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  1. My experience is that most of the anti squad upgrades require your opponents squads to oblige you: first, by engaging where they can be shot; and second, staying there. They don't work in a vacuum - they definitely need to be supported by squads - but even then, Intel alone can largely render those upgrades useless.
  2. At some point, however, we're just talking about what we are choosing to lose instead of the carrier. That said, I don't think we disagree. My personal feeling on the meta is that you either go all in and hope to at least trade points in the squadron fight, or you don't play it at all and hope to bag the ISD without taking too many losses of your own. There simply isn't much room for a fleet with defensive-oriented squadrons - they can't handle no-squad fleets very easily, and will be overwhelmed by full-squad fleets.
  3. In your example, those carrier battle groups have destroyer/cruiser/frigate escorts which are also very effective at combating squadrons. In Armada, however, once they have activated they provide no protection against squadrons at all. Indeed, they cannot even defend themselves. If I bring 75-134 points of squadrons, then I need to bring something to activate them. Rogues are not strong against the kind of squadron list you are running because all they can do is respond to your attacks. This is why Rieekan rogues were relatively popular in the Rebel meta at Worlds. I need to feed SOMETHING to your squadron ball alpha strike, whether it's a ship or Wedge/Dash, and hope that my counter attack is strong enough to do some damage. @Kristjan - how many points of squadrons did you bring? How long did they last? And how many points did they earn you?
  4. What about making something like QLT just ... happen? Having to activate in order to flak seems like half the problem.
  5. I've been using Kingstons for over a year now and just found that feature thanks to this post.
  6. There is a place for Solar Corona... Raiders and CR90s, Liberties and VSD's - they live and die by accuracies. On the other hand, I tied Intel Sweep twice (should have lost it to Yik, but it was a funky deployment for him) and lost it twice at Worlds, even with a single VCX. I don't know if I would take it again without two VCX's, minimum.
  7. I think you'll find that it ends up being used most often against flak (or 1 damage in general), and again at 3 damage (because as stated, there's a good chance of at least breaking even compared to the brace), but not as often against 2/4-damage hits unless it's absolutely an emergency.
  8. The blue objectives are easy for heavy-squadron fleets and for fleets that have strategic (and preferably Adar/FCT). Otherwise, you have to pick Dangerous Territory, Nav Hazards, or Solar Corona - or risk encountering an opponent with strategic squadrons of his own and having your objective flipped. Do you have any thoughts on optimizing objectives in that scenario, or would you just suggest running max squads and/or strategic in every fleet you design?
  9. Let it be known here and henceforth that I am all for ideas that streamline the squadron game. I don't REALLY want a chess match minigame when it comes to squadrons, although I appreciate the time and skill that is involved in learning and winning it. It's also a ton of fun to build a list that has so much synergy in it and to balance your ability to damage other squads against doing damage to ships - because otherwise it's a waste of points. No, I guess I take that back. I do like the chess match minigame, I guess. I just want to streamline it without ruining it.
  10. I think that if your end goal is simply to speed up the game, this will have the desired effect, sure. If you want a fun game where your decisions are generally better than random chance, probably not. You're intentionally eliminating a player's ability to make informed decisions about half of the game: Am I going to get shot next turn or not? How many dice? What dials do I need to set to compensate for that? Am I going to be able to shoot next turn? Do I need to set a CF dial? Will that ship survive a shot, or is he double-arced? Do I need to activate him first? If you eliminate informed decisions and reduce the tactical aspect of the game to essentially guesswork, there's really no reason to assume that people would spend a lot of time debating their next move. Of course, it's equally likely that the entire competitive aspect of the game would die out... but hey, if you can find a game, it'll probably be faster.
  11. Can you describe in detail an activation/several activations and when, where, and which rulers may be used?
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