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  1. Luahk

    Warriors rejoice

    So you have to go all the way down the right to get to the rest?
  2. Luahk

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    This is wicked. Is there something like this for adversaries?
  3. Luahk

    Warriors rejoice

    Thanks again for these
  4. Luahk

    Warriors rejoice

    thanks very much
  5. Luahk

    Warriors rejoice

    Feels like an imbalanced MMO class now. Like on SWTOR when warriors got enraged defence. Also feels more guardian to me than anything else.
  6. Luahk

    Warriors rejoice

    Really...REEALLLY wanna see the juyo tree. Thank GOD its not called vaapad. My 'legends' heart bled.
  7. Luahk

    Warriors rejoice

    No new articles here either? Weird.
  8. Soooooo jealous! Plz plz share as much as you can I can't wait.
  9. I can't wait to see some stuff! Uk delays hurt my soul
  10. Luahk

    Warriors rejoice

    I was -fairly- confident that we'd get Juyo...to add more options for Darkside. But it being specifically called Vapaad intrigues me.
  11. Oh god the time is nearly upon us! Praise be!
  12. I am happy there was an article...trying to remain positive. Soon enough we should have some more information! Right?
  13. Like spread them out to keep people going and interested in making new characters or revving old ones
  14. Lol apologies @Absol197