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    BillK62 got a reaction from TwiceBorn in The Hunt for the Dreadnaught   
    I wonder how many of the cards will be reprints of already existing cards, and how many will be original. New scenarios are cool, but if the future model for LotR:TCG releases is a handful of new cards plus 60 old cards, that'll be disappointing.
    I'm hopeful, though, and take this announcement as a positive sign!
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    BillK62 got a reaction from TwiceBorn in The Fortress of Nurn Announcement   
    I just received an email from FFG (really Asmodee) saying my pre-order of The Fortress of Nurn is about to ship.
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    BillK62 reacted to PocketWraith in Thorin Oakenshield vs Thorin Stonehelm   
    Since they don't have the same name, you can use them together.
    Also, they're not the same character. Thorin Stonehelm was Dain's son, who became King Under the Mountain after Dain died at the end of the War of the Ring.
    In case you revisit this confusion, Bard the Bowman and Bard Son of Brand are also not the same character - the latter is the great grandson of the former.
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    BillK62 reacted to OlorinCZ in Different cards with the new reprint?   
    Do what you want, designers. But give us those errated cards in a stand-alone package. It is increasingly more difficult to keep track of those errata. 
    Especially if I play with more casual players - friends. 
    "Oh, I am sorry, this card is errated, not working this way any more, and this one too, and you cannot ready your Borromir,......"
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    BillK62 reacted to PickleTheHutt in 0 round loss   
    FYI, I sent a question about this to Caleb and his initial response stuck with the old ruling of "can choose any option as long as you can complete it in full" (i.e. all=0 attacks allowed as a choice). He wanted to know why I was doubting that ruling and I referenced the online rules sections regarding Abilities and Effects that led to this discussion. I'm waiting for a follow-up response and will post here once received.
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    BillK62 reacted to GrandSpleen in 0 round loss   
    The newer rules reference should be seen as overruling any previous rulings, whenever there is a conflict. In this case, Alonewolf has the right of it: you have to select the option which will impact the game state.  “All” can mean “0,” but in this case you cannot select the “0” option because the other option actually will impact the game state.
    That said, it’s your game, so play it as you see fit. I think most people are choosing to ignore this particular section from the rules reference.
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    BillK62 reacted to stimpaksam in Dwarrowdelf cycle soon!   
    When things are listed at "Shipping Now" that usually means they're shipping out to the various retailers. FFG will get things in stock much quicker BUT have much less quantity than the retailers.
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    BillK62 got a reaction from Wandalf the Gizzard in Dwarrowdelf cycle soon!   
    Thank you, FFG, for all of these LotR:LCG reprints!
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    BillK62 reacted to Tyrion Gru in Dwarrowdelf cycle soon!   
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    BillK62 reacted to Thaeggan in Dwarrowdelf cycle soon!   
    The Dwarrowdelf cycle is "On the Boat" as of today, February 8th, 2019.
    Keep your eyes glued to the stock!
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    BillK62 reacted to Khudzlin in New LCG on the Horizon?   
    I'm not going back to random packs for anything. That includes both CCG (like SW Destiny) and Unique (like Keyforge). And I think I'm far from the only one.
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    BillK62 reacted to Tyrion Gru in Reprints?   
    Dwarrowdelf and On the Doorstep, please.
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    BillK62 got a reaction from Amicus Draconis in Journeys in Middle Earth board game announced!   
    According to a recent tweet by FFG (that I read about on BGG), some reprints should be available around Valentine's Day:
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    BillK62 got a reaction from Gizlivadi in Journeys in Middle Earth board game announced!   
    According to a recent tweet by FFG (that I read about on BGG), some reprints should be available around Valentine's Day:
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    BillK62 got a reaction from Wandalf the Gizzard in Journeys in Middle Earth board game announced!   
    Thank you for posting that: I see it as excellence news regarding the LotR:tCG reprint issue!
    I wish FFG would simply issue a statement like this from time to time for product lines they are planning on reprinting. For players to invest in an LCG with lots of out-of-print titles, statements like this could give new players the confidence they need to try it out.
    (And as long as I'm offering free advice to FFG, I wish they would put a little more thought into their LotR game titles: we have "Lord of the Rings: the Card Game"  [which is also a "Living Card Game"] and before that there was the "Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game" [by Decipher] and now there's FFG's "Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game" [the on-line version]. Trying to search online with such similarly named products is maddening.)
