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  1. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzA5NzAxMDQxNA%3D%3D&mid=2247484210&idx=1&sn=707c768e33fdeef1648235b938c0cc7d&chksm=90a614b3a7d19da58ac6e27db7ee9b7be7577e7120bbe79e4d4e89a6eb048c1ae6f8bd26f14b&mpshare=1&scene=1&srcid=1204Fai5WpC0KORT0rKWGf96&fbclid=IwAR3WkgMbGHWJQ21naH2YtZGqbd1lU2dvBTPAr1NrnqSsfTEreGD5YXzY70U#rd what is it? official of FFG?
  2. Kazasaky

    faceup province question

    i got it. thank you for your guidance!
  3. I have a question when I read the unicorn pack spoiler. I wonder if faceup province contains broken province.
  4. i heard about third role. when will each clans get third role? winter court 2018 is 2 role. the other one?
  5. I know the first edition is inconvenient. There are many people who do not speak English well in my country. So many people play games by attaching printed output to a board or card. I can not put the output on the app, so I want to play mansions of madness, but I can not enjoy the second edition. Is there no way to buy the first edition?
  6. Kazasaky

    Attack Question

    got it. thank you very much
  7. Kazasaky

    Attack Question

    question about 3. not engaged hunter monster in investigators area beside area. in enemy phase, hunter monster move investigator area, then hunter monster hit investigator?
  8. Kazasaky

    Attack Question

    i didn`t know about retaliate. thanks you all, and i have more question 1.when investigator already play ally (ex. Dr Milan Christopher in play ) 2. investigator want in hand to play area to 'guard dog' 3. investigator engaged 2 monster. 4. when use asset card play area from hand, engaged monster attacked investigator, right? 5. then, investigator gain minimum 2 damage (engaged each 2 monster can AOO 1 damage ) , investigator Assign 1 damage to Dr Milan Christopher? ( when investigator use asset card > monster AOO to investigator > ally not yet replaced damage assign > change guard dog . can i this action?
  9. when investigator in the same place engaged multiple monsters A, B first. When an investigator attacks Monster A, does A monster counter to me, and B monster does not attack the investigator? second. If my question is correct, in the same situation, if an investigator attacks Monster A, and Monster A receives damage to die, does A end its fighting without countering the investigator?
  10. i checked this. update day of dunwich pack is 8/9 i think condition change of core pack is 9/1 (update of core pack is 8/16)
  11. i didn`t know that i could check shipping status in upcoming page. thx. now i check upcoming page four times a day
  12. I knew it was late. This game is interesting. When I wanted to buy it I was already out of stock.