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  1. Thank you very much. When I have finished I shall update it here
  2. Just need a general guide. Also is there a jedi one somewhere?
  3. Random question. Why vigilance? Shouldn't it be discipline?
  4. I think we spoke about it on here. Thanks @Ni Fang though for trying. I am getting to the stage of needing to do a water dance.
  5. Na I'm solid on this piece. The force being a rare gift is a baseline for me. I generally might include this power somewhat in a campaign with the exemption of the last bit. The last bit makes it a deal breaker for me personally. However I'm not a hater and think it's at the least very cool.
  6. It's like we're in a town where there has been a terrible drought. We're all Sat by the well and tap because we've heard there may well be water found... But it's been months now without word.
  7. Dude I have no idea! 😂 I hate giving criticism absent an alternate I just personally feel that GIVING the force to someone is too **** much. I like the power I just feel that drop is hard. But like I said you can use heal/harm to restore someone to life so in that world it doesn't seem extreme.
  8. Erm. So I like most of this tree but I do not like mastery. Devils advocate In the game we have the power to bring folks back to life so I'd rather have it something similar to allow to not use this to just save exp points.
  9. I love your last line here. I personally don't mind having people to eclipse who exist in the universe that they can aim for. I find it to be. Worthy target for our heroes. Especially as they can meet them. I play in the TOR universe in an alternative reality where Malgus won at Ilum and a few other things are changed. I like the characters meeting and interacting with people touched by this and it allows them to have something to aspire to be like or to destroy.
  10. That was on purpose. I didn't feel the need to list all of that which goes in between. I figured it was made obvious what I intended, since from your responses it was not, I clarified.
  11. Thanks
  12. To clarify folks I was simply interested what you're doing at your tables. To get discussion flowing rather than advice. My table of players are in completely non-canon, because for the large part I don't like it, and are heroes of their specific level. To fall in line @Absol197 eventually they may be. However sometimes when I read stories of what people have done with their groups/achieved it does feel as though they are that level so i'm intrigued to hear from folks. We started off as basic ben level of importance and have in the space of the half year are becoming heroic figures to our cause. I intend to speed that entirely based upon the group's success/failure but I won't have them at Galactic hero status unless we work up to a position where that makes sense for me and my table. There isn't a goal as much as "Win the war" but it's more doing that by doing their jobs as best they can and as promotions come doing so more frequently.
  13. Does this effect stack? Like if I hit with two seperate attacks that both do burn do both of them hit for the duration?