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  1. For serious can we get an update though?
  2. I feel this was deep for you
  3. I get that. The system is clearly designed for the era but don't you think that just making a super condensed tree is too much?
  4. I just think that they are still padawans who are much more experienced. My issue is that 250-300 xp would still be a padawan level person. That's how I feel about it. I think having a tree which can give you specifics for significantly lower since it's all in one place defeats the point. The point is to reach a level where by you are competent enough to be taking the trials for example you'll have been on several missions and partaken in lots of challenging encounters. Thus you'd have acquired lots of experience points and have broadened your ability spectrum. Like you and underachiever said those people are well known padawan learners who each are at the feet of respected jedi. To build young obi wan from TPM would cost a lot of exp. Not simply having a focused tree.
  5. If I did not already make it clear here I want to point out that I do not believe that the game represents accurately enough or expresses the reality of what level a force user who was trained from an early age always to be a jedi/sith would be like. The issue comes from the manual saying "Knight level" is somewhere around 300 xp which is a bag of rubbish. I do believe that most, if not all, padawans would be at least FR 2 and competent with most of the skilled you've listed however I do also think that there is no need for a tree just more xp in order to build a full fledged jedi padawan. I think people get too stuck in the level of an "advanced player" in force and destiny not one who existed with the entirety of the prequel jedi academy at their disposal and who have been guided effectively through their training. The starting exp for a padawan might be north of 300-400 rather than 100-120 its a different world and era it's a different galaxy for a jedi.
  6. My exact thought was "We'll that would be automatic for everyone." not that such is a bad thing but it's got enough of everything to be very very good on its own. The most generic tree we have is niman so far and I think that it does its job well enough. This feels better than it to me and most trees as a standalone. I do get the idea though. I just think people need to accept that the padawans in the clone wars era were just better trained than those in the era force and destiny intends.
  7. I really enjoyed the jedi knight academy game. I still have it on my desktop! I think it's a fun idea and both the new jedi and any new "Sith" would have enough legends/lore basis to draw upon whilst still being your own creation.
  8. So you rp like you're in jedi knight academy almost?
  9. I completely get your sensibility here. But since my rp is free flowing and significantly less structured I like when the pcs have to find another way around. We had a situation where we were in a tomb and couldn't figure out how to open the next door we did have the chance to study the language but had prioritised other things and so we were stumped. After a brief discussion we opted to desecrate it by using explosives to simply blow down the door. However... In structured play I can see how missing a bit of information that was integral it'd be highly problematic and may leave the pcs too far off the intended path.
  10. If you figure a ruling could you please post It? The rules for unleash and this somewhat fuddle me up.
  11. I was not a fan of scrapping the EU in place of legends but there's no point sulking. I'll have a look to figure out what is and isn't. I tend to use "legends" now anyway.
  12. Wow. OK. So any books that come out will be considered Canon also?
  13. How do you know what is considered Canon material and what is legends?
  14. Ah cool. I will be interested to keep up with the posts/read your adventures.
  15. OK. So after the prequels jedi are still being mowed down by Vader and Co. I've not watched much of Rebels or the second version of clone wars just enough to get the gist. So depending on how much further from 66 you're playing you could very much be worried about Vader finding you/would've heard of him killing folks?