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  1. OsramTaleka

    KeyForge AMA

    1. Is the Vault Warrior series still going to happen this year or next? 2. Are there any plans or even ambitions for an official way to play KeyForge online? 3. Is Richard Garfield still involved with design? 4. What are your favorite cards released so far?
  2. KeyForge isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They fully own the IP, so they're not paying for licensing. Also, it's their fastest selling product ever.
  3. We had 2 new players last week who had bought a deck each at launch that decided to get into organized play because of the announcement. They were NetRunner players who took the announcement as a sign that the game is going to be supported. No one is going to leave the game and stay gone because of a tour that they can totally ignore if they so choose.
  4. The community at my LGS has actually grown. The beautiful thing about this game is that it costs exactly $10 for someone to be able to participate, so there is every opportunity for the player base to wax and wane. The game isn't going to anywhere but up
  5. Do you know something!?😍
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/7/a-chance-of-cataclysms/ Today we got a prize info dump, but what else do we know? Has the format been talked about? Do we know how widespread we should anticipate them to be?
  7. Today was the actual tournament day and there were 61 which isn't too bad but I'm definitely anti all the kotei being at conventions
  8. People are often melodramatic about the impact of Policy Debate in particular.
  9. I'm super excited to see what the differences between weekly and monthly OP are going to be, what prize support will be like, what the quarterly events are going to entail, and how much structure is going to be laid out! When do we think we'll start getting details? What kinds of things are you hoping to see? From the official OP page: In-Store Events Each calendar quarter, starting at the beginning of 2018, participating local game stores can purchase a deluxe quarterly kit to host their in-store events with official prizes. Retailers can visit our instructional page for more information on how to get involved. They can select from our recommended Weekly Play or Monthly Play structures, or choose a different structure altogether. Each quarter also features a special bonus event, ranging from new player nights to challenging championships. Expect more details to be coming soon!
  10. Plus, they know people will make it work. Kinda like Tokens in Magic.
  11. I've actually played several games against myself and it works to teach you a clan/deck
  12. I have the advantage of almost exclusively playing Phoenix since proxying before the core came out, but it should be easier after game 3 or 4!
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the victory is on the other side of the role card we've seen or the 3rd 1 of card that they've mentioned.
  14. The leak I saw was claiming 10 rings, which makes a big difference
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