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  1. It was a 4 player game, so each player/race got 2 Strategy Cards The Naalu had the Construction Card in Round 1, the Saar in Round 2
  2. Very nicely done and I do enjoy watching your recaps.
  3. Unglued, it was a great set when it came out Knights of the Hokey Pokey that could prevent all damage done to them if you did the dance ;-)
  4. Would love that, but I'd settle for an online version of TI, especially one you could "save" for your group. Can't get a group to sit down for 8 hours straight, play the online one, do it 3 hours today, 3 hours the week after, and 2 hours the week after that. Add in a reasonable AI for less than 6 players (down to 1), and its golden.
  5. I think it would be weird for Firefly to be working for the Alliance, or Han Solo smuggling for the Empire. The Mentak are a good, as neutral as you get faction in TI. When Merchants and Governments are going to hire smugglers, they would probably get a "Pirate" faction to do it, not some of their own (if they don't want the blame).
  6. Well, that would certainly add to the eXplore X that is the weak part of the game in the 4x department
  7. The expansions were out of print for quite some time as well, and anyone who had one to sell was looking for several hundred each. Prior to 4th announcement, the Base 3rd Game was still at about $90 though.
  8. If you go up a few categories, there is a Forum Archive which is where the 3rd Ed Forum is located. It got moved there about a month ago now.
  9. To Ken - It was an option I liked playing when I play with my children, but it was hard to bring to the table with other adults. TI is considered by many to be a 4X game, and Distant Suns really brought the 1st X, eXplore, to the forefront of the game. Without it, its hard to say its a true 4X game. Consider it as a Fog of War(ish) mechanic for a Miniatures game.
  10. I do like the Distant Suns being added, especially with the thought that different types of planets could have their own "What's on it" results. (be it in 1 deck or 3). With the way Units are, I see possibly a Version III of some ships, not new units at this point, and that could be good. I would like a Scenario(s) to be added. Give some variety in the gameplay as the Lazak one did. I never got to play it, but it seemed like an interesting scenario.
  11. Silverlee, how do you feel about the "Enforced Travel Ban" Agenda that prevents Wormholes from working, which limits every races ability to use Wormholes except for the Ghosts?
  12. And when players pass, I put a checkmark next to their inititive number, so I know I can skip them when their number comes up.
  13. Leaving the table to have secret discussions is one of the things we don't allow. However, allowing it to happen between Rounds and having a Timer set (ala Diplomacy) could help you out. Don't let negotiations happen away from the table area during a round. Remember, the "Active" player should be the focus of negotiations most of the time. As for play time, I made an inititive counter, so we don't keep asking "Whose turn is next?", we know who it is. That keeps the flow moving a bit. As long as everyone is having fun, length of time shouldn't be a real issue.
  14. It should be 3 instead of 2.
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