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  1. As you can see in here TI4 exes are just a little bigger than third edition ones, so it should fit.
  2. I like how your house rule sounds. I'm going to test it with my group in our next game.
  3. I found this in TI4 reference (3rd point of 66.3) "• If a player has the “Deep Space Cannon” technology, he can use the “Space Cannon” ability of his PDS units that are in systems that are adjacent to the active system. The hits are still assigned to units in the active system. "
  4. I suppose that P3 choose one fleet he want to fire on. Anyway all attaks must be declared BEFORE rolling the dices.
  5. I'm disappointed too but not surprised: TI3 is an awesome game (the best in my opinion) and improve such a thing is difficult; unfortunately they have to keep selling something and a new edition always means new incomes. Incompatibilities are needed to make sure that any re-use of previous edition won't reduce the incomes. Maybe I'll buy TI4 expansions if FFG adds new units and/or races (I don't care of tile incompatibility since I made a handcrafted table with 3D planets) but for the moment I think I'll wait TI5 hoping that FFG will add stuffs and improve the game instead of make some rearrangement and add some little incompatibility to call it a new edition.
  6. An isolated MR linked only with wormholes would give too much advantage to the Creuss. In that case it would fit a house rule to consider MR's wormholes out of Creuss racial abilities. A table for 192 systems can be easily assembled, the problem is how to move the units in the middle of the maps considering a distance of 9 systems plus the player area. Anyway I find hard to gather 6 players in the same day for this game, 18 players would be likely impossible for me.
  7. For who prefer CC and markers in fleet colors instead of race colors I suggest to use colored glass pebbles (like the ones in the image) of the proper dimension. I find them awesome as command counter while I continue to prefer race flags as control markers.
  8. I would be happy also with only 17 different flagships. And with "different" I mean the shape, not the color. Then if they want to launch on the market a full set of different models for each race, they are welcome. Speaking about the prepainted-models... I don't like them: their cost will surely increase (compared to unpainted ones) but I'm not sure if I'll like the paint job they would do and so I might have to paint the models anyway.
  9. Or maybe with no color at all: just 17 different metal flagship models.
  10. Please keep Star Wars away from my favourite game. For what dealing Star Trek: it would be nice to have an expansion with Star Trek races but I personally wouldn't mix TI races with ST ones in the same game... they are two different universes and unless some fool Tholian scientists create a tear between the two realities with a tricobalt device there won't be any reason to mix them. Anyway, instead of adding universes I think they should consider to expand and develop the lore of TI universe because until it stay only in Peterson's head it is useless. In my opinion they set up a wonderful background (with some recall from Dune, which I personally consider a positive feature) and I hope it will be expanded and detailed.
  11. I was asked this question but I'm not sure of the answer. Situation: at the end of turn 8 the Lazax (P1) win the game and the "Loyalist" (P2) win with him. Now happens that P3 has P1's (Lazax's) treaty card and P4 has P2's (Loyalist's) treaty card. So who win the game? P1+P2+P3+P4 or just P1+P2+P3? Is there any official rule or FAQ that solve this? If not what are yours interpretation?
  12. Yes, I misunderstood. I don't remember if there is any rule about that. Anyway I think that every player should pay attention to what others are doing. Maybe P1's move was not fairplay but P1 can tell what he wants untill P1 allow other players to look at his informations for any check.
  13. In the status phase the condition "I control 11 planet outside HS" must be true for the player who claim it. If P1 HAD 11 planets is not relevant. P1 must control at list 11 planets outside his HS in the very moment P1 claim that objective.
  14. Gravity rift is also present with a planet (Cormund tile) so I think it can coexist with the wormhole. Moreover the token description does not say to erase whatever was in the tile. Anyway I don't remember if there is any FAQ about this (maybe you'd better to check them).
  15. I'm looking for Shard of the Throne expansion. With the launch of TI4, is there anyone selling it? P.S. I don't know if this is the right section but I couldn't find a "used things market section" so I posted here.