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  1. Well it has been a while since I played. Wow! What set was it in then ? I don’t have the most recent big box.
  2. Another map today! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/14/the-uscru-entertainment-district-skirmish-map/ I think one or the new maps will be in upcoming tournaments.
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong ‘cause I know you will but I thought on the unboxing video (rebels) they said that docking will be both ways for the Ghost. Docking and undocking would be different and that included others. Not sure if it included the pup or if that is only like an escape pod for the Hounds tooth
  4. Yeah great point. I just guess I really want a Jedi fighter sigh.
  5. Well they have been gradually been mixing eras with the ARC the Wookiee Gun Ship and this. The pilots and crew are now from before A New Hope. So that’s why maybe it would.
  6. So this is cool. I wonder if this will open up the prequels now for ships like the Naboo fighter Et al.
  7. More importantly it includes 0 so it can be himself. If it were 1-3 it wouldn’t be able to reroll.
  8. Kullbee Sperado looks like a ton of fun! Talk about economy! “Can switch the position of his S-foils with lightning-quick reflexes, flipping his Servomotor S-foils upgrade card after performing a barrel roll or boost. This frees him to focus while his S-foils are closed, perform a red boost action, then open his S-foils and prepare to attack, all in a single activation.”
  9. i think a cool way to get Obi Wan in would be a force token of sorts kind of what is eluded to above. The card could be used to influence a force user by adding a force token above the normal count for a turn then discard.
  10. I would think you could end it after the first action. I’m going to have to go rewatch the play videos. Good question, I didn’t think of that until I read this
  11. This is way better. No we can use them as intended!
  12. Erik Bauersfeld if he were still alive would be great. He was Admiral Ackbar, would love to fall for a faint and hear him say “It’s a trap”!
  13. Darn it beat me to it ! These books provide a lot. Love them in conjunction with xwing even if the contradict from time to time. A lot I hope will be “fixed”
  14. That would make more sense. No overhead really just approval on the products. i hope it is something good though or this could be doom for All of the games out there
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