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  1. I got about as far as you did and gave up. I came back and decided to give it another shot after episode 7 came out. The first 2 seasons of clone wars are garbage. Past that, it is awesome. Especially seasons 4 and on. I hated everything about the idea of Anakin having a padawan too, but by the end of the series, you will feel differently. Ashoka is a great character post-season 2. I suggest giving it another shot. If you can't stomach the idea of sitting through the first two seasons, just skip them and jump into season 3. You might be a little lost, but I don't think it will cause too much of an issue.
  2. How far into Clone Wars did you get? I quit watching it not long after it aired and did not get back into it until after episode 7 came out. The 1st 2 seasons are garbage, but season 3 is pretty good. Seasons 4+ are fantastic. Spot on with Ahsoka. She is pretty annoying at first though (seriously, seasons 1 and 2 of clone wars are just painful) but she turns into one of the best characters and one of the main reasons to watch the show. I forgot about Asajj. Dark Disciple is one of my favorite books. I absolutely love her. As far as the clone troopers went, they were often the best episodes, but I never felt connected to any of the troopers. That's just me though. Same with Cad Bane. He is one of the coolest, most badass characters in SW history, but I don't really care about him as a character. I also never got connected to any of the other jedi as much as I have the main cast of Rebels. I actually want to do a second watch of Clone Wars in the hopes that I can get more connected to these characters. Especially the clones. I admit, I had a very hard time keeping track of who was who and that may have been part of why I didn't connect with them as much. But, yeah, I miss clone wars too except the droid episodes, the jar jar episodes, and most of the first two seasons. Also, New Dawn is fantastic, especially if you were already invested in those two characters. The comics are great too (I wish it had went on longer. Especially considering the ending.) I love those two characters. I admit, I don't care as much about Zeb, Chopper, or even Ezra (though I love them all). Hera, Kanan, and Sabine are the best characters. Especially Sabine. (I'm a bit of a Sabine fanboy)
  3. I think this is a really good assessment. I tend to be a little fanboyish, but it does have a lot of filler (granted, less each season, but it is still there) and some childish elements. Honestly, I like that it sticks with that cell because it lets you get more invested in them. As much as I loved clone wars, I was never as invested in its characters as I am in rebel's characters (except perhaps Ashoka and Maul. They were the best parts of the clone wars, imo, but they are in rebels too). Meanwhile, I care about the members of phoenix squadron almost as much as I do Luke, Han, and Leia. It's a lot more intimate show, but I feel like that is where Star Wars shines. It is about family. Specifically, the family you make, rather than the family you are born into.
  4. Same! It seems like a lot of people on Reddit hate on Rebels and treat CW as perfect. It drives me crazy. I mean, CW is great, but everyone seems to ignore that the first 2 seasons were terrible and ignore all the great moments Rebels had. I am so hyped for Season 4. It grows on you. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I'm all about Rebels, lol. Then again, I'm also the kind of SW nerd that latches onto any fiction he can get. Book, Comic, Cartoon, Game, Etc.,
  5. I love it. The first season is a little childish, but nowhere near as bad as seasons 1 and 2 of clone wars. But once you hit season 2, it starts ramping up and then gets insane. I think it is fantastic and cannot recommend it enough. But that's just me. Everyone's taste varies. As a point of reference. I also love the new canon and try to stay 100% caught up with it. I love legends too, though. I didn't get to read a lot of them when I was younger and now that I have some free time, I'm working my way through all the legends books. (Currently working on Visions of the Future) I'm also fairly young (27) so that probably colors my opinions towards it. I grew up with the prequels and while they are terrible, I have a soft spot for them. They do bring in a reasonable amount of legends stuff. I'm sure you have heard that Thrawn eventually becomes the main villain and they do a terrific job with him.
  6. Sorry for the picture low quality
  7. What do you dislike about the way it looks? Also, I love destiny. It's a fun game with great mechanics. I wish it was a LCG, but it's still a good game. However, I'm pretty salty about this. It's a great value for me players, but not worth it for me. It's a cool product, but all this hype was a bad idea. Really, this would have only worked for a new product. The fan base for each game wanted an expansion for their game. If this was an XWing release, the destiny crowd would have been mad. Same goes for Armada and IA.
  8. Hurf hurgble hurhur *gulp* Sorry. I know it's rude to talk with your mouth full, but I've got a lot of crow that I need to eat.
  9. my go to phrase is just "dude, don't be an *******". That said, you are right, bringing too much attention to it just makes it look like you are trying to be a white-knight. I think another aspect is the way guys talk when there are not girls around. It normalizes a lot of things. Don't get me wrong, I get "locker talk" or whatever. I'm just as much of a pig as any other guy, lol. But you also hear a lot of sexist things that should be called out for what it is. But that said, it may just be my area that is terrible. But I've got 3 different stores I visit and they are all sausagefests. Plus, I've never seen any girls play in any of the streams for big tournaments (I may just be missing something. I don't watch most of them)
  10. That is very true. I feel like the majority of gamers are not sexist. It is usually only one or two guys. However, in my experience, no one ever says anything to that guy and if you do, people will defend him (even if they don't agree, just because he is their friend). Some of it also may be a regional thing. Like I said, I've seen issues firsthand, but I live in the south which is usually less socially progressive. We won't need to keep a stereotype from causing an issue, but we also need to acknowledge that there is an issue.
  11. I think we have to work on both sides independently. As they give us more female representation in Star Wars, we get sexist ******* complaining about it. Remember when Episode 7/Rogue One was announced and people were upset that the main character is a girl? Or how people complain about Forces of Destiny, Rae Sloan, etc., because of girls? We need to call them out on that and let them know that they are being idiots. It doesn't matter if there are 10,000 female characters in the game, if we keep letting sexist people act like jerks, girls will (understandably) stay away. Some of my Male IA figures are painted to look like women. It's hard to do without them looking like it is makeup, but it works well enough for me and makes it feel a little more realistic. I also give some of them cool facial scars and/or eyepatches. I painted an ISB agent with blonde hair and Sunglasses so he would look like Albert-Wesker...
  12. You can also read the wording where they say a new product and then immediately list destiny and xwing as "products". Or you can go to the Force Friday page on where they say new game.
  13. Anyone who shouts you down as an SJW for suggesting that it would be cool to have women figures in the game is an idiot. People like that are the problem. I've been playing x-wing for a while and I have never seen a single female at a tournament. I only know a couple who play and they refuse to go to tournaments (and even most casual events) due to sexist assholes and the whole "X is for dudes!" mentality. I've been wanting to make a post for a while about this kind of thing. FFG's games usually have a pretty good ratio of male/female figures, so I'm not too worried about that. But, I do think we all need to make a point of making sure girls feel welcome at our FLGS and when we see a guy acting like an ***, call them out on it. Star Wars is for everyone. The girl learning to play is not a fake fan because she has not read the Thrawn Trilogy. But, you are a fake Star Wars fan if Leia didn't teach you how capable women are.
  14. It is not going to be either destiny or x-wing. They very clearly said it was something new.
  15. I mean, I'm sure there will be a TIE/VN and Resistance A-Wing coming soon, but that does not mean that Friday's mystery product is a pack with those ships. Though, it's not a Destiny Starter either. They have already said that it is a new game. (probably something standalone)