with some legion figures and the feet do look a little small but it looks about right height wise. The feet in the picture look a bit larger than the smallest vehicle base. And link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3277951
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