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  1. Hello, After solo'ing Escape from Dol Guldur with 50 cards, core set only, progression, etcetera, I lost a zillion times and only legitimately won a few. However, I noticed I would have much better success if I had the three attachment cards, Steward of Gondor, Celebrian Stone, and Unexpected Courage in my starting hand. However, I realized that getting these three cards in my starting hand were as rare as pigs flying. Therefore, for whatever reason, I decided to make a ridiculous two minute clip of the many failed attempts trying to get these cards in my starting hand synced to the famous CanCan song. After a gazillion hours of editing...BEHOLD THE YOUTUBE VIDEO!!! Enjoy.
  2. Hello all. I finally uploaded the new video of a successful win I pulled off the other day. The youtube link is in the OP. =) Please let me know if I made any mistakes. I seem to keep learning new things when uploading these videos onto youtube. Regarding Nightmare mode: goodness gracious. Looks like it would take an eternity to try and beat that solo, core set, progression style. =p Anyone think it is possible? Also, I am working on a delicious treat video of this quest that I feel you all might enjoy. It will take me a while to finish though. I will post it when it is complete.
  3. Thank you! I currently have a lot of time on my hands since it is summer break from school. Thus, I have been going at this quest probably hundreds of times over, losing a zillion times in the process of course. Therefore, I know all the cards almost like the back of my hand. =p Also, I stick to 50 cards since that is the tournament style. I could certainly have a much higher win rate if I broke that barrier and used a smaller deck since I would get the almighty three attachment combo (Steward of Gondor, Celebrian's stone, Unexpected courage) in my hand more often.
  4. Here is a video I made briefly going through the deck I used: Nota bene: in the video I mentioned I used two "Daughter of the Nimrodel" for the video I posted in the OP. However, for my actual win I mentioned above on my second post, I only used 1 Daughter and brought in Miner of the Iron Hills, but ended up not even getting to play him. =p I want to get another win at a quicker time and use Beorn instead of the Miner.
  5. Hello, I have sad news. It turns out I actually made a huge mistake during that game play: I used Stand and Fight and brought Gandalf in at one point. I had no idea this was not allowed. Thus, that drastically changes the outcome of that game. I may still have won even if I did not do that error, but who knows. I will keep at it and eventually beat this, even if I have given this scenario a go hundreds of times. =p Edit: REJOICE!! I was going at it again for many hours, and I actually finally beat the quest without any major mistakes, except that I forgot to add 1 damage to an ally at the very end, which has no bearing on the outcome since I won next turn. I will edit the video and upload it to youtube soon. I would even like to even claim it as a "Speed run" since I beat it in about 18:25 seconds. A new personal best. =p
  6. Hello, If anyone is interested, here is a video I recorded beating this difficult quest playing solo: As far as I know, I only made one actual mistake: I forgot to put 1 damage on a defending ally card at the end of the gameplay. Regardless, I won the next round! Can we consider it a speed run at 18 minutes and 17 seconds? This scenario can definitely be beaten quicker though. Thank you all! =) Some think this stage is impossible, but if you get a starting hand such as the one in the video, you stand a much better chance of winning. Also, I have a few other videos on my channel of speed running the core set and will eventually continue past the core set in a progression series style of play. Enjoy!