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  1. Ahh, yeah that would be tough. Certainly if my friend who frequently plays this with me moves, and I cannot get my other friends to play then having to rely on gameshop play will likely lead to only tournament compliant decks. That could be a problem. Especially since I play for fun and don't care at all about tournaments.
  2. Unless you are a tournament player, the rotation means absolutely nothing. I am a collection guy and I play gentleman's games, where we don't netdeck and we will play formats like only core and one cycle or even one specific data pack allowed for deck creation. To me, these cards will never die until there are no more players willing to play.
  3. Looks like they should have rotated more cards out instead of just the two cycles. Then again the number of deluxe expansions that would be needed if you are a completionist is a lot. I do think the way they described buying cards and how deluxe expansions are really about specific factions and cycle packs, specific cards was interesting for its honest-ness.
  4. That is an interesting point about this guy in respect of the fact that we worked hard to complete to mysteries to flip him so that we could try and do the final mystery. Had we not gotten hammered in a few mythos phases and had doom advance so much, we could have just beefed up, closed gates and waited for him to flip. I am not sure we would ever intentionally try that but an interesting idea. I would think that unless the rules for Syzygy specifically state that you can retreat doom, I would think that you are stuck. Then again with him 0 = Death for doom, so who knows?
  5. From a money standpoint, Eldritch is probably the way to go. The base game will keep you happy for a few games and then there are a ton of expansions. I would recommend Forbidden Lore first and then go from there. I just purchased Arkham Horror last month and hope to play it soon, but it is more expensive, particularly when you factor in expansions. Everybody has different ways of playing these games, but our group only includes one expansion per game, so characters cycle in and out and strategies evolve. We also have not yet played enough AOs to have any of them "down". We also change AO every game to keep things moving. Oh and we don't research the game online or know any cards in advance unless we play them.
  6. I picked up two core sets, in addition to Dunwich. Nice to have the copies for my decks!
  7. I started with Eldritch Horror, but we just picked up Arkham Horror and are going to play that one as well. We are loving the games and certainly hope we get a new expansion at some point down the road. We still have to try Carcosa and Under the Pyramids before Cities of Ruin, as we only add one expansion at a time thus far.
  8. So after winning a second game in a row against Hypnos, we lost again, this time to the Strange Remnants AO Syzygy. We played so bad for so much of this one, getting two rumors pretty quickly, one of which caused all of our assets ultimately to vanish. Despite poor play, we did manage to solve two mysteries and flip the AO, only to solve the third mystery but lose during that mythos when doom advanced to Zero. Twice now we have lost to an AO that we completed the mysteries, but could not make it to the end of the Mythos phase. The highlight was having an agreement condition and having to choose somebody's character to die. My group doesn't read the cards in advance, so when we take a condition or have to flip a spell or item, it is usually new to us. That one was a major surprise. Sadly I had to choose my best friend to die as my Fiance was my only other choice. Still loving this game!
  9. Why I so loved Jyhad when Wizards of the Coast first released it. The Predator-Prey mechanic was so awesome and the politics were stellar.
  10. I hear both of you on that. For me, netdecking completely ruined magic the gathering. It went from my friends and I spending time constructing decks and the most skilled person winning, to somebody going online finding the winning deck and recreating in order to beat us. That and of course people could just go out and buy everything after a while, so that single card marketplace kind of ruined the who random purchase theme. So it became not for me, outside of sealed deck play that I would do in the online version. I played from beta all the way to at least one or two expansions past Ice age and then stopped for a few years. Tried to pick it up again during the onslaught block and was getting stomped by 10 year olds at my FLGS. At that point I decided it was over for me. I like living card games and especially a game where you are playing against the game and not others. I have netrunner for other players, although that has become tougher as online play eliminates some of the beautiful random games I used to play and enjoy. I will probably stick to this and Arkham LCG for now.
  11. I will have to bookmark it. My plan for now is not to netdeck and just figure it out as I go along. Netdecking killed Magic the Gathering for me, so I prefer playing in a figure it out as you go fashion, instead of here is what the pros do. Having said that, some folks hat deck building, so I can appreciate having the option. Also I have not yet tried that third scenario that is supposedly very brutal with only the core cards.
  12. Yeah I am going to try it with all of the starter decks, so I can least see how each element works, then I can start to figure out making my own deck to attack the challenges.
  13. Very much so, thanks! Of course it turns out I made life way too difficult for myself last night, because although I got the active locations issue down, I did not realize that I was still adding the threats of engaged enemies. This means I likely could have gotten through that first quest last night at the very least. What happens to everything in the staging when I flip to a new quest? I have the sinking suspicion that everything remains there to include any enemies I am engaged with. Wow, this one is a more complicated than I realized game. Certainly tough as a solo game. One question, traveling doesn't exhaust anybody, can I still travel if exhausted? I am also guessing that for a solo game, ranged attacks are not really a thing? Seems like ranged attacks are designed to help another "player" that is engaged with an enemy, not me. Sound right?
  14. Wow, great question that I encountered last night during my first ever game. Glad that the way I chose to play was correct!!!
  15. Okay you were not joking. Sat down last night, watched the fantasy flight how to videos and played my first game. First, yep, much harder than I expected, which I am sure was do to a variety of factors, including that I had never played before. Secondly, playing by myself, with 3 heroes, the tactic one I guess of the pre-made decks was tough as I started out with a 29 threat. I also kept drawing a ton of locations and no sooner would I clear a location than more would drop. Then when things were finally manageable I start drawing the ungloiath and beast master cards in two separate quest phases. I am sure I did things wrong. but it was good to at least get started. I do have a question: In response to locations. I get that I don't have to travel to a location, that it mainly serves to keep the amount I need to have to work towards finishing the quest higher. However, can you quest and travel in the same turn? In other words, if I take my 3 heroes and commit to the quest, but leave an ally or two back, can those allies travel to a location? Or if left one hero back, could the other hero travel to another location? Trying to understand traveling and whether or not it is an either/or situation with questing?