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    yuripiratello reacted to TryFal in Descent speculation   
    Ofcourse they're going to say 'something is coming', what would you think what will happen if they say 'Descent is done, only DLC's for RtL from now on'. This will be a killing blow for the sales of Descent. I have given up hope for Descent physical content. Maybe a Descent 3 in the future, but no way I'll purchase that! Got my collection of Descent 2 almost complete and I would feel ripped off if they would come with a new edition, but hey they are a company that wants to make money and I don't blame them!
    I'll complete this second edition collection of mine and finish painting them, make a nice storage chest to have it all in one place and enjoy this version of Descent for many years ^^.
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    yuripiratello reacted to thalim in Overlord strategy // General Tips, Plot deck, Class Cards and Monster Selection   
    Hello everyone,
    I've read a lot of Descent posts here at FFG Forum  and also another forum so I decided to give something back and post something here and there.
    There are often questions about Overlord strategies so I came up to write my experience as an Overlord player.
    Some things are common sense and well-known. Other stuff I haven't read so far.

    1. Mindset
    Descent is a resource-game. The two resources are actions and fatigue.
    In order to win you have to maximize your actions and minimize the actions and fatigue of the heroes
    (the heroes vice versa).

    2. General
    read through the description of each setup/stage and understand the winning conditions (discuss with heroes so everything is clear)
    first and only goal: fulfill winning conditions!
    write down the stats of the heroes to have a little reminder handy for your attribute testing cards/conditions
    when playing a attribute testing card/ or giving someone a condition the test-value should be 2 or less
    always try to reduce your deck to 15 cards which highly support the winning condition
    if there is nothing better to do (like closing doors, get into a good blocking position,sit on search tokens (large monsters) attack the heroes
    if the end of stage 1 is near: beat the **** out of the heroes, don't kill one – just weaken them as much as possible (hearts, conditions)
    never finish your monster activation next to a melee character so you force the hero to spend fatigue or loose an attack action
    if possible/appropriate spread monsters (additional movement points/range to consider for heroes willing to kill them)
    if heroes have blast, whirlwind etc try to spread monsters OR chose smaller monster groups
    save your cards for the second stage and use them when they have an impact on the game (this comes with experience)
    3. Plot Decks
    Seeds of Betrayal, Sole Purpose! Don't spent anything – 13 Cards Deck is enough
    (there is a really good plot deck guide on the other well known forum, highly recommended)
    4. Card selection
    There are always questions how to combine cards, best overlords classes etc.
    Remember the mindset: Minimize actions and fatigue of the heroes and maximize your actions.
    The following cards support that strategy.

