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  1. I would like 6 in 6 every 4 months and box every 6. That would be about 470 new cards a year. That's a perfect amount right?
  2. I clear penny sleeve all of my cards and my deck stays in Ultra Pro Eclipse. I love the ritual of getting the new pack, sleeving them, reading the fiction and putting them in the place in my box! Gonna miss it when the six weeks are up!
  3. Goblin sneak's weakness is it's low strength for its 2 fate cost
  4. I feel like I would be more inclined to report if there was a distinction between timed and non-timed games and pre and post imperial cycle games. All of those things make a huge difference in outcome. For my personal record I kept track and notes during 3x core and I'll start a new one once all 6 packs are out.
  5. I would love the pdf's please and thank you very very much for doing all of this work!
  6. Kolatinformant.com in For Honor and Glory!
  7. Would be different if they were seeker, now it's a dragon card
  8. Also kolatinformant.com has been keeping track of all of the spoilers by pack
  9. People are overreacting.
  10. There can only ever be 3 let gos
  11. Remember you have to have a phoenix shugenja in play
  12. Banzai is on that list too though.
  13. I didn't even think of this....well you never attack that province again lol!
  14. The most boring outcome imaginable