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    Brilliant Evasion

    One would feel useable in my eyes. Its worse then heroic which is one.
  2. In the right hands, Sun Fac will be an 80 points beast with ensnare and predator. In 1 on 1, there is no small base ship that can keep up i think. In close ranges, he will often be able to get a shot without getting shot. Not all the time modified though, except tractored enemy
  3. I second this. The list having a Beef theme but beeing a swarm with some aces in it, so its like Republic Beef Swarm Deluxe. Im not sure if i will like to fly it, but on paper it seems quite strong. Keep your Arcs on your opponents and wear them down steadily
  4. 5 Jedi with CLT could work. 5 quite mobile Potential blockers for Aces, 5 Aces when playing vs low Ini ships.
  5. How many times did you read "Republic won a Hyperspace / SoS"? Yes, zero. Why up the points? Just to sell more Naboo cause except handmaidens they are dirt cheap in points and you can free some points by swapping 2 gold squad vs 1 Ric Olie? Dont get me wrong, the Jedi are pretty good, as is a lot of other stuff in this game, but they were not dominating in any way, cause they were allready expensive. I get the R2 +2, but i neither get the Anakin +2 nor the 7B. Anakin actually got +4 at least, while the most powerful, most dominating Ini6 in Wedge only got +3. If you want to stick with R2, which you are almost forced to cause Ani is 82 without it and its the only "protection" you can buy, its even +6. Thats the hardest nerf in the list to a Pilot that didnt win one ******* Tournament, while Wedge won like 50% and only got +3. I dont get it
  6. Im not sure i like Ric Olie with more then FCS + Crack Shot / Predator. He will be hard to fly effektiv anyway. I think i will try him with Ani and Obi. And 5 Jedi with CLT.
  7. New republic swarm: 5 x jedi knight with CLT. Try it.
  8. Wedge. But if you really want to play Scum before new points, i think Talonbane is the way to go.
  9. Rangor

    5 N1s.

    For some reasons, i wish they had 3 agility. They will be priced quite high cause of the dial and the full throttle, but they will be inconsistent and sometimes just explode from one shot. Imagine if you can only board 4 of them. Equal surivability, less punch then an XWing. Now think of Rebel Beef. What one round of trading shots will do to the N1s. Tie Swarms with 6 full modified shots (reroll + focus) usually cant take out a Beef ship in first Engagement. What should 4 N1s do about it? So far, if they will be priced the republic way, i see only Ric Olie being used on a regular basis. Maybe as a substitute for the two gold squadron with Ani + Mace
  10. Wedge is to cheap. Braylen is to cheap. Leia is cheap too. Combo of that makes Rebel Beef quite strong. But as has been stated, most players fly them as a block which can be abused.
  11. In badminton, there happened to be a similar incident. Both teams refusing to play, trying to lose (they were secure 1st & 2nd place of a group and wanted to lose to become 2nd place) Both teams got disqualified and the runner-up teams of the group qualified instead). Just saying...
  12. Flown this list to some success, but with R4-P17 on Mace instead of R2. (Top 8 System Open Hannover, 8:1 total) As has been stated before, jousting is a No No. No ship can fly faster then the 5 forward, boost bank + barrel roll Jedi. Abuse that. Also, dont waste the torrents, fly them safe and slow rolling towards your opponent. Abuse obstacles to get more green dice. Losing one in the fist engagement is fine, as long as the other becomes a blocking thread and the two jedi pick a high priority target apart at the same time. Dont let anyone catch your Jedi in multiple arcs unless they are behind a cloud. Take target lock with Jedi whenever possible. They need to punch hard. You cant outdance your opponent forever. Get rid of any ini 6 ship with concentrated fire early, as they can hinder you Ani. May the force be with you!
  13. Most people that play a game and get their *** handed each time will stop playing that game. If different options are from 95% power level to 105% and you chose the 95% cause it sounds more fun to you, you will still enjoy, even when facing an opponent that always picks the 105% option. Especially when you win with it from time to time. But Bariss isnt even close to 95%. Its more like 67%. Pretty close to getting your *** handed each game range.
  14. Gonna be an interesting choice for Anakin Y-Wing. Will be a part of some anti fun Nora builds. (Edit: no large base ships) Maybe fun with Lando Crew on low ini scum ships. But when you spend 80+ points on Anakin in the 7B, you want him to deal damage. So every turn he doesnt go for target lock better be a turn you reposition for arc dodging and / or range 1 shots. Reeinforce at cost of a shield seems counterintiutiv for the 7B to me.
  15. Congratz! Dice-Wise, its a powerful list. I feel its hard to fly if your opponent does not joust it, cause of medium base combined with a lot of torrents. For example fast aces like Fenn or Anakin could get behind your block and eat Luminara really fast. So you must have piloted it quite well. I hope with next point change easy to fly lists like Rebel Beef get nerfed so that harder to fly lists become more rewarding
  16. I fear ahsoka Just gets focussed and killed quickly, maybe by Wedge. Then the torrents fall apart quickly.
  17. Your thoughts are the exact reason i took Mace with R4-P17, he wants to stay in the fight imho. The two Rebel Beef i met in tournaments so far i managed to win. Kill Wedge, keep Mace alive, get points with Ani. Both ended like 100 to 50 for me. (two torrents vs Wedge + something)
  18. Love it on Mace. Used it to quite some success so far, those cheating turns when you was low on force and dogfighting options and then you do a red manouver followed by a Roll / Boost / TL and everything is awesome with 2+ force. R2 Anakin for sure though.
  19. Gold Squadron Trooper 25 points. Best build. Only build?
  20. Thanks for you effort to warn the community about potential bad organized tournaments. I dislike two things in the writeup, First, the term of "community leaders"; maybe its just cause im german and i have a problem with self proclaimed leaders. Second, it seems to me the whole point of the writeup is "blame and shame". Instead of searching contact to the person, thanking him for his efforts but pointing out some stuff you think went wrong and asking if there is a chance of improvement, you imply to understand his motives and use a lot of text in a pure destructiv way. Apart from that, good you also informed FFG so they can also try to help optimizing the situation.
  21. *One with the force* At the end of the round, you may remove one of your green or blue tokens to regenerate one force. Something like that?
  22. Have you tried R4-P17 on Mace? Its really good if you like to play him agressiv. Also might try two Gold Torrents instead of Arc? To me, they are doing much better then the Arc.
  23. Why do you have an issue with the phase? Trigger happens (chewie loses last hp) He is a friendly ship in range 0. So he gets an action (prevented by stress only) Then he gets a bonus attack (prevented by sitting on a rock) The phase doesnt matter at all.
  24. Great article Great list Great player
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