    Basic I
    Dark Charm: running in the opposite direction is often much better than attacking,because the hero looses one action to reposition (unless you can kill someone – then go for the kill.)
    Dash/Frenzy (2x): you get one extra move/attack. Yay! Dash is always advantageous. Frenzy depends on the scenario/winning conditions
    Pit trap: use when fatigue is used for movement
    Trip wire (2x): use in an movement action
    Basic II
    Blinding Speed (2x): +2 Movement Points // if you have a low knowledge & awareness warrior a total of 6 movement points. Let the shadow dragon walk all over the map    (superior to dash IF there is such a low knowledge/awareness hero)
    Flurry: get another attack plus green dice with a surge (inferior to frenzy because you need to roll a surge and the added green dice in the next attack doesn't equal this)
    Grease Trap: Banana peel anyone? Hero moves in opposite direction and gets some damage or suffers fatigue (stop this Wildlander a bit)? The mage gets stunned? This sounds like a swiss army knife. In the right circumstance you can let the hero slide into the arms of an ravage monster - lets cuddle a bit. (overall a nice trap)
    Mimic: kill this reaver if you want to get some gold/items.. Very nice card! This minion also gives you some actions. It's a no brainer. Use it as often as you can. (nice card! I want that in Basic I, maybe two times?    )
    Overwhelm: get an extra attack (test willpower) on surrounded heroes or the hero gets stunned and immobilized. Sound great at first glance but its situational. I use it on heroes wandering alone in the dark to knock them out or fix them in their position.
    Sign of weakness: Get a movement point for every monster in line of sight of a resting hero. situational but nice to reposition.
    It is fun to play - Mimic, Mimic, Mimic   but for getting extra action/movement points or restrict them
    for the heroes I think it's inferior to Basic I
    Blood rage (2x 1 XP): two extra attack actions is huge – but your monster is defeated afterwards. In my opinion most beneficial at the end of stage 1 to weaken heroes, if you have to kill someone and it's getting tight with the heroes winning condition or if a monster is on low health and will not survive the next attack. It's also fun to build up a one-trick-pony Act II Master Shadow Dragon with frenzy also add 'Dark Charm' and 'Crushing Blow' to trigger an explosive attack (and 3 'normal' ones). With a bit of luck and bad positioning of the heroes this is devastating.
    Web trap (2x 1 XP): Immobilize – one of my favorite conditions. Use when at least two low might heroes are adjacent to each other
    No Rest for the Wicked (2x 1 XP): forces the heroes to think twice about fatigue move. If they move, you can move – great. If they decide not to move with fatigue this round – great. You prevented the conversion to movement points. They use an action instead.
    Exploit Weakness (2 XP): you can get a whole activation for a monster or at least one movement action. Situational but good Synergies with 'Imploding Rift' and 'Mistrust'. Unfortunately expensive with 2 XP
    Imploding Rift (1 XP): a hero looses all of his stamina? Great deal. Play on high stamina, low Willpower heroes
    Mistrust (1 XP): loosing fatigue when when the heroes getting cosy with their buddys. Great thing. Use in narrow maps. Overall to situational
    Out of Darkness (1 XP): get an attack action when hero is revived. Sounds great but highly situational use 'Exploit Weakness' instead
    Treacherous Shadows (3 XP): can be nice if there are at least two low Willpower heroes. But way too expensive.
    Call of the Ravens (1 XP): get an extra monster on the map – nice. Two actions each round and one more monster to kill/disturb the plans of the heroes can add up a lot over the course of a campaign. Also good synergies with Bloodlust (call raven on at least 5HP monster, let the monster die with Bloodlust) and reinforcements at start of OL turn
    Wristlet Of Wind (1 XP): underestimated this card for a long time. It's huge on a group of 4 or 5 monsters. Even better if they are ranged. It's just one additional movement point - but that's the one which leads to extra fatigue movement, splitting groups up, lay distractions, etc. and on top of all the heroes can't discard it like Elixir of Stone (except they can dish out immobilize...). Like nearly all Enchanter Cards it's best played on groups which are reinforced every round. On top of that, once played it thins out the OL deck for the scene.
    Elixir of Stone (1 XP): +1 shield for every monster in group. Can lead to more actions to kill one. I want that. Kobolds, Reanimates, Archers and such really benefit from it and become even nastier. Unfortunately the heroes can discard it. ALso thins out the OL deck for the played scene
    Airborne (1 XP): Well this is a nice card. Comes silently "I play airborne", heroes exhale in relief - nothing happens. But on the long run it can be an Elixir of Stone for every monster on the table. Well - a bit exaggerated. But it's powerful: The blue X or out of range? - ok, you get an infection token. A little bit less to be annoyed    Can make the difference between a dead monster or a monster with 1 HP. That's annoying and another action for the heroes. On top of that it thins out your deck for the whole quest! I like!
    Plan Ahead (1 XP): Look up the next five OL cards and put them back in your desired order? Yes please! Very important to get critical cards like Dash or get this Enchanter Card to play.
    Dark Resilience (1 XP): First aid for your lieutenant, boss or whatever you like. Very good in quest with "kill xy" as an hero winning condition. Diverse Means is another option but it costs 2XP... I prefer Dark Resilience.
    Dark Remedy (2 x 1XP): discard one chosen condition from a monster group. It's a very defensive card - but can help to keep Wristlet of Wind. Would Consider it if heroes are quite condition happy
    So if I want an hardcore campaign for the heroes I always pick a set out of these cards.
    They are cheap and highly effective. If there are two low might heroes I get Web Trap first.
    Afterwards I adjust to the heroes and course of the campaign.

    5. Monster Selection
    I distinguish my monsters in different types
    “Kill me if you want to pass”
    good conditions for bad heroes
    move that **** hero
    Blow things up: AoE
    DIE, DIE, DIE! (...my darling)
    Remember the resources: actions, fatigue
    Remember the winning conditions.
    If your heroes have high single target damage try to avoid small monster groups and vice versa (blast, etc - small monster groups)

    So first of all I ask myself: is blocking a good Idea? Will the heroes loose a good amount of actions?
    If yes – let's find a monster with two defense dices (grey-brown, grey-grey, …) and a good amount of life.
    That's a simple one. Nothing more to say here.

