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  1. I received notification Friday morning that Asmodee and FFG were shipping me my replacement components, and I received them yesterday. Corrected build cost cards x4 and a corrected Samwell Tarly card.
  2. I received my corrected pieces and card yesterday morning via USPS, after submitting my request last December. Others on BGG are reporting the same.
  3. As a follow-up, I was able to get the game back to the table last night at the 5 player count. The game really opened up and we all had a blast. I had the Virus and would have won with my second encounter, except my opponent played negotiate at the first encounter and took my last attack card. As soon as she did that, I saw my sole win evaporate. Then again, given the number of zaps in circulation, I would have had to likely do some type of joint win to stop them from zapping my power.
  4. I could be completely wrong and misreading this, but in PC games, the term adventure game brings to mind more of the point and click style of game, versus a boardgame version. I will have to check out the steam page and see if there is more details
  5. Okay, just making sure, thematically and realistically it makes sense. I won last night using a spell from one square away and while driving home I wondered about it, as we have never actually bothered using our weapons from range.
  6. I apologize if this is a dumb questions. How does range impact combat? Specifically, can spells and firearms be used from one square away from an enemy if they are in range? What about bladed weapons? In most RPGs this is easily addressed as you need to be right on the bad guy for melee and further away (ideally) for range fighters.
  7. So despite not liking her ability, I chose Akachi last night for vengeful impulses and when it came down to it, she was a rock star, Her stats are fairly solid and she ended up winning the game for us with her spells in combat. Only one player used their ability, so that wasn't really an issue. Sometimes you have to look past those abilities, focus on the stats, that are far more important and just keep moving forward. I did and ended up being the MVP for what "seemed" to be a weak character.
  8. Totally unintentional and yet still funny
  9. So last night's game was remarkable for my group for a couple of reasons. First, the new expansion was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. I chose Daniella Morales, while we had the Painter, Agatha the Parapsychologist and one person chose Trash Scarbourough the spy. Only Trish was able to make use of her story card and wow did we all wish we had worked harder to get our rewards. She ended up with an ability where her focus made her far more formidable in all of her tests. We chose Antedilluviarum as out AO and got to work. In an odd quirk, we only drew one blue gate the entire game and killed off the cultist on the board quickly. After that, we tackled mysteries involving clues and mystic ruins encounters, spells and clue expenditures and one involving research encounters. Despite some delays and dropping to 5 on the Doom track due to a bad gate manager, we ended up winning with 2 doom remaining. The other remarkable thing is that last night was the first 4 player game we ever played. It was like a different game. The monster spawns, gates and stuff really weren't affected so the game almost felt, if not easy, far more manageable with four versus our usual three. So much so, I am not sure I could go back to 3 player. All these posts I read people saying three was more challenging than four and until yesterday, I just never understood it. So outside of some cool new cards, spells, items, etc, I was/am disappointed with the campaign concept. It is almost and afterthought, even down to the way it is presented in the manual. On top of this, I did feel like the previews really made this seem more involved and it really isn't. Especially if you don't play against Shude Mell and have some ruined cities pop up. I was hoping for a more organized campaign and not something somebody here or on BGG couldn't have come up with themselves with a little bit of effort and still likely made a better setup. It was also nice to win, as last game against Shude Mell (sp) was not pretty.
  10. I meant every reckoning, for some reason the term escaped me as I was posting yesterday. Our interpretation was that the effect that causes the spawned monster to move meant that we never actually added a monster to the space as he immediately moved. Never been so happy to see those green indicators in the game. Even the Hound of Tindalos was my friend for once.
  11. It was a combination of luck, manageable mythos rounds and selective gate control. One thing I was curious about, we had a rumor where every red comet icon, forget the name off hand, we had to put a monster on a space. Once there were 4 I think we either lost or doom went to zero. So we had rounds where the monster spawned had a green icon indicating that he had to move. So we would move him accordingly. This happened once or twice and at the end where we were in position to win already, but it did make me wonder if that was the proper rules sequence.
  12. I am guessing Arkham LCG will be next, as they can certainly monetize it. I am not a fan of the change in rules from the LCG in LOR, but I will give it a chance first.
  13. So I was finally able to get this game to the table, which since I own it and all expansions, is a good thing. I was the Sorcerer and I played a 3 player game. First, while playable with 3, we all quickly realized how much better it would be with 4-6 other players. Negotiation in a 3 player game is a little more flat. I ended up winning solo as one of the other players prevented my ally from getting in the win with me. I look forward to playing this again. Any advice as far as things to include? Tech or Space stations?
  14. Okay, so taking the advice I had been offered, our group of 3 took on Cthulhu. It was an interesting game for sure. We had some pretty lucky mythos phases and some even luckier monster draws on one of our rumors. At the end, we almost misread the final mystery, where you fight a deep on a space with an eldritch token. We did end up winning with 2 left on the doom counter. I was the only group member not to die at least once and have to draw a new character. Somehow I ended up as gate control, which I think helped our doom counter portion of the game. Looks like Cthulhu is almost impossible if you have to actually fight him. Unless you have the right equipment.
  15. Actually they already sell inserts for the expansions, although they fit in the expansion boxes.
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