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  1. It’s irritating but I think a squad with lots of dice to sling would make up for most issues such as the no retold or mods and there is plenty of ways to shed stress.
  2. I have fun flying what I call Misty Guns Gand Findsman Veteran instincts outlaw tech mist hunter title and tractor beam Hired Gun x 2 TLT Unhinged Astromech Black Sun Soilder Cruise Missles then have + 1 initiative bid or go Harpoon and be at 100 There is a lot that can beat this and it may be somewhat dated (although I can now use Harpoons) but it is fun an sturdy enough for me for casual play and is a list that allows me to get the G1-A out on the table
  3. My 9 year old likes to play Boba so I keep it simple. Boba Heavy laser canon proton torpedo gunner depending on who I choose I bump up his ps I usually fly a Falcon and we duel that way.
  4. So spoiler alert : There are new photos of the Kessel Run Falcon up from Toy Fair. http://www.rebelscum.com/2018-International-Toy-Fair/Hasbro-2018-International-Toy-Far-Star-Wars-Universe-Solo/ I’m not sure how to discuss the implications of what could be without potential spoilers but I have a few ideas now of what could be.
  5. I was thinking seismic charges but that effect happens whe you drop it not when you fly past is my bad. I was thinking about range and flying past that effective range (1) to negate that effect. I get it doesn’t work that way should think before I post
  6. Now the effects of bombs that trigger like proximity mine can be avoided by flying far enough past them? Page 23 of the faq says the effects happen after the final position of the ship.

    New article up!

    Swarm disrupted!! 1 point over the cost of the toro or missles
  8. Isn’t that from the old Black Hornet inside the Fat Albert show? I don’t know how I missed it in Star Wars for all these years. Straight up crazy.
  9. I too would think a campaign mode would be great. It can be based off of any number of ideas. An obvious one would be a bounty hunter campaign with various missions and win conditions. Say ionize to incapacitate and have a boarding card. Or capture a ship via a tractor beam mechanic, etc etc. Another campaign idea would be to scout and escort fleets either seen on the table or off table. The campaigns would have a starting pool of ships and points and as you progress you can buy move from awards points but one spent that it’s and one something is destroyed that’s it too unless there is a repair or rebuy mechanic.
  10. Thanks for the clarification that helps immensely!
  11. So then you DO get a new die just not to roll right? AND it’s a modification.
  12. So on Finn crew card when it says “you may add one blank result to your roll.” Is that a modification of an existing die or is that an addional die ?
  13. Right, there is no medium base right so there will be those that complain no matter what. They put the u-wing on a big base to compensate and a lot of people said it should be a small base. So they gave the silencer a small base since it is probably a tweener and if they put it on a large base a lot of people would say "why is it on a large base?". I am ok since the cards seem to justify the pricing. Just don't want them to increase existing prices
  14. I was really hoping for a scale that would have allowed very large battles but I guess it's just IA 2.0
  15. This is fantastic!! I don't know why I didn't see Thrawn coming! Can't wait.
  16. Oh no the gunboat is pure X-Womg and very recognizable. so is the phantom I I. My 9 year old knew what the was instantly as well as me. It may not be "pure trilogy" but it is Star Wars
  17. I case you want to see them
  18. To true if I wasn't disappointed in the scale I would be laughing but off at that retort
  19. Having the preprinted miniatures is my second favorite part second only to the gameplay of X-Wing. Withe all the other commitments I find it hard to play the games and rather spend my time playing. Too bad but I'm such a Star Wars fan I'll probably be in but it will depend on gameplay.
  20. Or check out this handy article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/7/x-wing-101-bombs-away/ Or https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/7/6/obliterate-your-enemies/ the second link has an example of dropping onto a ship in this case the Falcon helped me out a ton
  21. Wow file that under doing it wrong as far as asteroids were concerned then. I was always stopping on it. Doh!
  22. This may be basic but I'm newer and having trouble with a rule and if when I play in a tourney don't want to misplay this and get embarrassed or anger another player. My friend and I were playing a casual game and this came up. We had cluster mines deployed and the maneuver template was placed. This did not touch or overlap the mines. However the ship base would have slightly gone over the mine. does this constitute overlap to detonate the mine and if so does the ship stop as on an asteroid or finish the maneuver? We are confused since an overlap doesn't occur if a ship can clear another ship even if the maneuver template passes over it. thanks
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