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  1. The Saar, a cross between dogs and warthogs! So you have two animals in one race, you see?
  2. The covered exes are impassable zones or will be flipped while exploring?
  3. Maybe by adding more non-planet sistems it could come out a balanced map even if there are many sistems per player. I'll propose this solution to the other three.
  4. I totally agree. Unfortunately, my core group is only four people (including me) so we always have difficult in finding two more players who can handle a game of such lenght to set up a four rings map.
  5. I completely agree. In fact I find, I can't say boring but, not satisfying a TI game that lasts less than 5-6 hours while the longest game I had was awesome (6 players, 14 vp, 3:20pm-8:20am including 2h dinner time and a lot of plotting and treachery).
  6. Fighters have some more special rules than other ships but ships they are. Anti-fighter barrage is an ability (so it is a special rule for a class of ships) that target specifically a particolar class of SHIPS.
  7. I think it does: it just say to move the ships to the adiacent sistem (so apply 49.8), which is some sort of retreat. For ground forces, you can bring only the ones that can be transported by the moving fleet. 49.8 is clear, so apply it anytime it happens.
  8. Anyway it make sense: the fighters use all their [energy/fuel/whatever-it-is] to reach the nearby sector and the ones that can dock to resupply are saved, the others (without a mothership to support them) are lost.
  9. As you can see in here TI4 exes are just a little bigger than third edition ones, so it should fit.
  10. I like how your house rule sounds. I'm going to test it with my group in our next game.
  11. I found this in TI4 reference (3rd point of 66.3) "• If a player has the “Deep Space Cannon” technology, he can use the “Space Cannon” ability of his PDS units that are in systems that are adjacent to the active system. The hits are still assigned to units in the active system. "
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