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  1. I don't see why he wouldn't be able to add arsenal to that attack. Seems worded to where that works and nothing seems to stop arsenal from triggering. If the developers had wanted to prevent arsenal from being used they could've worded it to where that doesn't work so I guess it does. However, that seems so crazy powerful that I may be wrong...if its too good to be true, it prolly is
  2. I have no idea about the AT-ST question...i dont have that scenario (yet) As for the dioxis grenade card, it tells you to keep the card in play in case you want to detonate the charge later. he cannot keep laying down charges though since it says he gain the arm keyword during the activation in which he played the card. he just keeps the detonate keyword. so its just in case you dont detonate it right away, which is kinda stupid ive always detonated it right away
  3. totally agree with this. the resistance was basically done for as soon as the FO got that cannon. they only survived because of Rey, which the FO hadnt counted on
  4. I do understand that its the most powerful of the weapons, its just that I think id be trying to get into melee with the dewback so the flamer wouldnt be super effective on the charging up before getting into melee since its only range 1. I dunno maybe its really good on the board it just looks strange to use right now. Guess ill have to try it out once theyre released
  5. I don’t understand why the flamethrower is the most expensive weapon...once you get that close wouldn’t it be close to as effective to just get into melee and attack the unit? In which case I think the range 4 weapon should be the most expensive because you can fire with relentless while you charge in to get into melee aside from that, this unit look soo awesome can’t wait
  6. I'd be included as one of those people who didnt want them...until i saw that awesome picture now i really want ewoks in Legion ASAP😂 Just as long as they dont attempt to kill my commanders and make C3-PO the new commander...
  7. This looks like the most fun army ever made...maybe not super effective, but i bet its absurdly fun
  8. Love them too everyone says theyre terrible but i loooove using them theyre super effective and super fun to use for the exact reasons you said...plus theyre fairly effective at sniping from range 4. Awesome army I still havent used the veterans so dont know for sure how they do but they look really powerful
  9. Inconspicuous and Distract keywords can only mean one thing....Jar Jar is coming
  10. First of all, SUPER HYPED that FFG is finally giving us a Marvel game. Been a long time coming in my opinion...however, is it just me or does this game seem absurdly similar to LOTR LCG? I mean, there are a quite a few differences but it seems really similar. I love playing LOTR LCG but cant FFG get a little bit more creative seeing as LOTR LCG is now ending and it looks like they're just trying to replace it with this other game? IDK that's just my opinion but still looks super amazing! Also can't wait to see what other Marvel games they'll inevitably release
  11. We all know hes coming soon....the question is really who will come first him or Dooku im hoping for Maul first
  12. Looks like a pretty solid army except why take Covert Observation when you can take Bossks grenade card? i havent used it, but it looks extremely powerful
  13. I played this game once (not even sure what it was called) where they handled this extremely well. On the backs of all the units cards they had pictures of the minis in black and red. Black was the parts where LOS couldn't be tracked to (such as a waving cloak or sword or even a shield) and red was where you could shoot them if you could see that part of the mini such as a head or arm. It'd be really hard for FFG to make that now for Legion, but maybe they could have a document posting where LOS can be tracked to for shooting minis.
  14. I cant count the number of times i've thrown a stormtrooper unit in the way of Luke or surrounding a unit Luke is trying to kill like death troopers or Veers so that Luke has to kill the stormtroopers while the better unit has time to run. if my opponent would have equipped force push, this would never work. ridiculously powerful upgrade!
  15. Looks like an awesome list i've tried similar but it usually includes the t-47 since i dont have the land speeder as of yet. I'd agree that those ATRT's absolutely NEED astromechs to keep them useful
  16. I do agree that FFG has lots of problems with some of their products but they totally make up for it by just fixing anything they mess up on with no hassle to you whatsoever...amazing customer service!!!
  17. Finally get a Legion article after a while....and its very disappointing
  18. yeah she is pretty expensive, but i could get what, 2 rebel commandos or 3 rebel troopers for her cost? She's way more effective than those. And then Skywalker is of course better, but i always get him in my rebel armies anyway so i couldnt get 2 (gosh i wish i could...that would be amazing)
  19. Wait...but it's not up to 4 since commanding presence says that "when issuing orders, you can issue orders at range 4." So then there's a little gap in there at range 3 where entourage doesn't work lol
  20. In my opinion she's a very powerful unit and i use her in a lot of my games. Her infiltrate is ridiculously powerful when used well and especially with the long march battlefield. Her melee weapon confuses me though...it's like FFG wanted it to be used a lot since it seems pretty good, but she isn't survivable at all in melee. Aside from that, I think everything else about her is amazing. Her command cards are ridiculously powerful and her attack is pretty good. She's really survivable and I've found that with 4 suppression and heavy cover she's basically immune to all corp attacks and snipers even since she can overage the number of blocks avoiding the pierce. The only problem i've faced with her is when my opponent brings Boba Fett....she doesnt stand a chance when he's in the game at all. All in all, I think shes a really great unit
  21. the coordinated fire card under the eratta section. the command card got nerfed
  22. A little disappointed they didnt say anything about the abilities of either droid or clone trooper units except that droids can't get poisoned...that Ram keyword though...so good
  23. I dont think it's too good for the cost, but i dont get all the hate on the AT-RT...its a very viable option in my opinion since it has the same firepower as the cannon (when using rotary gun which is a must have IMO), is maneuverable with expert climber, and fairly survivable. Very worth the cost. Putting one on top of a piece of terrain overlooking part of the board can really shut down an opponents movements in a large area.
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    ok thanks that makes sense
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