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  1. The FAQ is still just a clarification of the card. If you read the card as "during your activation, while attacking the first squadron" instead of "while attacking the first squadron during your activation" it might be easier to see the intent (and the clarification). Rather than "the first squadron during your activation" it's two separate gates: "during your activation" and "while attacking the first squadron" -- and in this case, "while attacking the first squadron" means "when you choose to attack squadrons and attack the first squadron in that arc." You go through that process every time you flak, so you if you have a squadron double-arc'd with Ord Pods available, "the first attack" happens three times, and LTT is available on any one of those three.
  2. "At the start of a round, you may discard this card. At the end of that round's status phase, you may recover any other friendly cards that were discarded that round."
  3. It's pretty clear that what this game is missing more Millennial Falcons - we could have one piloted by Rey, and then two more Prequel-era Millienial Falcons piloted by Han and Lamdo, respectively.
  4. Representative. .... Representative. ... REPRESENTATIVE. ... REP. RE. SENT. A. TIVE. ... *click*
  5. Asked and answered. Please refer to the link I posted earlier if you would like to lay out a comprehensive marketing plan for FFG.
  6. With respect - Rogue squadrons are very vulnerable to being flakked, particularly by the Assault SSD, which has red flak. With LTT, it's reasonably reliable too. Sure, @PT106 didn't explicitly mention the upgrades that you would want to take, but you clearly know them because you listed them right here. I think, overall, you are underselling SSD's when you say they aren't "significantly better" against squads when you compare the opportunity costs involved. For example, taking Kallus on an ISD costs you a valuable officer slot, while on an SSD it's simply one of the three (and with Officer Vader around, it's a pretty cheap reroll even if you run into a no-squad list). Likewise, you aren't (generally) going to be running Boarding Teams or Boosted Comms/Expanded Hangars on your SSD - once again, that's an upgrade slot for QLT that's otherwise going unused. Finally, adding another 5-10 points on a 250-point (base cost) ship is a lot easier to justify if it goes unused than it would be on a 112-point base. I also think that the goalposts are moving, just slightly, from "squads" to "rogue squads" - frankly, "full rogue" is pretty rare competitively. YT2400 spam is by far the most common, and simultaneously the smallest actual rogue threat to the SSD: it's going to take them at least 5 rounds to kill an SSD on their own, and you can probably flak half of them to death by the end of round 4 (with QLT/LTT). I would 110% advise you to build against "standard" squadrons and not to worry about "full rogue" - given that the competitive meta is pretty heavily invested into non-rogue 134 squad balls, and with the understanding that the BEST counter to 134 rogues is 134 *non-rogues*, it's pretty likely that will be a matchup that someone else will handle on your behalf.
  7. That Arq soaked 16 damage by my calculations - I think it could have done slightly better, but I'm still learning to use EST optimally.
  8. Not sure why this quote suddenly comes to mind.
  9. Those work best for me, too, but I'm suddenly considering other options.
  10. Upcoming AMA with (Fantasy Flight Games Global Director of Organized Play) Alex Watkins on the Twitch channel, January 21. Details here - I will make sure this thread is visible to FFG, so feel free to ask questions here. I know it's a big ask, but try to keep discussion limited (or spawn a new topic) so that everyone's questions stay visible. Disclaimer: I am not an FFG employee or contractor. I do not have access to information that is not public knowledge.
  11. Not much more to say about this, to be honest. You can get a pretty reasonable fleet in at 5 activations, but you're going to cede that last activation to something like @GiledPallaeon's Nova fleet. How much you choose to build around that is up to you. I built a reasonably decent Bail fleet around Hammerheads and the MC75. It would have perhaps been better with a Liberty, but it turns out that those are pretty expensive.
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