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  1. My conflict deck isn't very expensive at all, and like I said, I was on track to possibly win the game. He was getting five cards a turn, too. I needed to have that many cards in my hand to try and keep up with him, and I was using cards like Mirumoto's Fury (I splash Dragon) to help win battles, so there were times when I was only getting one card out of my hand.
  2. Ignorance isn't a good look on anyone. Perhaps you should stay out of the conversation if you're not willing to understand where a person is coming from. This Dragon player was also drawing five cards a turn. And he had a board state that I couldn't even come close to replicating. It's not a "counter to people drawing five cards a turn," it's a card that gave him an unfair advantage and won him the game.
  3. Yes, I can imagine it would be a mainstay in the average Dragon deck, but I've beaten Dragon players before, and this is literally the first time I've run into it. Perhaps I've just been exceptionally lucky when choosing which provinces to attack.
  4. I'd never played a Dragon player who used it before. I wasn't expecting it because frankly, I didn't know the card exists (yeah, I do have it from buying the pack, but as I'm not a Dragon player, I wasn't too focused on what their cards do). There are seven clans. It's not easy to keep track of what cards you have to look out for with each clan, especially when I already know that Lion and Scorpion are the two clans I have the most difficulty against and I'm trying to rack my brain to try to figure out how to win a game against them. Plus, without a card that lets me look at provinces, it was luck that prevented me from encountering it the first three times. So it's not like I can anticipate it if I don't already have three provinces revealed.
  5. It was because of this one stinkin' card that I lost a game in a recent L5R tournament. I'm a Phoenix clan player, so winning games is hard enough. I was playing against a Dragon player, and I was doing pretty well. I had broken two of his provinces, and he hadn't broken any of mine. I had attacked a third province and was held off, but it was Public Forum, so I was going to have to break it twice. I decided to go for his fourth province, which happened to be Restoration of Balance. I had twelve cards in my hand, meaning that I had to discard eight cards. I had three characters on the table with no attachments on any of them, and he had two characters on the table with no attachments and two characters on the table that had about five attachments on each one. I needed those cards in my hand to stand any sort of decent chance of finishing him off. I hit this card and lost all but four cards in my hand. And because of that, he was able to swing in with both of his beefed up characters individually to break two of my provinces that turn, then one province and my stronghold the next turn, all because I hit that one lousy card. And to add insult to injury he got one card (I forget the name of it) that allowed him to flip that province back upside down. So aside from the fact that his characters were too beefed up for me to do anything about, I had to make a choice to either try and break his Public Forum twice (in which case, he could just let me attack once and swing with his beefed up characters to take my provinces) or attack the Restoration of Balance and lose most of the cards I had drawn that turn. What were they thinking with this card? As soon as I hit it, I felt dejected and I stopped caring about the game. It's situations like this that make me seriously consider giving up on this game.
  6. The problem, though, is that the game developers deceived us. They originally told us that packs would be rolling out one per month. Now that our core sets have been preordered and delivered and we're somewhat committed to the game now, they spring this on us? Instead of $15 a month now we have to pay $60 one month and $30 the next (to say nothing of shipping and handling)? Not all of us have excessive amounts of money to drop on these games. One of the selling points of the LCG model is that it's cheaper than the CCG model, but that's merely an illusion. It didn't cost me nearly this amount of money to start playing L5R the CCG, nor did it cost me nearly this amount of money to have a competitive deck.
  7. Or spare cards in case you plan on collecting (which is why I'm planning to do).
  8. I'm not crazy about it, either, just like I'm not crazy about most of the changes from the old game. But this is what we get, and it still looks like a good game, even if it's not identical to the old one. I'm looking forward to getting back into it, even if there are new mechanics I have to get used to.
  9. Actually, I just confirmed that there will be a community of Legend of the Five Rings players in Fresno, CA. Crazy Squirrel will be getting the game in and there has been quite a bit of interest. According to the guy who works there, their LCG night is Monday and they'll be planning on holding monthly tournaments.
  10. Is there any way we can get some sort of community map set up? I do a fair bit of traveling and would love to be able to see if I can coincide my trips with local L5R gatherings.
  11. Seconded. I'm going to be in San Diego near the end of October. I'd love to be kept in the loop if you get something started.
  12. Could someone please explain, or point me to an article about, what roles are and their impact on tournament play? Thanks! Also, how did you get your clan symbol in your profile pic?
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