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  1. You know what?! Vader in the corridor was masterful. I don't care that it was fan service it was done correct and left me salivating. Every single time I watch it I notice something else and by GOD is it excellent. Matter of fact i'm going to watch it again right now.
  2. Yuthura Ban explaining how she came to loose her original purpose. Kotor dramatically developed the sith/darkside and to see it explored way more and added a degree of sensibility and rationale to how it corrupts.
  3. There was many of us were hoping that we'd get more darkside stuff than we ended up with.
  4. Basically I recognised that the suppress tree and its duration upgrade seem to make it very hard to get force powers to effect that person especially if you have the strength upgrades. So I imagine the force power based attacker would heavily lean on the mastery part of suppress in order to remove this pesky defence and get hits off. But then, upon inspection, a player pointed out to me that the defending party against mastery upgrade could still use the duration effect to make that check very hard to pass. I am wondering if this is true or not.
  5. If someone has suppress committed for pips to count as failure and another person uses suppress on them to force them to uncommitt all die..would the person roll their committed die in the check or na?
  6. I read it on the forum I don't have the book yet.
  7. effectively now you can make a movie/clone wars style padawan with knight level xp. The issue comes with the force powers you'd need that most people consider basics.
  8. Sidebar says you can purchase force rating at creation now apparently.
  9. Am I missing something? The latest spec for the 'Jedi' gives them Supreme Centre of being which allows it to be applied to ranged attacks also. I thought it already could do so as it's written.
  10. Did we get the ETA star fighter used in EP 3?
  11. Ain't nobody paying you man. I'm grateful and happy to wait.
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