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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/14/for-the-empire/?fbclid=IwAR12VFTlttgM1osllnZwrFkWdV_8aC-FjZJK4XqeEl3VTlFaS6e26sMZKgw
  2. I was thinking about a certain build; there was a short discussion about it but in Deck Construction section but Stolen Secrets fits in it and I can't wait to test it. ?
  3. Another card for this build, Stolen Secrety from a photo. When Scorpion pack becomes legal I'll build a deck with this theme and try it! See you guys soon ?
  4. The point with Enforces is that you can lower your honor and activate your stronghold which directly contributes to a winning condition (losing condition for your opponent). City of the Open Hand has a powerful action. Take Shiro Nishiyama for instance, which gives your defending characters a bonus to both military and political strength. It can prevent your loss which THEN can be used for your winning condition (dishonor/destroying opponents' stronghold). There is a slim chance for that. To be honest I never saw a game in which Nishiyama was used to win a conflict and then (because you won a conflict using it) a Crab won the game, it's not impossible but as I said highly unlikely. Don't get me wrong, Nishiyama has a great action but your opponent knows how much strength it can contribute to a conflict and can work around it. To work around City of the Open Hand is much harder, and now Scorpion Clan has a Keeper role and access to Backhanded Compliment which is a great finishing action. With Assassination and Enforcers you can activate your stronghold and get to that "finishing action" point. For me Enforces will be used in dishonor decks for reactivating stronghold and as a bonus you get a 4/4 character which stay on board for turn or two.
  5. Way of the Crab and Feast of Famine are very specific situations, every character can be hit with them (and it can easily be avoided) so that does not make Ignoble Enforcers a bad card. Plus, Enforces getting focused by your opponent leaves you free to do what you want. One more thing, I don't think anyone would buy them during first turn, Scorpion Clan has better, cheaper characters to buy early. Later they will provide good strength plus possibility to reactivate stronghold. All in all I have to agree with Ishi Tonu on this one.
  6. I like using core stronghold for dishonor, biddin low and reducing my honor with, for instance, Assassination in order to activate it. Ignoble Enforces will help with that ☺️
  7. True, but i was actually referring to her ability, I think it's great ?
  8. I like Utaku Tetsuko, Unicorn are getting more interesting characters with every announcement ?☺️
  9. Another good card for this theme comes from Scorpion Clan Pack (link), neutral character Seppun Truthseeker
  10. Yea, people tend to lose their minds whenever we see a Scorpion preview, these cards are not that good. Having said that, I think Liar's Mask and Opium Wastrel are best among them. Wastrel is a cheap conflict character and helps with high glory honored enemys or your dishonored characters. Im waiting to see what/who Bayushi's Whisperrers are, maybe From the Shadows will work with them but in general I dont like that dishonoring part. Some shinobi actions (like Discourage Pursuit) requier dishonoring, which From the Shadows blocks
  11. I think they are referring to the next Clan Pack, where Scorpion get new stronghold! But we get a new province too, Toshi Ranbo ?
  12. Like any other clan... Meditations is a good surprise for discarding characters someone invested both fate and tactic in but as soon as it is revealed it makes a good "fateless bodies" farming/break province. I always thought about Meditations as a fifth province I dont have a better option for (if playing as a Scorpion).
  13. Nice, It sounds really interesting. Have you tested it?
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