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  1. These ideas--choosing to keep a card or two when drawing a hand mulligan, choosing the prisoner in Escape from Dol Guldur, and restarting if Quest 1A drops a game-wrecking card during setup before you've gotten to play any cards in preparation--could take some of the frustrations out of the game. The latter two allude to happenings that can wreck a game from the first moments--so why not "reshuffled everything, re-deal, and start over"--or equivalently and much more quickly, just grab up that game-wrecking turn-up card, cram it back into the deck, and deal a different one?

    I'm adding them to my arsenal (for re-playings of tough scenarios, that is).

  2. Just got this email message from Asmodee today:

    Current request status: On Hold

    Note: We are processing your request, but are unable to fulfill it at this time as we are temporarily out of the parts you need. Once we have received these, we will process your request quickly.  You do not need to submit additional requests for this part; we have your request saved in a queue for replacement. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply to this email.  Thank you for your understanding and patience

  3. I also sent in a replacement request for Massing at Osgiliath a week ago for this same problem. Still waiting to hear back.

    (If it were me running FFG's PoD decks, I'd be checking to see what exactly went wrong with the fonts and working to make sure it doesn't crop up again first, and only once I had fixed that would I turn my attention to replacing bad decks. So I'm not expecting a speedy turnaround on this. And I'm okay with that.)

    And actually the "C" isn't missing, it's just displaced to the left by a few characters: if you look closely, you can see it behind the other text.

    Bad Print 5.jpg

  4. On ‎1‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 10:52 AM, Gizlivadi said:

    "Hi Esteban,

    There are reprints in the release schedule for 2019. I don’t know when they will be available, but they are coming.

    That is all I know.



    According to a recent tweet by FFG (that I read about on BGG), some reprints should be available around Valentine's Day:


  5. 4 hours ago, Gizlivadi said:

    "There are reprints in the release schedule for 2019. I don’t know when they will be available, but they are coming.

    That is all I know.



    Thank you for posting that: I see it as excellence news regarding the LotR:tCG reprint issue!

    I wish FFG would simply issue a statement like this from time to time for product lines they are planning on reprinting. For players to invest in an LCG with lots of out-of-print titles, statements like this could give new players the confidence they need to try it out.

    (And as long as I'm offering free advice to FFG, I wish they would put a little more thought into their LotR game titles: we have "Lord of the Rings: the Card Game"  [which is also a "Living Card Game"] and before that there was the "Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game" [by Decipher] and now there's FFG's "Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game" [the on-line version]. Trying to search online with such similarly named products is maddening.)

  6. 4 hours ago, TheGuardian118 said:

    I have two stores locally, and one of them had it last time I was in there back in October. (The other store is my main one so I don't go to this one often.) They had several copies of it, around five or six. Here's a picture from mid-October and you can see it in the middle on the left.

    I have no idea if they'll ship, but if you PM me I'll link you to their website and you could call and ask. We're in New York.

    Again, this picture is two months old so they might not have it anymore. Yes, I take pictures of the stock at the two stores so I can plan what my next purchases are going to be since so much is sold out online. lol.


    Edit: @BillK62 called them and they do ship. Again, not sure on current stock levels as to how many they have. Thanks for confirming Bill!


    And please note that I didn't order any items from them, so if they had Mountain of Fire before I called them, they still had it afterwards . . .

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