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  1. I feel like the target audience of Keyforge is the people who "nope'd" their way out of MTG a long time ago.
  2. I know some of those words. But yeah. What he said. There is a lot of depth to the prequels if you look into them and the ideas are fantastic and really interesting. It's just not executed well.
  3. Yeah, I saw that on Reddit just a few mins ago, actually. If that's the case, then...cool. I mean, my point still stands that we are getting a lot of content right off the bat that new players are not getting. And when new ships come out, we will still have new things to be excited for like the new players, but instead of spending $20+ on a ship, we will be spending $5-10 on a pack of cards to give us all these fun new toys. Honestly, if that is the case, then they may be pumping the brakes on producing completely new ships for a while. I figured re-releases would be along side brand new ships, but maybe they will focus on just the old ships for a few waves. Honestly, I could go for that. By the time I get used to seeing one ship, something new is out. It will take us a while for all this new stuff to get stale, especially with card packs. This deal just keeps getting better...
  4. Yeah, I think this is making way too many assumptions. I honestly still don't see where the 4 unique and 2 generics assumption is coming from. I'd expect the ties to have more pilots than the other imperial things, and I also assume there will be some tie/xwing cards in the core that are not in the kits since you need a core anyways. Each faction has a different number of ships, so let's just say 15 different ships per faction. So, assuming 100 cards that is 6 and 2/3 cards per faction. Let's just call it 6 cards on average. That could be the 4 unique and 2 generics he is referring to, though I don't know why there would be more unique cards than generics. I'm just not getting the point he is trying to make.
  5. Where have you seen this? All the info I have seen indicates that the content in the conversion kits will be identical to that in the blisters
  6. I originally wrote "not being treated fairly" then decided to change it to "being treated unfailty" in an attempt to shorten the title a little and...uh, I somehow forgot to erase any of it and just added the "un" I type like I'm playing an x-wing game. I'm bad at x-wing. I've fixed it.
  7. We get 14 waves of stuff immediately. The new players have to wait for it to come in. I think that's a huge deal. If they wanted to do comparability, they could have sold mini-conversion kits each wave to keep the new players and veterans on the same level. That could have made them more money in the long run (14 wave kits at $15-20) and would have been easier to develop since they would only be focusing on converting one wave at a time instead of trying to get them all at once. Instead they took the time to convert all 14 waves before telling us anything so that we can play with all of our ships. I don't understand how veteran players don't see what a big deal that is. Also, before anyone says anything, I know Resistance/FO is not included in this. I get the feeling something special is planned for Wave 2. Breaking apart the factions is going to be a big deal and those are currently very small factions. Either the conversion kits will come with brand new Reistance/FO ships (maybe something from the new TV series...) or there will be some fun twist to make these small ships feel more viable as a faction or something. At the very least, I am sure we can expect those conversion kits to be much cheaper since they are so much smaller. So...uh...yeah. Let's have fun and get excited for an improved pew pew experience.
  8. Yeah. I totally love George and this universe he created and I'll be forever thankful to him. I'll also say that I think still has amazing ideas, even with the prequels. I don't think any of the stuff was inherently a bad idea, just poorly executed. He needs people to help him refine his ideas and I wish he had gotten more of that with the prequels.
  9. Why not both? It serves that point and illustrates how out of touch the Jedi had become I don't think that's the case. The PT still had a sense of religion and mysticism, this is the same film that had immaculate conception. I just think it was exploring another aspect of religion and how it can become so focused on ceremony or tradition that it looses sight of the mystical/faith-based aspects. We see that kind of thing happen in real world religions, and that's the idea he was exploring. I mean, just listen to the way the Jedi talk in the prequels. They sound more like the politicians than monks. And some of that is George's bad dialogue, but next time you watch compare how the Jedi talk compared to the other characters, there is a distinct difference. It's also why they come off all weird and robotic at times, they are part of an order that has started viewing emotion as a bad thing. Anakin always sound like he is going to cry in episodes 2 and 3 because he has not been controlling his emotions from birth and all the bottled up feelings is getting to him. I'm not saying that the films were good by any stretch of the imagination. They are riddled with countless problems, but I do think there are a lot of good ideas underneath the surface and a lot of the things we make fun of did have thought behind them. I just wish someone else had directed because there is a really good story buried under all the mediocrity. Edit: Again, I really just want to emphasise I'm not one of those weird PT fanboys who hates on everything that is not PT. I love the originals and love the sequels and the prequels are at the bottom of my list. I just think they deserve a little more credit than they get.
  10. Thank you! I feel like most of the things in the prequels have good ideas behind them...they are just terribly, terribly executed. They are bad films with a good center. Yup. Qui-Gon saw him and was like "whoah....this kid's swole af" I like to imagine little annie asking sebulba if he even lifts.
  11. Midichlorians I will defend midichlorians to the day I die. People: "The force is supposed to be mystical and this ruins it by turning it into science" Me: "THAT'S THE POINT!" The Jedi were super out of touch. They were so afraid of their emotions leading them to dark side that they started trying to abandon all emotion. This was ruining their connection to the force (causing them to be so blind they didn't notice the sith taking over). Midichlorians were supposed to be something to help illustrate how overly clinical the Jedi were about things. They were using their minds instead of their hearts and that is what led to their downfall. It's just another one of many good ideas that are executed poorly in the prequels. Also, my interpretation is that the midichlorians are not the force like some people think, but a result of the connection that a jedi has. Look at it like this: Imagine the force is testosterone. My co-worker is swole af. He goes to the gym all the time and works out. I look like Micheal Cera. Chances are, he has way more testosterone flowing through him than I do. A lot more. If you pumped me full of testosterone, I would not be able to beat him at arm wrestling. But if I worked out like no tomorrow, one day I might be able to beat him (not really). However, if I did that, my body would also probably be producing way more testosterone than it is now. Some guys naturally have more testosterone than others, and those guys are naturally stronger. But that means nothing unless you stay in shape. At least, that's how I look at it. I know that does not exactly match how qui-gon described it...but qui-gon was also explaining it to a 10 year old.
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