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  1. The one I am looking to (eventually) print has a couple pictures of it with some legion figures and the feet do look a little small but it looks about right height wise. The feet in the picture look a bit larger than the smallest vehicle base. And link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3277951
  2. Steck638

    Steck's rebel scum

    So long time no update. I kinda got burnt out on rebels, wasn't able to play for a while, and picked up some Soviets for FoW. But I'm back, and am quickly throwing some paint around for a game later this afternoon. I'll try and get some better pics probably tomorrow, but I put off painting my hoard of troopers for some new wookies! I'm really happy with how the blended fur is turning out before even adding washes. And the slowly diminishing hoards of stuff I am not quite done with and put off for wookies.
  3. Steck638

    jyn and new troops

    Or like we caught them off guard and they dont want to release an article until next week.
  4. Steck638

    Palp and guard release date

    The original showing at gen con also had small paper tags that said Q4 2018. Picture below.
  5. Steck638

    Palpatine up

    It does, but it allows your opponent to have some sort of choice in what happens, I could have my SoS sent back to my hand and come up with a backup plan really quickly, with Give in I dont have any option in the matter or ability to come up with a backup plan, I just straight up have to use the chosen trooper unit first without any ability to do anything about it and with no range restriction. As an aside, if the palp player chooses a unit without an order token, do they benefit from any text from the other players order cards? If he chooses a rebel trooper unit during say no time for sorrows do they get the speed 1 move?
  6. Steck638

    Palpatine up

    Yes, palp is more expensive. He is also more powerful in many ways and has many gimmicks to make him more powerful. I am just a bit surprised and disappointed that the only rebel card able to currently mess with your opponents orders forces you to discard it and play standing orders one turn of the game while the empire option has no such downside and just straight takes any choice from the other player.
  7. Steck638

    Palpatine up

    What really bothers me with this comparison is that Han's 2 pip forces you to discard to potentially stop your opponent from winning priority because you both re pick your order cards. The palp version just happens and there isnt a choice, there isnt another compare cards and not being sure what your opponent brought, its just you have to wait an activation to do your thing. And the palp player isnt forced to use standing orders one turn to do it.
  8. Steck638

    Why would I want too by fleet troopers.?

    A rebel trooper has 4 hit faces that matter (3 hit and 1 crit) out of 8, a fleet trooper has 3 out of 8 (hit, surge, crit) and rolls 2 dice. So 0.5 for one hit with the trooper vs 0.75 for one hit with the fleet troopers. A full chart including cover and special weapons can be found at the never tell me the odds site, link below. https://swlegionodds.com/rebel-charts/
  9. Steck638

    New endor rebels

    His face is obviously different, do all Mon Cal just look the same to you?
  10. Steck638

    Steck's rebel scum

    I've been playing legion since release but have only lately started to finish painting my models. Below are a few of them I selected for pictures, I'll try to get a better photo box set up this weekend and do some group shots and highlight some more WIP models. I'm a big fan of most of the aliens in star wars, having a particular love for the Mon Calamari and Quarren, and I have a few shapeways heads and arms scattered throughout. It doesn't look quite as shiny in person, but this model is shapeways arms and head on an ion trooper. I saw the line after taking the pictue, I'm debating cleaning it up and repainting parts of her or not. Probably a discussion for after I have most of my models painted. And my Quarren squad leader. I still have a couple of things I need to pick out on him, I'm working on batch painting the leather of most of my rebel troopers right now and then I'm going to do a final once over and pick out anything I missed. I got excited when the 1.4fd turrets dropped and painted one and most of a second really quickly, ignoring most of my models for a couple days. I've got a link to the imgur gallery of the finished one below, just have to finish up troopers and do the crewmen now. https://imgur.com/a/qorr8Pp
  11. Steck638

    Some rule questions and thoughts

    1: Im pretty sure I saw in the rules forum Han can reroll any amount of dice, but the reroll happens at one step so if you get 1 wound you can only reroll once. 2: I believe that's how it works, but someone might come along and tell me I'm wrong 3: Yes you can, the only limitation is it has to be a move so no pivot, clamber, etc. 4:Personally I would say yes the unit still has the objective because the other model gets promoted and it doesn't say anywhere (that I remember) that it drops, but again someone might come along and say I'm wrong.
  12. Steck638

    Inspire X, how many units?

    It says other unit on the inspire ability, so you cant use it on the unit with the ability.
  13. Steck638

    Palp and guard release date

    They said on the printed cards at gencon they would be out Q4 2018. I really dont think they will come out before January though. The senate and guards are dropping November and we get walking carpets December. That means if they keep up the one drop a month thing (ok, so really they are shooting for 2 releases per month at one time) it will be January. I would like them sooner because I am having a lot of success proxying the generic commander both as a commander and a unit leader, but I dont think it will happen.
  14. Steck638

    Head Swaps Using Old SWM Figures?

    The Mon Calamari arms are a bit out of proportion but nothing huge, they just need to be shortened a bit at the shoulder and you cant really tell. The Skull Forge blasters are a bit small, other than the E-11s they look a bit out of place on legion scale troops. I ended up cutting some A-280s off of a few different models and doing some arm/hand swaps to get blasters for my 3 Mon Calamari. I have been meaning to post up some pics of (mostly) WIP and (not enought) painted models, I will stry to start on that tonight so you can see what I ended up doing.
  15. Steck638

    Skull Forge Stuff

    The idea was to use some of them as stand in Z-6 troopers, but they are just small enough to look out of place if I did that.