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  1. Enjoy! We used the following optional rules: -Variant Strategy Cards -Variant Objectives -Artifacts -Tactical Retreats -Voice of the Council -Wormhole Nexus If you live in Denver, I'd love to see you at Tacticon on 9/30/17. I'll be hosting a game there using the same set of rules.
  2. If you're in the Denver area and want to play some Twilight Imperium, I'll be hosting a game at the Tacticon gaming convention on Saturday, 9/30. We'll be playing with the Shattered Empire expansion, so you can compete for the imperial throne with up to 7 other players. An entire day of table time has been set aside for the event, so it should be epic! Optional Rules being used: -Variant Strategy Cards -Variant Objectives -Artifacts -Tactical Retreats -Voice of the Council -Others, if requested by the players Tacticon website:
  3. Haha - I'll contribute! The Hacan player opposite me narrowly missed winning by scoring three victory points for the huge number of planets he controlled. He was likely to score that objective the following round. I was able to steal victory before then by scoring several points. First, I used action cards to hijack the galactic senate and dredge up the Crown of Emphidia political agenda. The Hacan player was elected, making him the owner of the crown and its one victory point. Having taken Warfare II as one of my strategy cards (it was a 4 player game), I then broke through his fleet and on the following action used a Cruiser with stasis capsules to fly a ground force three spaces through a wormhole, steal one of his artifact planets, and gain the Crown of Emphidia in the process. It all came together!