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  1. Hola. So i kinda deleted my imgur... maybe need to some day find better photo hosting site, or try to post stuff straight here. Anyway, here’s Bossk;
  2. Just played my Pathfinders yesterday, dead in round 2... they're too easy to kill, Jyn on the other hand is totally different thing.
  3. Yes it does, i'm thinking on framing some kind of Endor bunker battle scenario at some point! Thanks!
  4. 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Did a really fast paintjob on this one, nothing fancy here. After it was sitting painted only metallic for three months, just had to make it finished so went on the heavy camo direction to match it on my Endor theme.
  5. My Endor camo rebel troops have frequently fought battles in Hoth, it's all good.
  6. Los blocking yeah, if only cover providing in some cases we made it Light cover. Trees / bases are normal terrain (if you can even get a mini on the base), no penalties.
  7. Deathtroopers and Director Krennic (who with i decided try very diffent style of painting).
  8. In this particular game we defined that pine trees are to be deployed in pairs on to the table before game, you can't fit any units under those pines physically, so they can't really go "under the trees". We concidered them as area terrain, if i understood correctly what you mean!
  9. Finally recieved the trees i ordered so with some basing on them done and adding trees to older terrain elements, my Endor table pretty much done!
  10. Really nice painting there! Krennic looks super sick!
  11. Really nice table! Are those pine trees diy or some manufacturers? Ordered some pine trees from Ziterdes for my Endor table, but really don't know how good looking they'll be, i'll see when they arrive.
  12. No it wouldn't bother me at all, it would totally be cool for me to play empire vs empire matches, why not! As well i'll happily fight either of the new factions army - if any of my friends to gets into one, for sure. I definitely don't hate new things, will always give 'em a chance, but as the Clone Wars -era in general raises more Sith side of feelings in me than Jedi.... Would love to see Resistance & First Order as new factions one day, even Mercenary / Crime Lords, all kinds of cool stuff could be possible with Legion in the future.
  13. Wow. People trigger quite hard hahaha, oh well. I'm not disrespectful to FFG in anyway, they are very welcome to put out whatever content they want for Legion, but that doesnt' mean i have to like Clone Wars either, even if ya'll like it so much, that's your choice. Yeah yeah it's harsh thing to say that keepthatshitoutofmySW maybe, sorry peoples. I grew up with OG trilogy and it still stands in my books supreme compared to all other SW movies. I was really dissapointed in the prequel trilogy and then again loved the new movies (including Solo and R1). I don't care about flashy windmill-jump-like-bounceball fighting scenes that someone referred on some threat earlier about "coolest lightsaber fights" etc. EDIT: To note that i do watch all of the movies at least once a year, yes, yes even the prequel trilogy -so don't push me about giving a change to them Another thing of course is that NO ONE should care what I think, that's just a fact. Just stating opinions (even put out bit harsh out). Loving LEGION this far myself and i just hope they will continue to provide also content that interests me (GCW and after). Maybe better to stay silent so you can all get into your droidekas and clones. Just give me an AT-AT and 'eff all else, hahaha.
  14. You are very welcome to do so :) I'll make sure to keep that **** out of my Star Wars :)
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