    Next question: Conditions
    I distinguish between the good ones (listed here) and 'bad' ones (left out).
    The good ones are those which need an action to remove or Immobilize ;-) Diseased is an exception because it directly attacks the fatigue resource.
    If possible always try to get immobilize and/or stun (Medusa anyone?) because they restrict movement (immobilize) or directly take away an action without a choice (stun).
    My personal top 5 are:
    Immobilize: restricts tactical movement/ repositioning
    Stunned: “Have fun with your 1 action next round” :-p
    Terrified: Force the heroes to do crazy movements just to lose this card at the end of their round. On top of that – no surges which nicely transfers in less damage/ no fatigue gain
    Bleeding: action loss for discarding this card – otherwise fatigue loss/action. Really nice.
    Weakened: one rest action to lose this card? Yes please. On top of that this hero is easier to knock out and is fighting with cotton balls.
    The other conditions are also good and can transition into the longer life of monsters or less fatigue/recovery of fatigue. But those just mentioned are universal for every hero (no attributes test) and have IMO the strongest effects.
    Immobilized [discard end of turn, cannot move]
    Merriods (surge)
    Medusa (surge)
    Arachyura (surge)
    Elementals (action, test awareness)
    [C] Zombies (action, test strength)
    [C] Bane Spider (action, adjacent test awareness)
    [C] Broodwalker (surge)
    Stunned [1 action]
    Giant (surge)
    Troll (test awareness after attack)
    [C] Medusa (surge)
    [C] Razorwing (surge)
    Terrified [no LOS enemy figures at end of hero turn, cannot spend surges]
    Broodwalker (surge)
    Bleeding [1 action, each action 1 fatigue]
    Changelings (surge)
    Rat Swarm (action, test strength)
    Weakened [rest action, -1 shield & heart p. attack]
    Plague Worms (surge)
    Next question: Move
    Is it beneficial to move heroes because they block the exit? They protect your target? There are hazard fields like pits?
    So here we have some bad guys who can do it:
    Ynfernal Hulk (surge, 3 fields)
    Hellhound (surge, place on field adjacent to monster)
    Plague Worm (action, 1 field + suffer 1 fatigue)
    Changeling (action, test willpower, 1 field)
    Ogre (surge, 3 fields)
    [C] Bone Horror (surge)
    [C] Ettin (action, test strength, 3 fields + suffer 1 heart)
    [C] Goblin witcher (when cursed, 2 fields)
    [C] Crypt Dragon (action, test willpower, 2 fields straight away)
    [C] Hell Hound (surge, field adjacent to monster)
    Next question: AoE
    Heroes often stay near each other? Narrow map? Get some AoE which is like (an) extra action(s)
    Lava Beetle (surge, [C] always, blast)
    Arachyura (attack adjacent max 2 fields)
    Elemental (attack adjacent / test willpower, 2 fatigue / test awareness, immobilize adjacent)
    Plague Worm (action, 2 fields fatigue AoE, 1 fatigue)
    Barghest (action, 3 fields radius fatigue AoE, test willpower, 1 fatigue)
    Crypt Dragon (surge, blast)
    Dark Priest (action, 5 field radius, test willpower, 1 fatigue)
    [C] Fire Imp (when defeated, adjacent, 1 heart)
    [C] Merriod (attack, 2 fields)
    [C] Shadow Dragon (surge, 4 fields)
    [C] Hybrid Sentinel (surge, 4 fields)
    [C] Hellhound (surge, 4 fields)
    [C] Giant (action, every figure in 2 spaces and LoS)
    [C] Ogre (action, each figure 2 fields)
    [C] Hell Hound (surge, 4 fields)
    Last Question: Kill what is in your way.
    So the task is to kill an objective? Knock out that heroes? Do damage?
    Well the blue-red die is your friend (act II: blue-red-red). Also numbers are beneficial (more monsters - more actions for you) so it can be better to choose larger monster groups (4 or even 5 monsters) Here are (sometimes underestimated) little fuckers I really like and just want to mention:
    Goblin Archer: annoying little fuckers and numerous. With Wristlet of Wind a nightmare with hit and run tactic. Also good surges with damage and range. Downside: Cowardly and very fragile but would be OP otherwise.
    Sorcerer: numerous and sorcery give them just what they need (range or damage). I use them in close combat and with hit and run tactics. Good Damage.
    Bandits. Blue-Red dice and ranged. Nice! Often classified as OP.
    Rat Swarm: Glass cannons. Fragile but can do good damage.
    Hell Hound: numerous, high pierce, BR dice, move hero, maybe a firebreath…
    Changeling: I love these buddies – staying power, numerous, fast, some nice surges. Not the highest damage though.
    Cave Spider: don't like them in Act I – but ACT 2 is awesome with BYY and good damage surges.
    Lava Beetle: Boom and good dice
    There are many different types of monster which can fulfil more than one task:
    Elementals (Condition, AoE, fatigue-AoE, with Air nice blocking)
    Plague Worm (Condition, fatigue AoE, Move)
    Arachyura (Condition, AoE, blocking to an lesser extent)
    Giant (Condition, massive AoE if positioned correctly)
    Merriod (Condition, AoE)
    Changeling (Condition, Move, fatigue)
    Medusa (Yo Dawg. I heard you like conditions? So I put a condition into a condition so you give conditions while giving a condition)
    Hell Hound (AoE, Move)
    Shadow Dragon (AoE, Blocking, good looking   )
    Ettin (Blocking, Move)
    Whenever possible I'll choose such 'multi-purpose' monsters.
    With all this in mind I'm quite successful as the Overlord and the heroes have a really hard time.

