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  1. Good that you see it without a legend or title
  2. Yes it is the same like in TI3 PS.: I updated the google document: Now we have the comparison of * Racial Technologies * Generic Technologies Also new * Racial Promissory Notes * Unit Upgrades, e.g. Unit Upgrade Overview
  3. A great video If you want only some more informations and pictures:
  4. Oh, I linked the "old" Cards, but yeah. The first guy had the idea of choices:
  5. And this is currently under development ...
  6. I finished now the difference between TI3 and TI4 races, but without racial technologies: Thanks for all contributors and the images
  7. I started to collect all the little rule differents between TI3 and TI4 anybody wants to help, contact me
  8. On BGG you find an updated list:
  10. Maybe they need not much production, because of the racial abilities:
  11. I started a list on bgg, I hope I missed not something
  12. No, you can see it on the images: Every race has a printed amount of commodity on the race sheet:
  13. Will you post an update after Gen Con?
  14. Did I understand correctly that TI4 is released around October or at least some playable prototypes?