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  1. The Mandalorian has violence, there was violence at the capitol. Thus they are directly related
  2. As imperials, I would say your best bet for beating cloneball is activation spam it's one of the only things i've found that works. Republic is basically a better version of the empire so you don't stand a great chance going toe-to-toe with them on two opposing gunlines. It's best to spread out your forces so the clumped up units can only actually shoot a small fraction of your army at a time. force them to spread out and thus make them lose most of their effectiveness. Have a hefty bid for blue player and bring some objectives that hurt cloneball such as breakthrough, intercept the transmissions, and bombing run. Playing any one of those objectives while also trying to play cloneball is an absolute nightmare i'll tell you from experience. Don't play into their hand, spread out, and out-activate them every round and you should be able to beat cloneball based solely on objectives every time
  3. I just realized rebels now have 2 commander units with covert ops....cant wait to play a game with 4 operatives­čśé
  4. Royal guards can lock Vader down for several rounds, plenty of time for the rest of your units to secure objectives. They have the same health as Vader and the immune pierce keeps them alive incredibly long. I've even played a few games where royal guards took down Vader. They are, at least for me, the absolute best unit for dealing with lightsaber dudes
  5. Fine by me I am done with this waste of time thread this is an absolutely ridiculous place to discuss this and this thread should never have existed. What i wanna know more about is this Pakistan Clerc Darth Vader fellow.....
  6. Because that was what I thought you had said. If it wasn't what you meant, I'm sorry about that
  7. I'm not actually It's just that some people here believe that absolutely none of the bible is true and that just false. I know that that doesnt prove that the bible is true
  8. Never by me because that makes no sense so please dont say that I said that
  9. I really love it when people put words in my mouth. You can look back at everything I have said I never stated that because the bible exists, God is real. Not once
  10. So you're wondering whether or not Harry Potter is real? Cause you should read them youll easily find your answer there you shouldnt need my help
  11. But that's not at all what was being said. You said the bible was completely fake, and Bravo Null said that no, some of it is true. Because it is. There is historical truth that can indeed be proven not just that jerusalem exists.
  12. He had not posted his harry potter question for the millionth time by the time i replied so I could not of replied to it. And it was a rhetorical question
  13. This is what i mean. Please stop being rude just because people disagree with you. Doesn't prove your point it does the opposite it shows that since youre not proving your point you resort to this
  14. I don't live life with the constant reminder that I'm evil. I live with the constant reminder that I am made in the image of God and that I am loved by Him. I live with the reminder that I have a hope of eternal life in paradise and I can't imagine living any other way.
  15. What archeological evidence? I don't see any at all. All I see is opinion What I do see is that this is a complete waste of my time. I continually try to be civil with you and yet you continually are excessively rude and I really would rather not continue this absolutely pointless conversation. This thread has gotten off the rails and needs to end
  16. I'm sorry but that video proved literally nothing. The Israelites lived in a Polytheistic world so there were traces of Polytheism in their culture and that's that. The bible agrees in some places with other religions texts because they were all made in the same world with the same creation so of course they're similar but they're not copying each other. There was never a change of God's the Israelites always worshiped the same God. That video does not line up at all with innumerable other sources on the chronological order of the writing of the bible.
  17. I'm sorry I have no idea what you're talking about could you explain? They're both the same God and there is only one God.
  18. While Jesus did not change what the law said, He did bring about a new message along with it. The entirety of the sermon on the mount is evidence of this (Matthew 5-7). Jesus is continually raising the bar and this is the message he brought to the earth.
  19. This is easily the most appalling thing written in this thread and it says sooooooo much about the people that go along with this cult. I couldn't agree with you more and I couldn't disagree with ImperialYeet more on this. He's clearly confused on this topic and do not take what he says as a representation of what Christianity is at all.
  20. I have actually. The wars God orders are holy wars, purging terrible pagans living in Canaan which are nothing like many more modern wars. Also that was the old testament its different from the new testament. Eating from the tree did not make us Gods, it made us LIKE God in the sense that we know good from evil but that's it. That does not make God fear us. But, hypothetically, if it DID make God fear us humans for whatever reason, why would he send us Jesus Christ, His son, as a way for us to spend eternity with him in Heaven? Why would he still love us that much? It doesnt add up
  21. It was Satan who said that eating the fruit would make Eve like God. Satan is the prince of lies so of course, this was just a lie
  22. Do you feel like a god? Does it seem like everyone on this world is a god? If we were all gods, why would we war over petty things such as land and power? We have not exceeded God in anyway at all and have no real power
  23. He created us and he lives eternally. We live a short time and die. How could we exceed him?
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