    7. Hints for the heroes
    So what can heroes do to make me feel at least a bit uncomfortable?
    The group hast to be balanced in their attributes (a whole low willpower group? Wet dream of mine)
    FOCUS. ON. THE. WINNING. CONDITION(s). Oh cool you killed this Sentinel behind your Team? Nice. You just lost one round of coming closer to the winning condition.
    every character has at least 4 movement points
    get a condition remover & healer
    get skills that give you extra actions (Advance, Whirlwind, Fleet of Foot, Blast, familiar, ...you get the point ;-)
    get items which boost movement, stamina, fatigue, surges
    Lindel (really - that's a ******. Even without a class he's nearly unstoppable movement wise. He is also nice to have for attribute tests in quests)
    Mess with my cards (Marshal, Wildlander)
    Search as much as possible
    So that was a long one. Hope you enjoyed and got something out of it.
    If this post starts a discussion or something comes to my mind to add I'll edit it in this post.

    €1 spelling // added another hero hint
    €2 General: blast/whirlwind
    €3 added basic II cards
    €4 reworked OL classes, reworked conditions, added monsters and another monster selection paragraph
    €5 a bit polishing here and there
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    yuripiratello reacted to Atom4geVampire in Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!   
    After a long period of inactivity, I'm sort of working on the tracker again. I'm aiming for a pretty significant overhaul/redesign, so if you have any feedback, feel free to leave it here.
    I've also noticed that a lot of pages (including the homepage) seem slow as ****, so I'll need to do something about that anyway.
    Can't promise anything though!
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    yuripiratello got a reaction from Atom4geVampire in Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)   
    Link to make my pledge?
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    yuripiratello reacted to any2cards in Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)   
    @Atom4geVampire, I tried sending you a PM, but apparently you are not setup to receive them.
    So, here is what I was going to send:
    All kidding aside, if you do not get the response you need to try and make this storage solution available for the masses, I will be very happy to commission you to create a duplicate of what you have already built for yourself.  Just give me a dollar amount that covers both materials and your labor time, and I am most certainly in !
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    yuripiratello reacted to Atom4geVampire in Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!   
    Yep, if I remember correctly
    Just start a Mists campaign, after that ends you will be asked if you want to continue the campaign with Chains.
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    yuripiratello reacted to Atom4geVampire in Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)   
    Yes, it's still on my to do list
    The thing is, I've noticed a lot of 'issues' with it during construction that, with the knowledge I have now, I would do differently.
    And I'd rather post a good version for you guys, than have you make the same mistakes as me
    Also, I should propbably actually finish my box in the first place, before making final schematics.
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    yuripiratello reacted to Draino in Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)   
    Atom do you have measurements you used for this?
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    yuripiratello reacted to Atom4geVampire in Storage and organization of tiles   
    If that is directed at my post, I did make a separate topic which some updates to it. Still haven't finished it though (most likely not anytime soon either given the circumstances)
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    yuripiratello reacted to Atom4geVampire in Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!   
    Well, it's all custom php. In hindsight it might have been better if I used some form of framework
    For the front end, I'm now using making use of Bootstrap which makes work a bit faster (before it was also all custom).
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    yuripiratello reacted to Atom4geVampire in Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)   
    Here are some picture of my attempt at the "ultimate" Descent storage box. It's still a work in progress, so some things are unfinished, mainly the storage for the hero figures needs work, as well as the fact that I still need to make the actual box that goes around everything as well. I have posted this in the past in an unrelated topic when it was less finished, so I thought it was time for it's own topic. (Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures by the way)
    Everything together
    This is what it currently looks like all together. I just need to create a shell to go around it. But to do that, all the internal parts need to be 100% done (so I have the correct dimensions)

