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  1. Someone post the 84 years meme again please.
  2. if they do an old republic set i'll be camped out on this website hitting refresh in vain hope.
  3. Articles are cool but release dates are better.
  4. Hopefully but i'm not holding my breath.
  5. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Mystic, for me, crosses over a great deal with Consular and the few mystic npcs and indeed my character have specs from both careers. I chose to base myself in mystic but you could just as easily do so for consular. I liked mystic better and am satisfied with the career book that it was the correct choice but you do you.
  6. Not for a minute though. It'd make sense for a christmas release.
  7. Old Republic Era book would be only the second one (after my main character's career book) That I actually pre-ordered. That is a dream I dare not dream.
  8. @Absol197 Can you apply your powers to this like you did for unlimited power?
  9. Holy balls how does this book get me so hyped?
  10. Luahk

    Noob questions

    Thank you very much once again! Where does it say about that in the rulebook? Just so I can use this to end the debate.
  11. Luahk

    Noob questions

    So If I had force rating 1 and my char was using sense as defence. One action would be required to uncommit (second turn) another action to commit to attack?
  12. Luahk

    Noob questions

    But they are separate?
  13. Luahk

    Noob questions

    Just to clarify. If you commit a force dice to senses ongoing effects its either defence or offence right? It's not both. So if I wanted to upgrade an attack i'd have to use an action to uncommit and then the next turn commit to offence and then it'd be upgraded?
  14. Only two of us DM and we do....everything here. But I do take issue with just the ....video gamey obtain quest...fight baddies...complete quest stuff. I don't find that fun. I was more reffering to people that aren't interested in anything other than...erm..winning? Like they get upset at things that don't fit in with their plans for the direction they had the person growing in I guess. We treat the RP table as a real working universe and try, where possible, to add even more detail to the setting so that it feels like something you'd encounter in reality. (with space wizards) I tried, long before I knew this existed, to RP on SWTOR and everyone was RPIng as Darth or Master this. Everyone had already their own Fleet and was super important and pals with main character x-y and It baffled me how many people came onto a game where thousands of people were playing and expected to be playing as integral pieces of the organism. Back in line with your post earlier everyone wants to play that general with the fleet but they don't want to do the hard graft of working through the ranks of figuring out resource allocation and eventually getting trusted with the responsibility of a large group of vessels that represent a giant investment from their nations. Just before I stopped playing a character just claimed outright that he had a brand new fleet gifted him directly from Darth Marr. I asked if he'd done anything with his guild to substantiate that claim..some background RP to help flesh the story out of how he got this incredible responsibility. He just told me OOC that him and a couple others felt like he deserved it. I get that...I just don't want to be part of it. So I left. Much as now I would really struggle with someone who isn't willing to go through the hard bits to get to the cool. THat, to me, makes it cooler. Without it I feel it's sad and hollow.
  15. The word Punishment here is the one I focused on. You said earlier most players in your experience. I haven't experienced that in table top RPGs but in other roleplay venues I seem to run into it ...every time which is why in general I don't make as much time for it these days. It's my biased and elitist opinion that those people are not prepared to roleplay in as much as they just want the story to unfold in the fashion they see it and want to play that out. Like a WWE event or something.