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  1. vidyaraja

    Winnu balance and cruiser II

    I don't understand. You say you are all "good" gamers, yet you would scorn a player preying on another player's weak position or lack of skills... But boardgaming is all about winners winning and losers losing. You say you'd scorn a player for preying on another one, but you are fine with a Winnu player throwing away their own six hours and another player's own six hours as petty revenge for denying them a VP. Not to mention that fueling the flames to exploit the situation could be considered preying on your part. I really can't reconcile all these assertions with each other... Perhaps your group developed a way of playing that you think "feels right" to try and ensure an involved and fun game for everyone... Which is fine, as it's really not fun to be crushed in 90 minutes and go through empty motions for another 270, nor is it fun for the other players to watch the resulting sulking and whining. But it's got nothing to do with the Winnu as they are being competitive or not in the cutthroat environment that TI can rapidly develop into.
  2. vidyaraja

    Arborec Flagship

    b) but you caqn split the 2 produced GFs between planets however you wish: 2-0, 0-2, 1-1.
  3. vidyaraja

    Arborec Flagship

    TFW no Duna Menaimon to build me a GF. EDIT: Or five.
  4. vidyaraja

    Some General Questions

    TI3's Arborec read great on paper, you could just imagine their GFs seeded everywhere then producing everywhere exponentially until the whole galaxy, or at least their slice of the pie, was covered in green. Figuratively, they could use any minioature color. In practice the fact that they could choose to either move or produce with GFs made them crippingly slow and one of the worst races in the game. What happened in practice is that you chose two or three planets, massed GFs there and then produced from there, because you didn't have CC/resources/time to set up significant production ability everywhere you wanted, especially on contested borders. Now that they can immediately move their production front with them and at least set up something on a newly conquered perimeter, their ability seems to be, well, broken on reading but honestly I believe we will find it's been upgraded to just relevant. Remember that it's still the one single trick up their sleeve and it's limited by what they can actually afford. As for the Winnu card, yeah, after the Tac Action has been solved, as printed on the card itself. I read it as after everything has been done, even the Production Step.
  5. Got this from Dave Beltrami, regarding most of the questions asked here: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/26946549#26946549 - Letnev promissory note, Arborec production and Valefar Assimilator questions
  6. vidyaraja

    Winnu balance and cruiser II

    I would not count for the rest of the table to automatically leave you Imperial every turn. They get to deny the Winnu a VP but, more importantly, to draw a Secret Objective of their own... That's a VP too yo. I'd say Imperial will be one of those strategies that will see play every single turn and certainly preferable to Diplomacy, Warfare and even Trade in many situations.
  7. The Winnu race sheet states that they gain the free PDS "after you resolve a Tactical Action". The production step will already be over. Did you remember that after the Agenda phase you unexhaust them again? If they wanted to screw you over they could definiinitely do that on the second Agenda, since theycould just exhaust everything with impunity
  8. The author probably considered it a complication beyond the scope of a preview.
  9. The discussion about Valefar Assimilator on BGG has caused me to ask if the Valefar X/Y token is really intended to be moved around as the Nekro has the chance to gain a different racial techs, or if, like in TI3, once placed they are fixed. The wording on rule 86.1 would make me think that it is indeed to be moved around, else the rule would be worded "the Nekro can't gain a second racial upgrade for the same unit, period" Valefar Assimilator itself though states that the X/Y token can be "placed", not "moved or placed" like for example in Wormhole Generator. That would seem to imply that once it is played on a tech, it is meant to stay there, and once the Nekro have selected their two racial tech copies for the game they are done (like in TI3) Flolo, could you please add this question, and also my question about Arborec and production and the Letnev promissory note? Thanks!
  10. At my table I think I will rule it so that the Nekro can prevent the racial tech from leaving the game as long as they keep a X/Y token on it, but as soon as it gets removed/replaced from whatever reason the tech card is removed from the game and it cannot be placed on it again. Slightly more likely to happen: what happens if the Nekro (not having copied War Sun) removes the X/Y token from Prototype War Sun II while the Muaat player is still in play?
  11. Letnev promissory note, "War Funding": Does the reroll ability activate if hte Letnev has less than 2 TGs to lose at the moment you use the note?
  12. vidyaraja

    Card Sleeves

    I'll probably throw away hte plastic insert and just keep stuff in the game without any storage solution. It's not like it will be moved that much or that violently.
  13. vidyaraja

    Card Sleeves

    I read on BGG that sleeves will make it difficult to store the cards in the insert though
  14. vidyaraja

    Arboric and Sarween tools

    Here's your cherry on top: Cruiser II (Stasis Capsules) requires one each of green/yellow/red... Sarwen Tools is pretty much a must buy, you want to at least start on green to eventually get to Leitani Warrior II and you start with a red...
  15. Question about deals and transactions: The Learn to Play book makes it seem like deals, binding or not, are a special kind of transaction, while by reading the two entries for "Deals" and "Transactions" in the Rules Reference it seems like a transaction is something that can happen along a deal, and be enforced if the deal is binding, and that a transaction always involves the exchange of TGs, commodities or promissory notes. This becomes relevant when two players strike a deal and they are neighboring the Mentak. From the R.R. explanation I'd argue the Mentak need at least one of the two players to pass to the other TG/note/comm. to activate Pillage (possibly on both players) but I think it should be made clear in a FAQ. Arborec and production: How does the general rule that units in a system pool their production value interact with the Arborec abilities and limitations? All examples here assume no Letani Warrior II purchased) Example #1: 2 GFs in a sytem, can they pool their production and produce 2 GFs at the cost of 1 resource, whereas in TI3 they would have paid 1 each? Example #2: 1 Dock (production value 3) and 1 GF in a system, can they pool their production, ignore the limitation on Letani Warrior production and pump out 4 GFs? If the GF is being carried in space can they all be produced in space? If they are on two different planets can they be distributed among both of them? By RAW I assume yes and yes to both questions.