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    VanHippo reacted to KungFuFerret in Rule question: failed check with triumph   
    The Triumph does still count as a success, to be measured against the number of failures to determine if the roll succeeds or fails.  However if the number of failures is higher, then they don't perceive anything with their perception.   

    The Triumph effect itself, the (a really cool/beneficial thing the player gets to choose), does still apply.  So the player can perhaps upgrade their next check (perhaps the reaction roll of the suspected ambush they were trying to perceive).   
    To give an example from pop culture, think about the first Predator movie.  There is a point in the story, where the Native American character KNOWS something is tracking them, but he can't find it.  He warns the others that something "isn't right", and continues to scan the jungle for the threat.   To me, that's a good example of a Failed check (he never actually spotted the Predator), but with a Triumph (he KNOWS something IS out there, tracking them, and was able to alert his unit to the danger, making them more aware of the situation, perhaps giving the party a boost die on their initiative roll, or their own reaction check to not be ambushed further down the trail). 
    That's one way the results could potentially play out.  That's of course, assuming the Perception check was to spot someone tracking the player.    But the basic concept applies.  However the context of the situation itself would likely inform the player and the GM on what would be good uses for the Triumph.
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    VanHippo reacted to SavageBob in I want to be able to go to a store ask for the Star Wars RPG and they can point me at a single book called the Star Wars RPG   
    You've mentioned this issue before, and I can understand how you might be frustrated if you have a group who want to recreate the "mixed group" of heroes in the movies, as you say. The thing is you can recreate the movies, you just have to be creative in interpreting the specializations. Your best bet is probably Age of Rebellion for this. Han may be a smuggler, but you can recreate him as a Commander (Commodore). Chewbacca could be an Engineer (Mechanic) or Ace (Driver). Leia is a Diplomat (Ambassador) or maybe (Agitator). Luke is an Ace (Pilot) with the Force-sensitive Emergent secondary specialization. 3PO can be a Diplomat (Ambassador). R2 a Spy (Slicer). Chewie can be a Soldier (Commando). All of these specs are in the AOR core book.
    Sure, it's better to have all the options, but RPG lines need to be profitable, so you'll end up buying a few more books down the road. But my point is that you can totally recreate the OT-style of "mixed" play with just one core book. You just can't be literal about the names of Careers and Specializations.
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    VanHippo reacted to Magnus Arcanus in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Can we please refrain from opening this can of worms on this thread, as it is a very useful one, and it will get locked very quickly if such discussion goes any further. 
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    VanHippo reacted to OddballE8 in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Oh kindly **** off with that crap.
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    VanHippo reacted to Khazadune in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    This thread more than any other contains those people who rout for the success of and the increase in new products, for the game. Absol has dedicated time and efforts to plotting and charting the ups and downs of the support FFG has provided to the lines. I am sure that using those numbers Absol could even tell us when the change in support for the product lines began, but I think we have all seen a steady decline in the last two years or so. That decline with the radio silence as to why is disheartening. We all invest heavily of our time and money in the game, and have a vested interest in seeing it continue and grow.  For myself, each book I buy costs nearly 100$ after shipping to Canada and conversion, and I have bought every book in every line at that price. That represents a lot of financial investment. That's what makes the lack of comment on the delays and the delays themselves so hard to stomach. 
    So, I sent this to FFG;
    On February 8th I asked that someone contact me with an update on the status of my pre-orders which are the latest in a long line of products to be delayed well beyond what should be expected with no notification, communication or discussion of the reasons therefore. I was told that the department would be in touch shortly and have received no communications. Is this how this company does business? Set a timeline for product release that is wildly exceeded with no stated reason and then not even take the time to be courteous enough to respond to its customers? I am not alone in my disgust at how the stream of products for the SW RPG line has been constantly delayed and beleaguered. Most of the people I began playing this game with have moved on to Pathfinder, Mouseguard, 5th Edition or other games that engage their customers and readily deliver products on time and with clear and open lines of communication. I will be sharing this letter and any response (or not) with the fans of this game so that they can see what sort of level of support they can expect from FFG. It is my sincere hope that you not only respond but provide reasons for the unrealistic delays, the utter lack of communication and begin to provide more regular updates to the people who have committed time and money towards supporting this company. 
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    VanHippo reacted to LordBritish in I just had a revelation about the new film hate...   
    The issue is, a lot of people think in a very binary sense. "You are either part of my group or their group, and their group is my enemy." kind of thinking that is cultivated in politics, the courtroom and news outlets to say the least. I find the first step in adjusting that issue is to imagine there is at least four groups of opinion; Fanatics of each side that have an overwhelming opinion, and people that either like it or don't, maybe even a 5th group that just don't care just to round it off. Once I do that I imagine most people have a bell curve of opinion, most people sit in the middle of that bell curve of like and dislike, rather then love and hate.

    Personally there is the perception of a lot of entitled people and the aura of anomality offered by the internet allows for people to be abusive without reprieve, whether they truly mean what they mean or not. That and it's easier to be negative then it's positive, it's much easier to shape the world through a negative perception.

