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  1. Round 1 of the Space Cats Peace Turtles 2020 Twilight Imperium Tournament is complete! Congratulations to the winners! This year's tournament is a massive 216-player event. Played over three single-elimination rounds, only one player will emerge as supreme emperor of the galaxy. This video announces the 36 winners of the preliminary round, which faction each winner chose, and which map position each winner played in. The remaining 36 will advance to the semifinal round which is expected to play out over mid/late March. Games will be streamed by the Space Cats Peace Turtles team. What an event!
  2. The Emirates of Hacan, Nekro Virus, Federation of Sol, Mentak Coalition, and Ghosts of Creuss vie for galactic supremacy in this five-player game of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition.
  3. I see I didn't create a post for our first game with six players. Here it is.
  4. Here's another video for your viewing pleasure. The Sardakk N'orr, Universities of Jol-Nar, Barony of Letnev, Emirates of Hacan, Xxcha Kingdom, and Federation of Sol face off in our first time playing on the six-player galaxy setup from the Learn to Play guide.
  5. They sure are! Living Rule Reference: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/3a/fc/3afce41b-b757-4dc8-b005-3a5efffd0fad/ti4_living_rules_reference_v1_1.pdf Learn to Play: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/f3/c6/f3c66512-8e19-4f30-a0d4-d7d75701fd37/ti-k0289_learn_to_playcompressed.pdf
  6. The Universities of Jol-Nar, Federation of Sol, Xxcha Kingdom, Emirates of Hacan, and Sardakk N'orr are back in a new race for the throne! Gameplay Notes: 1. Three of the players were brand new to Twilight Imperium 4. It's great to have them on-board! 2. We used the 5-player map from the Learn to Play guide and did not play with promissory notes. 3. This was a highly political game. Tactics mattered less than relationships. 4. There were only a few minor rules mistakes that I noticed when reviewing the pictures... nothing game-changing.
  7. This episode pits the Universities of Jol-Nar, Federation of Sol, Xxcha Kingdom, Emirates of Hacan, and Sardakk N'orr against each other in an epic struggle for galactic domination. Four of the players were brand new to the game, so we used the 5-player map from the Learn to Play guide and did not play with promissory notes. Enjoy!
  8. Presenting our group's first 5-player game of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition! This episode includes lots of role-playing as the Embers of Muaat, L1z1x Mindnet, Universities of Jol-Nar, and Naalu Collective grapple with the malevolent Nekro Virus.
  9. I eagerly await the Space Cats Peace Turtles event coverage! They actually inspired this idea by talking up the tournament. In retrospect, I probably should have talked to them earlier. This project is not intended to compete with them. In my mind, I was thinking about GEN CON like the Super Bowl of Twilight Imperium... with SCPT being akin to NBC, the main broadcaster, and myself acting like a magazine covering the event in a different medium.
  10. With the release of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition in 2017, this year's GEN CON tournament in Indianapolis is poised to be truly epic. A full 36 players will compete in preliminary events to earn a spot in the final showdown on Saturday. I expect the highest level of play to be on display, and I want all of you, my fellow enthusiasts, to share in it. With your support, I would gladly travel to Indianapolis and bring the action to you through 15-minute battle report videos. I realize this is a crazy scheme, but if you'd like to support it, here's a link to the campaign:
  11. I'm digging your commentaries and galaxy-control maps. Game 2 was a nail-biter! I wish more people made battle reports like this. I'll have to finish watching after kids go to sleep. The language in Game 3 is rather salty. If I may offer a small critique, the volume is louder during some parts than others.
  12. This is our group's second game of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition. Last time, we player according to the Learn to Play manual. This time - Bring on promissory notes and galaxy creation! This 15-minute episode pits the Naalu Collective, the Yssaril Tribes, the Clan of Saar, and the Arborec against each other in a 4-way battle for galactic supremacy.
  13. Can I give you VP information for you to add to the website? I'd prefer not to register to yet another site.
  14. We just finished our first game of TI4. I know it's kind late for that, but we were committed to finishing our Imperial Assault campaign before diving into TI4. The game is Sol Federation vs Emirates of Hacan vs Universities of Jol-Nar vs Barony of Letnev. I think we did a pretty good job playing by the rules (there were some minor oversights - nothing big), but please don't come in expecting to see amazing play. We were all figuring things out for the first time. That said, the game was definitely a fun space opera that I'm excited to share with other TI fans.
  15. Enjoy! We used the following optional rules: -Variant Strategy Cards -Variant Objectives -Artifacts -Tactical Retreats -Voice of the Council -Wormhole Nexus If you live in Denver, I'd love to see you at Tacticon on 9/30/17. I'll be hosting a game there using the same set of rules.
  16. If you're in the Denver area and want to play some Twilight Imperium, I'll be hosting a game at the Tacticon gaming convention on Saturday, 9/30. We'll be playing with the Shattered Empire expansion, so you can compete for the imperial throne with up to 7 other players. An entire day of table time has been set aside for the event, so it should be epic! Optional Rules being used: -Variant Strategy Cards -Variant Objectives -Artifacts -Tactical Retreats -Voice of the Council -Others, if requested by the players Tacticon website: https://tabletop.events/conventions/rocky-mountain-con-5-tacticon-29
  17. Haha - I'll contribute! The Hacan player opposite me narrowly missed winning by scoring three victory points for the huge number of planets he controlled. He was likely to score that objective the following round. I was able to steal victory before then by scoring several points. First, I used action cards to hijack the galactic senate and dredge up the Crown of Emphidia political agenda. The Hacan player was elected, making him the owner of the crown and its one victory point. Having taken Warfare II as one of my strategy cards (it was a 4 player game), I then broke through his fleet and on the following action used a Cruiser with stasis capsules to fly a ground force three spaces through a wormhole, steal one of his artifact planets, and gain the Crown of Emphidia in the process. It all came together!
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