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  1. Game length

    The more you play the game, the faster it can go. The buddy I mostly play with can zip through a game with me pretty quickly, unless we get to chatting then we slow down quite a bit. But the newer a player is, the longer they will usually take and some people just move faster than others (I play all my games slow from Xwing to IA...I'm working on speeding up, lol) Usually though, cutting out distractions will speed a game up quicker than anything.
  2. Scoring -- adjustment needed?

    I've seen it happen a few times. Especially with the supplies objective. It's surprisingly easy to drop those things.
  3. Personal House Rules

    I gotcha. Thank you!
  4. Personal House Rules

    Uh, I thought supression was already ranged attacks only: Learn to play PG 20:
  5. Suppression, Courage, and Core Units

    Thank you. I thought I had missed something big.
  6. Suppression, Courage, and Core Units

    How does the modification step affect this? Can you roll all blanks and change one with an upgrade and it provide suppression? I had thought that cover and modification happened before you determine if suppression is gained. The way my group has been playing it is that if you have to roll defense dice, you get suppressed.
  7. Rules known to need clarification

    Thank you!
  8. Rules known to need clarification

    Can I get a source on this? I believe you, I just want to see where it came from.
  9. Snow-speeder Height

    Storage reasons mostly. The box I have been keeping my stuff in is about 3 centimeters shorter than the stand glued to the base and there is no way for me to angle it in. I'm gluing down my other figures, but the airspeeder is just kinda unwieldy. That was my first thought but I've had trouble finding magnets that fit under the base smoothly. What is countersinking? If I had to guess, I'd assume it involves cutting into the base so the magnet can sink in? Is that correct? I don't really trust myself to do that (I don't even think I'd have the right tools), but I might could get some friends to help me with it.
  10. Snow-speeder Height

    So I want to put a magnet on the base of my t-47 so I can disassemble it between games. However, if it is sitting on a magnet, it will be taller than if it was glued directly onto the stand. Will that height difference change anything as far as LoS or anything? If so, will that cause issues at tournaments/events? I don't think it will, but I don't want to superglue something to my base that will prevent me from using it in organized play.
  11. Duplicate Force Powers

    Thank you. I don't know how I overlooked that.
  12. Duplicate Force Powers

    Hey, so I'm sure this is addressed in the rules somewhere but I can't for the life of me find it. Can you have two of the same force power on a character? Specifically, I'm wanting two force reflexes on Luke. It's not a unique card, but I don't know if that means I can use it twice or on the same character. Anyone know for sure? Thank you!
  13. New Article - FFG Game mats

    For legion, I think these are terrible. For X-Wing, they look pretty awesome.
  14. New FAQ

    I'm under the impression that is how it has always been. At least, that is how I've always played it. Plus, that is listed in the clarification section not the errata.
  15. That is so cool. I've not heard of that format, but I like it a lot. Thank you, everyone! This is some great advice.