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  1. Vek Baustrade

    Where should I go with my Makashi Duelist?

    If you haven't done so already, I strongly recommend completing the left side of the Sense tree for the defensive benefits. That alone will mitigate a lot of hits.
  2. Vek Baustrade

    Rerolling Seek Force Power Check

    In unstructured time, I generally like to have the power (or skill) check represent "your best effort for the scene" and move on from there. It's less interesting to me as GM to let a player keep rolling until they get the result they want. I frame it to the players as a suggestion to accept that at this point in the story, things didn't quite go your way, and let it build your story for the next scene.
  3. Force push is Move, though someone will probably suggest Bind as a possibility, because one of the upgrades allows you to slide them away or toward you. To do what Obi-Wan does, you need both strength and magnitude upgrades. Force Choke is Bind, with the upgrade that allows you to do damage if you use dark pips. You can also do strain equal to your willpower with an upgrade. Harm is more like life drain, depending on your upgrades, though you could narratively describe it however you like (as with almost everything in this game). I've primarily used Enhance for Force speed. That can be narrative, using the base power to add your force dice to Athletics, or the right column, Force leap, but describing it as running instead of jumping (especially after you've picked up the range upgrade). Hope this helps.
  4. Vek Baustrade

    Conflict, ethics and how to play the force as GM

    As I conceded. That said, you continually take that black and white approach to your arguments beyond the films. When you declare others wrong, you present your way of thinking as the objectively correct one. If you're an adult, you must realize that there is miles of potential space for a variety of opinions on every subiect under the sun. It's as though you're incapable of looking at things from another's perspective or even considering that your point of view may not align with that of others.
  5. Vek Baustrade

    Conflict, ethics and how to play the force as GM

    Tramp, your continued adherence to purely binary couplings is nothing short of astounding. Right or wrong, yes or no, selfish or selfless. These dicotomies are not how the world or storytelling function. There exists between all things greyness and nuance. Your relentless willingness to argue otherwise is the precise reason you specifically are singled out as unreasonable. Star Wars absolutely paints in light and darkness, but the real world does not. There is not a pure right or wrong in this discussion, regardless of your efforts to impose one.
  6. Vek Baustrade

    Conflict, ethics and how to play the force as GM

    Sometimes a character's conflict is obvious, but sometimes it's a little difficult to separate a player's conflict from a character's conflict. When a player is angsting over a decision, I literally ask the question: Would you say your character is feeling conflicted...?
  7. Your haiku skills need refinement. 5, 7, 5 should be your syllable count.
  8. Vek Baustrade

    Finding the Miraluka race.

    Are you blind? Seriously, though, there are about 15 threads about homebrewing Miraluka on this board. One of them was posted less than a week ago.
  9. It's a universal specialization from the Dawn of Rebellion sourcebook.
  10. Your building threats to discourage a type of power gaming sounds curiously like power gaming.
  11. Vek Baustrade

    Sacred Skywalker Blood

    That scene just missed the mark for me. I get that the point Johnson's making is that Rey doesn't need anything external, that the answers she seeks are within, but the scene doesn't succeed in saying that with its mirror imagery. There's a dozen different ways it could've been better conveyed.
  12. Vek Baustrade

    Sacred Skywalker Blood

    @KungFuFerret I'm a fan of Bob's work and enjoyed his TLJ analysis. The Arthur parallels were an insight I'd considered, but he articulates them really well in the video you cite. My primary issues with the film are pacing related (the Kanto Bight arc), though I think Johnson also undermines the gravity of the story by going to the bathos well a little too frequently.
  13. Vek Baustrade

    Sacred Skywalker Blood

    I admit, I was bewildered by what I saw, but I am not an EU guy, so I wondered if there was something in the novels that really played up the Chosen One blood line. I've spoken to a few friends about their TLJ grievances, and most come down to Luke not conforming to their expectations, and that seemed to be the gist of this guy's rewrite. My friends have read heavily in the EU books, so they have a different idea of who Luke was that I do. They have a reverence for him that I lack. (Don't get me wrong, Luke is awesome.) It led me to I wonder if the novels had appointed divinity upon the Skywalkers, like sacred suggests. I may have panic-posted slightly, because what I heard was so far from my interpretation. Curse you and your trickery, fanfic!
  14. I was watching a YouTube video earlier today wherein the channel owner posted a "if I wrote The Last Jedi" fanfic. I stopped less than 6 minutes into the video, when his Kylo Ren used his "sacred Skywalker blood" to gain access Vader's fortress on Mustafar. Sacred Skywalker blood? I have never once used this phrase or even thought of it in those terms. Is this a EU thing? Is this why people are so negative about TLJ? Because they consider the Skywalker line sacred?
  15. Vek Baustrade

    Morality houserule

    This mirrors my experience. Far more often than not, my players tell me they are going to take some conflict because of their actions and ask me to adjudicate how much is appropriate. Explaining right off the bat, in session zero, the purpose of conflict as a narrative mechanic, instead of punishment for naughtiness, seems to have provided me a different experience than many posters here. I have never felt like someone is coasting to paragon. My playgroup is made up of experienced, mature players, though, so that may account for it.