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  1. But they did it far worse with Obi Wan, who came out in 2016, two years after the game released and his character died before the first box scenarios happened.... so having a Dead character in the game is not an issue for them.
  2. I found that Topps made a series in 2014 Rebel wanted posters and bought those for 0.50 on Ebay. 2014 Topps Chrome Star Wars Perspectives Rebel Wanted Poster Insert Set 1-10, Wedge is #10
  3. I am looking for something in the Springfield area, anyone know of a stores in that area?
  4. I am looking for something in the Springfield area, anyone know of a stores in that area?
  5. I know the Table Top shop, from when it was more closely associated with ConnetiConn, I used to be a staff member for the Convention. While yes closer it is still way out of my way. The battle Standard would be ideal if I liked the vibe better there as it is less than 10 min from where I live. But I went there on the drive home Thursday to grab an Imp Specialist pack to paint up in case I got together with a buddy today. Not only did they not have any in stock, they didn't know what I was talking about. The place just kind of puts me off, I REALLY don't like how nothing has a price on it. I would actually like to see if I can find someplace in Mass like the Springfield area as that is close too.
  6. I live up in Enfield so that is a bit of a drive... I have tried the Portal in Manchester and looked at the Battle Standard in Windsor but Not seen people playing in Windsor.
  7. But it's not like FFG has killed a game in the past by purposefully going with a different larger scale and alienating a lot of consumers, oh wait they did about 10 years ago with Mutant Chronicles. I just hope they had learned from that and would be more inclusive. As I already have a bunch of figures (from Imperial Assault) I am far more likely to buy this than have to re buy a bunch of stuff. If I can use my IA figures for this game (with stats they can sell to me) to make the new game a better experience it will be a no brainier of a buy in.
  8. Hasbro had a minis licence through WotC but gave up the Minis and the RPG rights up years ago.
  9. I would hope that FFG would make Imperial Assault and Legion compatible, this would be a perfect opportunity for them to use the print on demand product line to allow us to buy stat cards for the Imperial Assault figures we have to make more varied and interesting armies at the outset of the game. It also allows those of us who have spent money on the other games to get more use out of them, and could spur sales of IA figures now that are un-purchased. If the two games were compatible I would have no thoughts about buying into this game as I would start off with a good sized army with the core and my current collection of IA figures. If the two lines aren't compatible this is another product for my limited funds. I dropped the LCG long ago, am not into Destiny and I know many players at my FLGS that have dropped X-wing, or Armada, or Imperial Assault, or Destiny to focus on fewer games. If FFG made it so I could get more use out of the games I own I would buy more. As it stands if they aren't compatible I don't see myself getting this game as it is just another money sink.
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