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  1. So could I use only 2 force packs from Rogue Squadron and no card from Core? Would be the game anyway balanced? In this way I could play full immersion games into Rogue Squadron, Hoth or Endor feelings Sincerely
  2. Dear friend, if I buy all the force packs from Rogue Squadron cycle then a player can choose 10 objectives both from the main deck (the one in the Star Wars LCG box) AND from every Rogue Squadron force pack I added to the game? Mant thanks again, Star Wars LCG is a great game!
  3. Hello, I have just buyed the main box, providing 48 cards for every player. If I buy one expansion, for example one force pack of 60 cards, how do I combine it with the main deck? Does every player choose 48 cards both from main deck AND from force pack? Thank you very much for support.
  4. Hi, I have just discovered Star Wars lcg card game (!) and I would like to receive newsletter about this game and every expansion. However I was not able to find where to subscribe for it. Please any help? Thank you very much for support
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