    Level 1
    This is where I keep the main cards and tokens of the game, that I need a lot.
    Top to bottom, left to right: Conditions, Act I Shop Deck, Act II Shop Deck, Relics, Search Cards, Search tokens, Challenge tokens, More Challenge tokens, Villager tokens, Red/Blue Objective tokens, White/Green Objective tokens, Influence Effect tokens/Sun Stone token, 2x Dice, Travel deck, City Travel deck, Secret Room cards and tokens, Rumor and Advanced Quest cards, Health tokens, 5 Health tokens, Fatigue tokens, Threat/Fortune tokens, Hero Sheets/Class Cards and Items/Hero Tokens of current campaign.

    The Condition cards and Health/Fatigue/.. tokens can be removed as separate boxes for easy access during play

    Level 2
    This is has a box for all manuals and some extra things (the dice are used as health counters for monster health) as well as the 'Overlord Box'.

    The Overlord box stores all things related to the overlord. Its also split in 2 levels, to separate per act.
    Top to bottom, left to right - Level 1: Act I Monsters, Act I Lieutenants, Overlord decks/Overlord Rewards/Corrupt Citizen Cards, Plot Decks

    Top to bottom, left to right - Level 2: Tainted Cards/Familiar Cards/Familiar tokens, Infection tokens (can be taken out as pictured), Act II Monsters, Act II Lieutenants

    Level 3
    Here the 'Classes and Heroes box' can be found, which stores most of the things related to heroes and classes. It also has a box with Dice Towers.
    Top to bottom, left to right: Warrior Class decks, Class Familiars, Scout Class decks, Mage Class Decks, Hero Familiars (The wolf fell into the wrong box it seems ), Healer Class decks, Hero Sheets.

    3 Dice Towers that can easily be assembled

    Level 4
    This is where all the Map tiles, Terrain tokens, Doors/Walls/.., and various other (less used) tokens are stored. The tiles are grouped by size and some parts are subdivided so similar tiles are grouped.
    Top to bottom, left to right:
    - Large Map tiles (bigger than 4x8)
    - Narrow Map tiles (max width 3 spaces) and misc tokens - Separations: Longer than 6 spaces, 6 spaces to 4 spaces, 4 spaces or smaller - Tokens: Big Lieutenants, Small Lieutenants, Proof of Purchases
    - Doors/Old Walls/Overgrowth/.. and their holders
    - End Caps
    - Connectors
    - Entrance tiles, Large connectors
    - Corners, 4 way connectors
    - Room maptiles (max 4x8) and misc tokens - Separations: Max 8x4, Max 4x4 - Tokens: Inactive Monster tokens, Crumbling Terrain tokens

    A better view at the seperations

    Level 5
    This is still a bit of a work in progress, but this stores the Hero figures Class tokens, Ally tokens and cards, Hero Familiar cards. I'll have to redo it abit, because I wasn't expecting figures being as tall as Karnon, so the sided are not high enough
    I already redid this once before, because I underestimated the amount of heroes (The hero classes box used to be part of this level). This is mainly the reason the outer box isn't finished.
    I either plan to cut out circles in the white bottom for the bases of the heroes to fit in, or else use some metal plate and glue a very flat magnet to the base of the heroes, not sure yet.

    The Class tokens can be removed as separate boxes and given to the heroes when needed.

    Now I just hope that FFG doesn't release to many things that fit outside of what I have foreseen (Like the Tainted Cards)
    Also, here is how the condition boxes and dice towers look on the gaming table by the way, in case anyone was wondering.

    What do I use for the monster figures you ask?
    I use the Citadel Crusade Figure Case

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    yuripiratello reacted to Corradin in Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)   
    Hey Atom4geVampire, I know this is an older post, but I am about to start making my own box for Descent and I ran across your design. Your design is very close on what I was starting to come up with in my mind. Any update on your design and final schematics. I would love to get my hands on your measurements for each level. Even if you are not complete any current measurements would be helpful on my design.
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