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  1. Aggressor has Force Rating increase in the tree, they use it in their Terrify ability.
  2. Currently playing in a few games but one of my characters is just about there in terms of 2.5 specs (though I have one with like 6 too) Rasos Dergo is a Zabrak male currently on 475 earned XP started as a Warrior Juyo Berserker and later spec'd into Armorer, with a current statline of 5 2 3 2 3 1 . Given I play in a 5 man game and the GM also rolls Destiny the Destiny Pool can get pretty large and can make for a devastating amount of damage from Embrace Your Hate. I don't actually carry a Lightsaber so I kit myself out with a Cortosis Sword and a Riot Shield that I've gotten the Paired Weapons attachment for some face bashing goodness. Combined with the Improved Armor Master I rock 3 Ranged and 4 melee defense on top of a modest 8 soak in Riot Armor. The Sword also a Mono- Molecular Edge modded to have pierce 1 and currently has a free hardpoint thanks to Tinkerer. I've grabbed Reinforced Gauntlets attachment for the Armor just in case. Rasos has also gone under the knife to have his reflexes cybernetically enhanced for a slightly better initiative roll. I haven't delved too deep into Force Powers yet but I have picked up Seek and a single Magnitude Upgrade. I've also picked up Endure though I've somehow gone this long without ever taking a critical hit, I can temporarily ignore up to Hard difficulty and can extend this out to my allies at medium range. I only last session got up to 2 Force Rating so I've only now started looking at Force Powers. I'm about to get my 2nd Dedication point and will probably put it into Willpower as I plan on eventually going into Aggressor and/or picking up Suppress and having a half decent Discipline would be nice. I'll take Deadly Reputation as a Signature ability, I like the flavor and has potential uses outside of battle which Rasos struggles with a little.
  3. Ataru Striker with a Ghostfire Crystal with either the Mastery of Seek or Unexpected Demise for the automatic Triumph, turns those pesky Inquisitors into bite sized chunks on the floor in no time flat.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing a specialization for Jar'Kai in either tree.
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