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  1. Yes it would cost more same as if you have a warrior who buys into a consular spec. Is it possible to take? Sure. I personally would have them learn it from something or someone that would be likely to know it. If they met an elderly jedi from the era before or found some holocron detailing the basis of jedi training. Whatever you want to think of. I wouldn't simply allow them to buy it outright though personally.
  2. Ok...it's about time for the old lady talking about how many years its been meme. How the heck are all the other books coming out that were announced after it? Did I miss something? Did it get stealth dropped?
  3. Na fairly sure I could more easily find out about licensing than I could this things release date.
  4. As a predominantly Sith player it's tempting to say BECAUSE THE JEDI ARE FLAWED MISGUIDED FOOLS! But...it's more that the Jedi Order was designed to be flawed. Luke turns away from what Ben/Yoda say in order to do the right thing over the balanced thing. The prequels paints the Jedi as a weird stoic order and the EU lore around that (especially the excellent Kotor games) illustrate how the Jedi order constantly undercuts itself with teachings which aren't whole. But this is by design. I personally do not enjoy the rigid mantra of the Jedi and when reading books often enjoy more the Jedi characters who struggle with being one. Guess what i'm saying is that if you were to play the jedi 'right' then it'd not be fun. The ideal Jedi would be the kind of person we find our heroes in the canon turn from or evolve out of.
  5. The point comes back to the point that Yoda's accolades, as put forth in the canon, make him a master. In that I am in complete agreement with Tramp. Now you can certainly make a PC that can achieve everything that we actually see Yoda do in the films. That's for sure. But once you factor all of those things...such as being a capable instructor in the styles and master to several prominent masters of varying disciplines..it becomes more problematic. On a different thread the level of his lightsaber mastery was somewhat debated..and I would point out that Sidious (Film limitations aside) mows down several Jedi masters in a pass. It could be argued that he does so in a turn based on what we see. So Yoda..if built as a PC/nemesis..should be obscenely strong. THe kind of level where a battle with him in it is almost assured strong.
  6. Honestly I wouldn't feel so hemmed if not for the 'jedi' trees which are extremely intriguing to me. That alone made this essential for purchase.
  7. I agree. People tend to be reffering to a min-max version of Yoda. But as a Jedi master of the highest possible order he would have fullness in each of the things we perceive him to have expertise in.
  8. On my table Juyo, as the Sith style, is rather more modern than the rest and thus is 'incomplete' the vapaad selection does not exist as being available to my Sith players quite simply because it hasn't been invented yet. Be careful when balancing whatever you add but I wouldn't personally be against a new inclusion.
  9. Is it actually delayed or is this normal? I trust it'll be released as the rest obviously but a hard release date would be nice. I'm unsure why we couldn't at least be given a month it'd come out once the new year was in.
  10. I'm intrigued as to how the new jedi specs will change things. I'd go heavily build into force dice/unleash/protect. Snipe people with lightning.
  11. This stops you from simply going into the tree to get the signature talent but only stacking brawn.
  12. From what little I understand...Revan & Malak had essentially carved out an arm of several key planets. They did not, like the Later true Sith Empire, have control of a large part of the galaxy. Revan instead assumed control of key points in a sort of rapid storm. Both the Republic and Revan EMpire did not have giant forces due to the dramatic drain that the prior Mandalorian war put upon the galaxy and his forces were able to stay on the win because they were supplemented by the star forge and Revan's superior tactics.
  13. So you're fighting in the Later end of the Revan war Era?
  14. if they do an old republic set i'll be camped out on this website hitting refresh in vain hope.
  15. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Mystic, for me, crosses over a great deal with Consular and the few mystic npcs and indeed my character have specs from both careers. I chose to base myself in mystic but you could just as easily do so for consular. I liked mystic better and am satisfied with the career book that it was the correct choice but you do you.
  16. Not for a minute though. It'd make sense for a christmas release.
  17. Old Republic Era book would be only the second one (after my main character's career book) That I actually pre-ordered. That is a dream I dare not dream.
  18. @Absol197 Can you apply your powers to this like you did for unlimited power?
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