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  1. 800/800 Leia Organa [90](95) Esteemed Leader [5] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Environmental Gear [3] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Environmental Gear [3] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Environmental Gear [3] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Environmental Gear [3] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Environmental Gear [3] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Environmental Gear [3] Fragmentation Grenades [5] Wookiee Warriors [75](130) Bowcaster Wookiee [35] Tenacity [4] Duck and Cover [8] Emergency Stims [8] AT-RT [55](95) Long-Range Comlink [10] AT-RT Rotary Blaster [30 So I tried out this list in one game and oh man it was loads of fun and extremely deadly! The troopers are able to slowly push into range one and then IMO opinion their 6 white 5 red surge to crit is better than even the snowies flamer because you can throw all those dice even at an expensive commander. The wookies are there to deal with any melee units like Royal guards so they don't wreck havoc since the strategy is to get close in ASAP. Then the AT-RT is just a necessity for me in all my armies. What do y'all think?
  2. bllaw

    Han Solo is just too good...

    Wow wow wow wow wow totally take it back just played a game with Fett again and looks like my luck has changed...he is a total BEAST!!! His red dice finally did something for me and now I'll be using him in all my imperial games
  3. bllaw


    Sure on paper the 47 looks awesome but have you used it? It is most definitely a glass cannon and yes it does pack a lot of punch in that attack but it falls way too easily! Even though it can take out a lot of units around it cant take out enough to make it survive. Hopefully the new pilot upgrades will help it a lot!! If you've used it and gotten it to work please tell me how because I am still trying to find out what to do with the $25 dollar model that has more often become a piece of terrain than a real unit in recent games...
  4. bllaw

    Han Solo is just too good...

    That sounds exactly like how my games with Fett have gone. He either just doesn't work for me or I am just really bad at using him. But everyone that I have gone against when they use Fett they also get terrible luck on his dice. I guess I just bring bad luck
  5. bllaw

    Han Solo is just too good...

    You don't have to be so condescending. We could play the same game with your comment. 1.- Sure that attack is good but it is so hard to be able to utilize it well. You have to get Fett into just the right range and then an enemy unit can just get too close and make it so much harder to use. On top of all that, it's a 3 pip card with only 1 person getting an order...and it's a one time shot. 2.- That could be really effective but several times that flamethrower does absolutely next to nothing and then I'm stuck at really close range with enemy units all around me. Fett's dead 3.- They're really similar actually. They both have the same "armor" and the same speed and jump 2 so both highly maneuverable. The dark saber wont be as effective as it looks since Sabine has no charge. I think they'll play very similarly as Fett just get's 2 black at range 3 and 4 black at range 2 so they're both have to get into range 2. 4.- He can't hit and run effectively because to hit anything he has to be in range 2, shoot and then run but then he's still most likely in range of the troopers he shot at if they move. And if he uses his rocket that's one round so sure that works, but only once. 5.- Sounds like you went against some bad players. If Boba comes anywhere near Han I get him into heavy cover then get the suppression so 4 cover -2 with sharpshooter still = heavy cover. Plus how do you one shot kill a Han with rocket+carbine? That's only 5 dice killing a 6 health unit? Sorry that just doesn't add up
  6. bllaw

    Han Solo is just too good...

    Honestly I have tried him so many times and he never makes any sort of impact at all on the board. he hardly ever hits anything for me even with the sparpshooter 2. What hit me was a mandalorian mosquito. Yes i use them but his command cards just don't work for me for some reason. I have literally run in and used his flamethrower and his boots so 7 red attack dice against rebel commandos and killed...one guy. I dunno maybe I'm just crazy unlucky. I'll have to try him a few more times to maybe find out if I'm doing something wrong with him. Or i'll just stick to my reliable units like luke and palpy
  7. bllaw

    Han Solo is just too good...

    100% agree Fett is my least favorite unit in the game to use. He can't do anything at all. His attack is so weak and so then he can't kill any units nearby so they all just get a few shots in on him and take him down easy. On paper, second best defender. On the board he just stinks. That said love running rebel against him as it's so fun to watch my opponents surprise when the unit they thought was supposed to roll perfect blocks rolls...nothing
  8. bllaw

    I really want the First Order.

    Hate to say it but it seems like the fewer factions the better for this game...that's part of what I don't like about x-wing it just has too many factions. It has stuff like General Grievous flying against Kylo Ren...what?! Adding more factions makes it more confusing and a lot harder to keep the game balanced. Just like what happened to x-wing it got so unbalanced they had to completely remake everything and I don't want them to have to do that with Legion because my wallet can't take another such bitter blow. However, the FO would be so awesome and I think FFG will probably add them anyway sometime later when they start running out of stuff to make for rebel/empire because they know people will buy it
  9. bllaw

    Tie Defender - Free evade

    Oh yeah completely forgot what the card said...brain fart
  10. bllaw

    Tie Defender - Free evade

    Actually, according to page 14 of the rules reference says that: "Even though a ship that partially executes a maneuver must skip its Perform Action step, it can still perform actions granted from other game effects." So yes you would still get the evade after bumping with another ship.
  11. I honestly think that Vader is worth his points. The 22 point difference between him and Luke is sort of large but it's not too big of a problem. I cannot count the number of times I have rolled all 6 of Luke's dice and ended up rolling only 2 or three hits/crits. Vader on the other hand always has good rolls. From my memory I have never rolled under 4 hits with him. If he got cheaper then he'd be too good and everyone would be whining about how Luke costs too much. FFG knows what they're doing and unlike with X-wing, this game is staying fairly balanced.
  12. bllaw

    Pathfinders spoiled early, it seems

    I actually think that Bistan won't be so bad...sure his Ion stinks and will probably never be used by that weapon looks like it'll pack a lot of punch. And sure the recover is annoying, but throw HQ up link on them and with their reconfigure card having to be recovered I'd find myself performing the recover action pretty often. Plus they're trying to get suppression so when they get too much, they've got to recover
  13. Yeah totally give it a try. No one will expect it so they wont be prepared for it. Plus it doesn't get any more fun than using 4 different weapons in one attack...all those dice just gives you a sense of raw, untamed POWER!
  14. bllaw

    Who uses crit tokens?

    I should use them but I forget to use them so then I forget my crits...i'm a very forgetful person
  15. bllaw

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    How she likes it...with spray-paint😆