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  1. Been playing a while and noticed the content is literally delivered in drips, But with that noted and given how FFG has added slow but sometime very meaningful additions and ships to the game. Would that give you good faith into diving into something like Legion? I feel it may also get some of the same treatment we've seen in years passed.
  2. I love that you made Garrus a weapons team. (I'm not bias, He is only a regular in every shore-party.)I think you have a lot of options with the biotic users, Samara, Jack and Kaidan could do some interesting manipulation to their host ship. Jack could grant a single reroll on your first attack that activation, maybe even suffer a shield damage due to her destructive nature?Where as Semara could assume a more defense process like returning a defense token to green at the cost of a discard. Kaidan you can take to Virmire where he may or may not die protecting a bomb
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