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  1. Commander Skywalker would be nice. New personas for already released units would be crunchy.
  2. I for one am glad to see that Tauntauns have entered the fray. Especially for some fellow Legion Players.
  3. Ah, I guess I misunderstood. Still, I'm excited to hear more about the experience. Gotta find time to finish listening to the episode you dropped last night. Thanks for the hard work.
  4. The Fifth Trooper/Notorious Scoundrels interview was solid. The sound quirk was a little annoying, but it would have been more annoying if they hadn't been able to have Luke Eddy on the podcast. It happens and I hope people support them so that in the future, they can go to more of the major events and have better travel equipment. Jay and co have done a wonderful job with what they're trying to do and there's a lot of space in the community for all the podcasts out there currently. I love that Luke Eddy teased a little bit, with the troopers he was using in play testing - it's a small thing, admittedly, but it's something to get excited about that didn't go through the machinations of FFG PR. NDAs be damned! I hope on the next Notorious Scoundrels we get some insight of Kyle's experiences judging with Luke.
  5. Perhaps they will release another sculpt with new command cards in the future that you can mix and match with this Chewbacca.
  6. Am I the only one who hopes these unique upgrade Leader minis have a non-unique version to them? Cause I might need 4 of these. For... reasons.
  7. This might be the Christmas Gift I've been searching for for myself.
  8. Dumb question - does anyone play on folding tables that aren't exactly 3' wide? I've never played at my house, where I only have a 30" x 72", which feels awfully silly.
  9. FLGS had Papa P on Friday. However, were expecting Royal Guards yesterday or today.
  10. I like upgrade that allows E-Webs to become suppressive. Has anyone tinkered with a nice speed 1 list for Imperials? I'd love to get Papa P, Vader, E-Webs, and Snows to just slowly creep along and dole out suppression.
  11. Provided your opponent doesn't also have infiltrate. And if they do, A) Be the Blue Player or B) Choke off the exit somehow.
  12. At their base form, Pathfinders only throw 2 white dice for attack with surge to hit. So they're slightly longer ranged fleet troopers.. in terms of firepower.
  13. That's what I meant. Restricting other units with infiltrate. Sorry. Can't wait to see what else comes with these. It's going to be fun.
  14. Infiltrate is going to be fun, because the first person to deploy it might be able to restrict other players. Making set up more fun/aggravating.
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