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  1. Hello All, here are some spreadsheets I made a while back. I was looking at ranged weapons, trying to find out which ones did the most damage and what were the best attachments for each weapon, followed by a simple cost analysis. I was also going to tackle melee weapons, but then a friend showed me Rythbryt's AMAZING analysis already underway, so I didn't bother. (his work is clearly FAR superior) A few notes on the spreadsheets: The first looks at weapons without mods, showing their damage against defense die, while the second ranks those unmodified weapons by cost as well. The third looks at weapons with mods, listing which ones are the best for each weapon, while the fourth spreadsheet ranks them by cost as well. A few notes on my process: (this should read 'Disclaimers') 1. I came up with the damage percentages using the http://mattyellen.github.io/imperial-assault-calculator/ 2. I did not factor in any keyword information. This is strictly an analysis of damage done to a single unit. 3. For the Modified Energy Cannon, I assumed the hero had a GBY attack pool. So either Mak, Jyn, Saska, or MHD-19. (who I like to call MVP-19!) 4. The cost analyses are flawed. I used the least expensive attachments to determine the cost. There should be a range there to include the cost of the most expensive mod combinations as well. The high end of those ranges may throw off the ranking and summaries. 5. Some of the weapons have several attachments listed. Sometimes there is a mod listed followed by an 'AND'. In those cases, the first attachment listed is a must have to maximize damage output. Sometimes there is an 'OR' between the mods. I consider these to be interchangeable because the damage output between them is negligable. However, I used the mod with the best stats when determining the percentages for damage output. 6. I did not consider any of the special actions found on some weapons. i.e. The DLT-19 or the Valken-38 focusing ability, or the DDC Defender using 3 attacks. 7. I did not factor in range. 8. I did not factor in the special conditions required to use an attachment. i.e. The Spread Barrel requiring a max. range of 3. 9. I was only looking at max. damage, so mods like the Marksman Barrel were not considered. (too bad, because I recently built Jyn with a Deathhammer and Marksman Barrel, to allow for a minimum range of 4 while using Quick Draw) 10. I did not cover starting weapons, which means I can't guarantee the bottom of the charts are even an improvement. 11. There are no fancy 3D bar graphs, videos, or witty and humourous commentary between graphs to make this statistical read pure joy. As a side note, you can not legally combine the Plasma Cell and Bolt Upgrade. This was never one of my suggested combinations for top damage output, but it's worth keeping in mind on 2 mod slot weapons. Hopefully this will tide you over until Rythbryt has the time to cover the topic in far superior detail, without all the flaws and missing information. Imperial Assault Ranged Weapon Ranking.xls I.A. ranged weapons cost ranking analysis.xlsx I.A. ranged weapons with mods ranking.xls I.A. ranged weapons with mods cost ranking analysis.xlsx
  2. Another excellent and informative post! I was dismissive of the Ryyk Blades, so this was an eye opener. As for the videos in the previous post, they were well selected and hilarious. Although, I'm fine without them too. As the creator of the posts, I figure whatever floats your boat is the way to go. I'll be reading your analyses either way.
  3. Thank You Rythbryt!! 3 Updates in a week, while still maintaining your incredible level of excellence and detail!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
  4. I have been reading this thread for months and eagerly await each new post. I specifically created this account just to say Thank You!! for all the work and effort you put into these posts. This is the best content I have found about any aspect of IA. Every new post is like getting an unexpected present when it's not even your birthday. Thank You!
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