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  1. Great to know, thanks!!! I intend to start mucking about with my deck this weekend. I am only using the pre-made decks to make sure I understand as well as I can the mechanics and differences between the spheres. I was all excited about Tactics until I realized that Ranged is apparently useless in solo play.
  2. I just got charged for mine, so I assume it is fixing to ship!!!!
  3. Once I try the lore starter and maybe the tactics one more time, I will start the process, again with the core set, of building my own deck. What do most people do? Like mix two different aspects together? Like Lore and Leadership or Tactics and Spirit? Is 50 cards the sweet spot for most decks?
  4. Great to know!!! I feel like the more I use the various cards and start to understand at least basic strategies the more it all makes sense. Certainly solo-play is challenging so far, although I certainly didn't need to make it tougher for myself
  5. Hey thanks so much! I must admit I have already discovered I had made a huge mistake regarding combat. I, somehow, missed the fact that in combat if I use two attackers against the same enemy, I can combine their attack value. I was so putting myself at an even greater disadvantage previously with my Leadership starter deck. I for some reason assumed that those characters without enough attack to get past an enemies defense alone, meant they were useless except as defense fodder. Wow the Ungoliant Spawn would have been a far more controlled battle had I known. I ended up only doing one damage a round with Aragorn while I threw low level people as defenders. Wow, I am going to do another read of the rules book. I still want to do a play through with the Lore deck so that I know what that one looks like and then I will feel better about starting to create my own decks. I have read just about everywhere, how challenging the 3rd quest is with only the core deck. Some folks describe it as "near impossible".
  6. As somebody who a while back finally got a core set for Lord of the Ring, I attempted to solo with the first deck, the one with Aragon. It did not go well for me and I flamed out via threat. It took a while for me to find time to try again and I tried the tactics starter deck and again failed. Yesterday I tried the starter deck with Eowen and had a completely different experience. Well first, I did finally finish off an Ungoliant Spawn to finish the first quest with Arargorn's group. Still with Eowen, having never played with any of those deck cards before, things felt easy. Almost too easy. I am assuming I missed something substantial here. First, using all 3 heroes of that starter deck, my threat was only a starting score of 24. The spider had a threat of 2 and the old forest road had a threat of 1. I used a card that lowered that threat at the location by one and attached equipment to Eowen that raised her Spirit by one. So what ended up resulting was a situation where I had a low enough threat that the spider wouldn't engage my group and I was committing all of my heroes to the quest. So that starting rider hero has the ability to attack enemies in the staging area if he is alone in attacking. I assumed this meant that I had to not have anybody engaged with the enemy and he could attack them from the staging area, doing 2 damage each attack. Ultimately, I used a card to lower my threat by 6, assuming that a card that works on any player and doesn't specify any "other" player means I can choose myself. With this lower threat, I essentially just crushed the quest progress through to the end, getting the final 3B that required 10 to complete and win. So I guess I am wondering what I am missing?? If my threat is below the enemies on the board and I am not forced to engage them, can I then use my ability to attack the staged enemies, while committing everybody else to the quest? I feel like I have missed something significant here. Its only like my fourth time playing or trying to play.
  7. FFG sent me an email saying my pre-order is almost ready for fulfillment and it is for Fallout. So maybe next week?
  8. Okay, so I have a new question. We played, utilizing the base game and the Under the Pyramid expansion, using Nephren Ka and the prelude card for that one as well. Although we were maybe a turn away from awakening him and did suffer with 2 rumors going at one time, we managed to solve our 3 mysteries fairly handily. In fact, our first two mysteries were epic monster battles, with the third being on the sideboard and involving having two clues, doing the encounter and then spending 2 clues to put an eldritch counter on the mystery. So my question is, was the just some serious luck on our part, or is this just an easier AO to play against? It was a 3 person group and while we have certainly gotten better the more we play together, it still felt somewhat easy. I think we only closed one gate, had one player on the sideboard, which spawned quite a few clues and combat was fairly limited outside of the epic monsters. Makes me wonder if we somehow mishandled the epic monster battles. My general sense is that any time I feel like we had an easy time, we were likely messing something up with the rules.
  9. That and we got beat down by the game pretty hard the first couple of times
  10. I am with you both on the metagame aspects. I come here to discuss the game, in a general sense, as well as to check my understanding of the rules, ensuring that I am playing as intended. I stopped playing Magic the Gathering due to the meta and netdecking and the last thing I desire is to come to a forum and find the best "trick" to do something. If I was playing a game and somebody was trying to exploit loopholes and game the system, I would ask the person to stop or leave if they didn't want to stop. Never understood folks who thought winning was more important than actually playing the game. I prefer to win or lose based on the overall experience and that to me makes it all the more fun. Again, to each their own.
  11. Yep, that is what I mean. We also don't use the characters from other expansions. I am sure eventually we will get there, but we have been going through it all methodically. We only have two more to play and we will have done them all. We have also not repeated an AO yet either.
  12. I thought the game had been released this year, but regardless, the first expansion just dropped last month, so the game certainly has legs left.
  13. I would think the campaign mode would add life to the game and as long as folks are still buying the expansions, that FF would keep making them. I am always fascinated that some folks play with so many different expansions. My group generally does the base box and one expansion only per game. Sometimes we have added Forbidden Lore to complete the main set, but that and one is it. Anything else and we feel like it bogs things down too much. Guess everybody approaches things differently.
  14. He is being nice. There is nothing to getting clues in AH, merely stop your movement on the space with a clue and you get it. Or apparently you can also get any clues that spawn on the space you are on. Also in AH, closing gates is a mere roll of one of two different stat categories of the player's choice. In EH, you have to resolve a research encounter successfully to get the clue and hop you have the right stats to make the roll. Additionally, you have to do a multi-step encounter to close a gate and again hope you have the right stats. Just going from base game to base game, EH has some far more challenging mechanics. Now granted I have only played a couple games of AH with the base box, so perhaps my tune will change with time.
  15. This is solely the result of having played Eldritch Horror already and realizing that sometimes combat is not the way to go. Then again combat is far more severe in AH, they play for keeps, so to speak!