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  1. My contention was that governments are made up of people, doing their best in a hard job. Which part do you want to dispute? Yours was that a national healthcare system was corrupt and bloating expenses on the nation's back. You can see why I asked for evidence, perhaps. You also tried to twist my words twice. Then splashed into hyperbole. It suggests you're not arguing in good faith.
  2. I didn't say for the people. I said doing their best, whatever that is. People are flawed and limited, but go do their jobs every day and do work that sucks, that they get badmouthed for, so they can get by. What I am chastising is the assumption they are incompetent, intentionally running up expenses, or after what belongs to you as a whole. Say whatever you want about individuals, but sweeping generalizations are never factual.
  3. Again, you are sweeping thousands of people up in your "they". The government is not a hivemind. It is regular people doing day to day jobs just like everyone else. Are you so conditioned to dismiss the government that you cannot see it is made up of people?
  4. The people doing the F35 (a for-profit company: Lockheed Martin) are not the same people doing healthcare. You keep referring to "the government" as though it were some monolithic, singular object. It's not. It's granular. It's thousands of people doing their best.
  5. No, that was him re-contextualizing so that he has a reason to believe this hypothetical person is unworthy of basic human decency.
  6. You are not a nation unto yourself. You are a individual, a member of a larger society. You almost certainly use roads, public transit, and/or infrastructure, brought to you by your local government, and partly funded by your federal government, neither of which is a faceless mass of bureaucrats who are only looking for their piece of your pie. They are people -- public servants -- trying to do the best they can to make things work as well as possible. If you are incapable of realizing any of these things, you are not very self aware.
  7. My group uses Hangouts and the Genesys dice roller on skyjedi.com. Works great most of the time, though the roller was behaving a little oddly last session (rolls not going in expected order).
  8. Don't you get tired of banging this drum relentlessly, @Daeglan? You've had this exact same conversation on these boards at least a half dozen times. We get it. Bad writing. Rey is a Mary Sue. Move on.
  9. Our campaign setting is an outer rim boomtown that cropped up around a rare resource about 25 years ago. Each of the trio has a very different background and very different themes to their story. I chose not to start them as a party, so we could explore them individually for a while. I wanted identity to be a large part of the story's themes. I had them to grow together in parallel until they chose to work together, which the story definitely had room for. We have a human Padawan who suffers from PTSD as a result of how he survived 66; he thinks the Force is toying with him, and relishes in his torment. He's a broken man trying to reconcile the disparate parts of himself, so he can form a new self. He keeps trying to overcome his failings instead of embracing them. His themes are failure, fear, betrayal, and redemption. The second is a non-slave Nikto who grew up on Nar Shadaa, who finds himself trying to flee a life of violence, but cannot ever escape, because he is the cause of his own suffering. He hates violence, but doesn't have the tools to find a better way. He's also treated like an outsider and a monster by much of the populace, but his inner self is deeply at odds with his physicality. His themes are gentleness, dignity, violence, mercy, and rage. The last is a Zabrak woman, who was raised in the boomtown by her parents, who died in the town's greatest tragedy: A mine explosion five years ago. She's loved and well regarded by townsfolk. They all know to trust her instincts, because when she has a feeling about something, it usually happens. She's well known for taking in new arrivals and strays and helping them find a place in the town. However, she's begun to realize her ivory tower lifestyle was built on lies; she's been betrayed by those she trusted most and has begun to doubt if she can trust at all. She's changing rapidly as her force abilities manifest. Her themes are privilege, kindness, forgiveness, betrayal, and most recently, uncertainty. Each session, I focus on giving them the opportunity for growth and change as the story of the town's secret history is revealed.
  10. It's as American as unreasonably expensive healthcare and profiteering off of political office.
  11. If you're referencing the new characters for this new era, I agree, because I've have only seen 2D images of them. Otherwise, I have no idea which character you're referencing.
  12. What proof do you have at this point that box checking is what's happening here? It seems to me you're assuming that's what is going to happen, but at this point I don't think we even have character names, let alone personalities for any of these characters. Why start off at that point as the basis for your reaction?
  13. That's not the problem with diversity. The problem with diversity is that we live in a diverse world and certain people think that means they are being put upon and have to accept something they don't want to accept. Guess what? Everyone deserves representation. Why is it so much to ask?
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