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  1. I recently played a game against Iden and IMO she isn't overpowered at all. Maybe my opponent wasn't using her right or something but she seemed pretty easy to just ignore. Along with Rex she's the only commander/opperative without pierce and that hurts so much. It made her attacks fall short more often than they did a lot of damage. Some of her command cards are super powerful yes like Tactical Strike but Pulse scan seemed a bit underwhelming as a 1 pip card and her 2 pip missed entirely in the game I played (got an amazing roll on Rex) but even if it had hit it wouldn't do much and it's underwhelming too. her attack itself isn't even much of anything special for a 100+ point unit. I think she's priced perfectly and any more and I'd never use her. Where she's at, she's a solid unit that will be used a lot but isn't overpowered and definitely won't make empire too good.
  2. Im don't play much CIS but this guy may make me play them more...not sure how effective he'll be yet but he looks like a heck of a lotta fun
  3. If this was meant to only work when its exhausted, what point would the word "even" have in the sentence? It would just say, "You lose AI: ATTACK while this card is exhausted." You lose AI: ATTACK is what it's saying and its just making it clear that you lose it when the card is exhausted as well as when its ready
  4. This is gonna be game changing for the Republic. She can share even MORE tokens with friendly units so effectively. Her command cards are just amazing to me. Her one pip is spectacular since she can share her tokens with anyone she can take two suppression, thus 2 dodges, then for her activation do quick thinking and standby. Boom she just generated 3 dodges, an aim, and a standby for any units at range 1-2 to use. That's basically a second Hello There for Obi Wan. Her two pip is also spectacular. Similar to Leia's 2 pip giving a free move but its versatile too will be really fun to use. And then I don't even know what to say about her 3 pip that card is insane. One of the best 3 pips in the game so far IMO. Cannot wait to get her in the game she is gonna be amazing for the Republic. And a cost of 90?? Just insane so excited
  5. We have made it...this post ties Legion with IA. Good work lads
  6. Playing to the objective always works well but sometimes a big tank can be a massive pain in your side. I bring Luke in most of my rebel lists anyways and using Son of Skywalker while in the tanks weak point can usually take a heavy down really effectively
  7. Played against a 4 DT army one game and my opponent was testing out Iden Versio and the round he played Tactical Strike, the tide completely turned on the battle. Iden issued an order to 3 of the DT and Krennic issued it to the last one and can I tell you, I still have nightmares about four Death Troopers with steady...It's truly horrifying. Aside from that one turn, the four DT also kept up an insane fire line that was so hard to break through. Thought this army would have a low amount of activations they ended up fitting 9 units which is low, but It was able to contest for objectives very well. When Iden officially comes out I feel like this army will be used a lot it's so powerful and incredibly fun
  8. Oh don't get me wrong I would love to have more GAR and CIS units released immediately so they could be balanced but it's difficult for FFG to keep up releasing that much stuff. They just can't do it and they also know that if they release units over 6 months, players are more likely to buy more stuff over a long period of time than all at once.
  9. The game cannot be balanced for brand new factions or rules would be changing way too often. And the argument that new factions aren't usable in tournaments honestly makes no sense to me seeing as in the most recent Invader League season, CIS and GAR both have a massive appearance of users. They both have low activations and yet they're being used. These factions aren't unbalanced at all and they aren't obsolete by any standard. FFG did a great job balancing the factions quickly.
  10. Tauntans can claim tokens? I thought creature troopers couldnt do that but there may have been a recent errata I cant keep up😂 I am purely speaking from my experience from the game and in my experience, high activation armies have significantly less powerful units than low activations. Generally they'll have 1 powerful trooper 2 at best. I'm obviously not saying high activations are bad they are very powerful, but low activation lists have their strengths too and they balance out pretty well. If people lose playing low activation lists, they can just play high activation lists. As far as CIS/GAR go, no one expected them to be able to compete well at this point. They are a BRAND NEW faction, they have hardly any units, and all their armies are similar. CIS doesn't even have a commander under 175 so of course they can't get many activations. Granted, GAR will naturally have fewer activations that many other factions but I don't think this is as big of a hindrance as some people think. Transitioning blue player to lowest activations would definitely help low activation armies a lot, maybe too much since 12+ activations will never ever get to be the blue player. Guess this could be a good thing for balancing if Vital Assets don't balance out the meta
  11. This is just my opinion but I do think it would halt the game from growing much further. Army building would become incredibly bland and the game would lose it's luster. Not knowing what you're going to face is what makes the game and tournaments more interesting. You have to build an army that can face high activations and low activations Low activation armies generally have incredibly powerful heavy hitters. These units are either Heavys such as an AT-ST or force users such as Vader. Force units act in close range and thus danger close helps them get to melee while roll out helps any heavys a lot. Hostage exchange starts the game with a corp unit holding your hostage and generally, high activation armies have some really sad excuses for corp units while low activation armies have things like shoretroopers that would be able to escape firepower safer. Bombing run, akin to recover the supplies, requires a select few powerful and survivable units to make it across the board. High activation armies don't have many powerful, survivable units. Also, bombs in general are not fun for high activation armies. You don't have to drop the charge to score the point, one of them can be used to decimate your opponents forces and if they're high activations, there are a lot of units to be hit and boy does that charge hit hard. The new conditions don't support low activations quite as much BUT war weary is a terrible handicap for high activations. A lot of high activation armies only have 1 commander unit and it's impossible for them to keep all their units in range one of that mini. Even if they have 2 commanders, it hampers the strength of high activation armies so much. They have to clump together much more but with low activations, clumping isnt as hard By a high bid for initiative i meant something such as 7-10 points which isn't game ruining at all. High activation armies can't spare those 10 points as easily so it's really not that hard to win the bid it doesn't become a detriment to game play since it basically only effects army building. They have been winning in the past but even then they weren't unbeatable. Main thing I've stressed is that Vital Assets fixed the problem of high activations. Also, the game has progressed a lot since "fake worlds" and high activations aren't essential. I was referring to the combination with comms relay. Now that it doesnt work on emplacement troopers the combination doesn't work so they aren't used AS MUCH they're still used because they're good units just not OP. I was just using that as an example though
  12. Sure out of the three I mentioned recover the supplies supports low activations the least but it still does. Lower activations=better units which are generally harder to take down and steal a token from.
  13. Activation count should never be limited- that is something that would ruin the game really quickly IMO. With the new Vital Assets cards, low activation armies have a good shot now. Cards like bombing run, hostage exchange, and recover the supplies actually SUPPORT low activation counts. Low activation armies just have to have a big enough bid for blue player that they can use these cards and get a good setup. Activation spam will always be powerful, but does there have to be a rule to stop it? No. It's not overpowered its just another part of the game. If activation count is limited to 10 then armies will all start looking similar. If there's one thing I hate about the meta its when armies all look the same such as when all the imperial armies had tons of shoretroopers and mortars until the errata. Having high activation counts and low activation counts mix up the meta and keep the game interesting. But that's just my two cents
  14. This is literally identical to the Republic list I use the most and it works out great for me! I hardly ever find a use for the ordinance upgrade so sometimes I won't take it and get a training on Rex instead but thats the only thing I'd change and even then, the High-Energy shells can be really useful when you need them
  15. bllaw


    I was testing a game with the new Gideon Hask heavy weapon and I found a combination that brought up a question during a game. If I equip him on a shore trooper unit, when they're issued an order, can they give an order to both an emplacement trooper AND another corps unit because of the coordinate trait he adds or do the traits stack and he gives an order to only one unit?
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