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    BillK62 reacted to Gizlivadi in Journeys in Middle Earth board game announced!   
    Yeah, I immediately saw the irony in dalestephenson's post. No, I don't actually believe this is a master plan to distract people into other games, and I did write that post as a provocation more than anything else- which worked. I mean, I am way too far gone into this game and have followed FFG for years to really believe that. Now, this may be a bit off topic but I did ask Caleb about the reprint problem and in general about the state of the game. He replied the same day, and given the vagueness of the answer I assume he tried to write as subjective an answer as possible in order to be safe if I want to make it public. So, assuming Caleb assumed I would post this, here's his answer regarding the reprint problem (granted he's just the designer and not in charge of stock):
    "Hi Esteban,
    There are reprints in the release schedule for 2019. I don’t know when they will be available, but they are coming.
    That is all I know.
    Take that for what it's worth.
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    BillK62 reacted to dalestephenson in Underworld Dissident Specification   
    Since it doesn't specify, if there are different tokens present the first player should choose.  So I guess I should start putting progress tokens on 1B and 2B, just in case!
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    BillK62 reacted to kdlittle88 in An Open Letter to FFG About the LotR LCG   
    Hello FFG,
    I'd like to talk to you about the Lord of the Rings LCG.  There seems to be on many boards and groups a growing demand for this game, either to be reprinted or a new version.  As players of this excellent game, I believe there are many fans and collectors who have fistfuls of money just waiting to be thrown at you for the game, be it reprints or otherwise.  While I don't know actual sales numbers, I have had the chance to speak with a former FFG employee who have stated that this game does quite well financially for its age.  There is a reason the game always sells out when reprints are made!
    I'd like to petition that you would bring back this game to be reprinted so that we can purchase it.  For any players reading this and looking for content, let's get as many votes here as we can with the intention to show FFG that there still is a strong fan base willing to spend money on the LotR LCG.
    Thanks and hopefully you read this well.
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    BillK62 reacted to dalestephenson in Reprints?   
    One thing is certain, when expansions are actually reprinted, players aren't deterred from snapping it up quickly.
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    BillK62 reacted to hitfordcycle in Reprints?   
    Please, Please, Please do some reprints.  The original Mirkwood Cycle is very hard to find.  I would even support a Kickstarter.  I am just getting into the game and realize I will not be able to get going on some of the expansions.  On a side note, if anyone has advice on what adventure packs to get into at this point, let me know. 
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    BillK62 reacted to phillos in FFG Doesn't Seem to be Interested in New LOTR Players   
    I had the same problem in 2015 when I got into LOTR.  I had holes in my collection for a while until they finally saw a reprint.  LOTR just has such a large catalogue that it's hard to keep it all in print.  At the same time I'm sure FFG prioritizes their newer game launches to ensure their success (and I can't fault them for that).  I don't think it's a case of FFG not caring about getting new people into LOTR LCG.  If they weren't proud and confident in the product they wouldn't have chosen it first to be converted to a digital format.
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    BillK62 reacted to Jeffrey Paul in Worse than I Thought   
    Dear Fantasy Flight.
    I have a fist full of $$$s to throw at reprints of LOTR LCG releases.   
    Let me know if you want my $$$s.
    LOTR LCG Fan
    P.S.  not interested in your digital products.
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    BillK62 got a reaction from TheGuardian118 in Your Assistance is Appreciated   
    And please note that I didn't order any items from them, so if they had Mountain of Fire before I called them, they still had it afterwards . . .
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    BillK62 reacted to TheGuardian118 in Your Assistance is Appreciated   
    I have two stores locally, and one of them had it last time I was in there back in October. (The other store is my main one so I don't go to this one often.) They had several copies of it, around five or six. Here's a picture from mid-October and you can see it in the middle on the left.
    I have no idea if they'll ship, but if you PM me I'll link you to their website and you could call and ask. We're in New York.
    Again, this picture is two months old so they might not have it anymore. Yes, I take pictures of the stock at the two stores so I can plan what my next purchases are going to be since so much is sold out online. lol.
    Edit: @BillK62 called them and they do ship. Again, not sure on current stock levels as to how many they have. Thanks for confirming Bill!
    Edit 2: Removing photo as it's out of date.
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