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  1. Sorry I wanted to read through what people had already put properly but...the arguement put me off...**sigh** Errr the Jedi career, for me, is very broad and powerful. I would much, much prefer it to be a universal spec of some kind that requires a strong narrative reasoning to be purchased and, as a general, avoid impliemnting it otherwise due to how easy it is to rapidly gain abilities/competence. Unsure what else was asked now the back and forth wore me out.
  2. If you come up with something @P-47 Thunderbolt i'd like to see it. I often use threat/despair on force power checks to be that someone is aware of you doing something weird or even knows it to be the force.
  3. As I design NPCs with the trees this intrigues me as it simplifies things without the NPC options being wanting. Curious to see how this ends up.
  4. I personally do not like this because, as others have indicated, it undoes the sort of legacy sabers that are throughout the setting. I like the idea of Darth Marr finding Tulak Hord's lightsaber and it being an incredible work that he felt vindicated to even posess beyond it's status symbol. Luke having Anakin's saber similarly. There are rules within endless vigil for personalised sabers granting issues to others so if you find the saber of 'Hero789' Legend of your campaign setting...then maybe using it because you are not him grants setback die or automatic threat because you're not using it right. If anything I would find a way to apply that logic to crystals rather than simply wiping them.
  5. Yes this seems to be working for me thanks.
  6. Did you have a talent list or was that someone else?
  7. Yo @RLogue177 you did have a sort of master page for talents didn't you? I'm a bit lost trying to place it.
  8. @BluSunrize I get what you're saying. It's not about meta as much as if I want a jedi at my table and a Sith made using these talents one is going to have an easier go of getting to their juicy bits. When, as earlier discussed, Sith should be the quicker of the two even if less rewarding or whatever due to how powerful/quick the jedi trees are it's more likely to be them. It's not about the power level in terms of a meta...but the progression speed as a narrative. This is after all a narrative system and should, wherever possible, try to emulate the setting and the trees as you've laid versus the ones created will struggle to emulate that speed. If you're playing at a table where those trees are not a thing then it's not at all a problem. Or if you dont stat and create NPCs using them then again it wont factor. I personally try to which is why it took my focus you should do what you feel settled with.
  9. Ayup. THe XP dump required to make brawling feasible is pretty big.
  10. With the exception of ranged attacks I oppose checks for nemesis and pvp etc. Maked things more epic and sometimes messy but always fun. Makes the players far more hesitant to just engage someone.
  11. Fair enough. I was simply figuring since you gave Inquisitors their sorcerer tree. If you're determined to keep the other things as they are then I might suggest Lord of the Sith or...whatever you end up calling it as something that helps reduce lightside. On that subject without thinking too hard they have Will of the force which transforms DS stuff (knight tree) and inner peace (juyo/vaapad) Which combined are very powerful for reducing the destiny points. So a couple of talents to help with that i'ma keep pushing. Hmm. My table allows careers from all the books so I would personally be against this due to all of the mercantile style specs already available. But if you put one up i'm sure someone more learned in those particulars would help 🙂 i'll stick with the Sithy stuff for now. Fair enough. So if you get Acolyte first...then Lord is easier to progress down. Have you considered adding something to prove from Jedi Padawan? -- Yeah I double checked the jedi trees. LAWD they're simple to go down and highly rewarding. This makes the problem of making the darkside quicker more..difficult. I have a suggestion if you'll entertain it? Have acolyte litterally a grid. It will be more darkside destiny point reliant (As with Lord) but far simpler to go down. You get stronger quicker but are reliant upon the darkside and don't get quite as many functional useage. Knight is problematic...Because it gives you improved parry/reflect for their cheapest prices. Dunno how to balance that against sorc/blade Master is already pretty much 4 straight paths down. SUggest Lord is 4 straight paths down but the bottom two ranks can be gone across also? That may even it out somewhat?
  12. Sorry i missed the thing about the code and want to address it. Why not, similar to the padawan tree having -very- powerful abilities that don't appear in the other two, have the code split into half gotten in Acolyte and another half in Lord? Is that still too much?
  13. @BluSunrize Sorry but my quote thingy is buggy. Errr I understand your point about making it too strong. I also agree with the warfare not fitting thematically...but I personally would take out intense focus and knowledge is power to give them natural mystic because I still feel it makes it a good mirror to Blademaster (juggernaught) as you can then take it as that tree acomplishes that goal without immediately pursing one with the talent in. I understand why you went with smooth talker, thematically I see what you're headed for, but I don't agree that it's needed in this specific tree. Certain types of lords, In expansion and diplomacy or logistics, may require that but I don't see it as a common trait. The improved nobody's fool makes it risky to attempt to threaten or charm a sith lord. That's why I like it so much for this tree. Food for thought. I understand not ripping too much from Jedi master, I respect it even, but setting wise they are two sides of a coin. There should be several places where they cross over. Functionality wise i'm sorry but i've been unable to test it but it does need -something- and another issue is that you're already Darkside destiny point reliant whereas the Jedi tree talents function without destiny points at all for a few and the others are not specific to light side. Err sorry to make your job harder 😄 but the Jedi master tree already is a fairly simple/rewarding tree to go down as are the other 3 jedi trees. So FFG left you with an uneasy task lol. Happy to converse/help and again hope this doesn't come off too negative because this hyped me up to death especially as my friends and I use FFG's rules whilst RPing on SWTOR. Yeah the lens is too strong. It was the only thing I felt firmly about as a definitive no.
  14. I would allow someone to do it vertically, so long as they were willing to take the fall damage & strain as you indicated.
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