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  1. It wasn't my inspiration. It come from the second place at Stockton? Prime. Just switched His/her? Brunson by my tua/ecm
  2. There it is : https://tabletop.to/tournoi-star-wars-armada-15022020/list/maxim-vacher3 A lot of fun to play with.
  3. Woah. I'm such a fan of the Interdictor that i wasn't able to field anything else than that triple interdictor list. I just switched Brunson for Tua/ECM for personnal reason. Dang! What a blast. After a run away like a chicken against StarHawk/B-Wings winning a 6-5 with 31 MoV. I tough i was out of top players. I beated 10-1 a Onager/Quasar Sloane acesball. I beated 10-1 a Mc75+MC80Ho y-wing spam. **** thoses Dictor are FUN! Finished first!
  4. Maybe consider dropping the ISD for an Quasar and max your Bomber capacity? Rhymer, Mareek, Jendon?
  5. What was the triple interdictor list? Curious about anything fancy with this one.
  6. The number of BX droid on the base unit seem to be 4 I am right or not?
  7. In that ship comparison chart, the ISD-1 seems to have a red dice only in anti-squadrons An error?
  8. Darn right. Always forgot that detail.
  9. What about Grav Shift Reroute that station? Like very very near your stuff?
  10. How the Station Defense objectives are played on a 250 scale? Keeping the old 400 points format alike? Or the new greens ones are THE one to uses in 200-250 format?
  11. What about : Base Défense objectives?
  12. A shop cannot resolve the same command more than once per round. So the Executor title doesn't allow someone who is shooting squadrons to spends multiples CF token, each on one different squadron each?
  13. Base Defense : Ion Canon* Sorry my english is pretty bad, i'll try Google translate from french next time.
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