    Personally I found 7 fun and relatively simplistic and blunt, it clearly didn't have a great deal of world building in it and more mystery boxes then EA's Lootboxes, and 8 interesting and in some cases very entertaining with it's flipping of convention, yet very clumsy in the application of a couple of it's story arcs made for a fairly boring middle section of the movie. I was very satisfied by Luke's characterisation and the force sensitive arcs that really was the backbone for this movie interesting, yet felt a lot of the conflict in the movie was arsine and fairly uninteresting. I consider myself generally to be a liker, but not a lover or a fanatic. Hence I find a lot of the hysteria by such people to be immensely amusing.
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    VanHippo reacted to whafrog in I just had a revelation about the new film hate...   
    It was the same with the prequels.  It's the same with <insert music band here>.  Dating myself, but I remember having this exact same conversation when Led Zeppelin IV came out, how some didn't like it, and "what's up with this 8 minute Stairway to Heaven song, it's so pretentious!"  Radio stations didn't know what to do, the longest song to that point was Hey Jude, and that was the Beatles so they made allowances...  Then Led Zeppelin 5 came out and "what's this?  reggae?  I hate it!  Why can't it be more like LZ4?"  It's no different with Radiohead from OK Computer to A Moon Shaped Pool.
    Basically, fans suck.  They want the same thing they know, but they want it to be different enough so they feel like they felt when they first fell in love.
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    VanHippo reacted to Donovan Morningfire in I just had a revelation about the new film hate...   
    I think it's telling that the news of Kathleen Kennedy getting her contract extended for three more years has a great many of the whiny man-babies that KungFuFerret's initial post was centered on, they've all got their knickers in a twist.
    It's darkly humorous while also being sad at just how they can't get past their self-entitlement and grasp that they simply aren't relevant to the franchise's overall success.  Kathleen Kennedy has helped make Star Wars more accessible to a broader audience, and the overly verbal toxic twits simply can't accept that Star Wars no longer belongs exclusively to them (not that it ever did in the first place).
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    VanHippo reacted to KungFuFerret in I just had a revelation about the new film hate...   
    Sure, but there are also the kind of people who spam twitter to the point where Kelly Tran simply quits the service entirely because of the volume of toxic bile.  And those two types of people sometimes are the same person.   Again, I don't care about calm, reasoned critiques of the films.  No film is perfect, including the OT, and discussing the pros and cons is fine.  And I understand the concept of clickbait.  But when you follow up that clickbait with a verbal howling fest, that's when I say you fall into the category I'm referring to in my OP.  
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    VanHippo reacted to Xcapobl in Melee range bands + Melee combat   
    When first reading through the Edge Core, I too noticed the appearent lack of a melee component. Being new to such narrative games as FFG Star Wars, and having been kind of spoilt by tactical simulation games such as Dungeons and Dragons (with every last 5 foot step and attack of opportunity and second attack at a lower attack bonus mattering), I didn't see the full potential here either. I thought SW had the same "I-go-you-go" as D&D, but with a more flexible initiative structure, because a side got to chooce one of its component characters  to act, instead of predetermined participants.
    Starfighter combat had all the charm of rolling dice and rolling dice and rolling dice, and then rolling some more dice. Then, after some dice rolling, there was one side with a clear advantage and they got to take a shot. not much there, either. And, not playing on a grid, one of my players totally new to the game as well asked, if the starfighters actually moved at all. Again, spoilt by tactical simulationist games. They have their own charm, they can be narrative, but they have more emphasis on the tactical aspect due to precise movement statistics, and grid rules. Star Wars D20 Saga even had movement statistics printed in 'Squares', no longer in meters or feet.
    And somehow, after Age of Rebellion, ithit me. I had seen a couple of games by other people, both on Youtube and live games. This game is as static, or as dynamic as you want it to be. Small additions in the rules open up possibilities. Sentences like: "When it is your turn to act, you get to make one combat check as an action. This is not to say you only make one attack, but there is a single opportunity, an opening in the opponent's defenses to take advantage of." (Not an exact quote, but it is important to keep this in mind.) Skimming through the minion rules, this started to make sense. I make one combat check, and two Stormtroopers drop dead? Ah, narratively, my character keeps the trigger pressed and sends a whole slew of blaster bolts in their general direction. One combat check, enough damage on a minion group, two or more can drop because of the total damage.
    Back to melee and duelling. One of my players had made a Force and Destiny character with a lightsaber. You should have seen all the faces at the table, when I narrated most of the duel without ever asking for a combat check. just described the swordsplay of jabbing, stabbing, blocking and deflecting strikes. Running around, and moving through corridors, until the duelists exited the building, the player character jumping on top of a large cargo container. And only then, did I ask for a combat check when the NPC tried to follow. In the narration, this was one of those moments (yes, a high ground moment... ?) where I asked the player to make a Lightsaber skill combat check, with a Boost die to boo(s)t. The character missed, and I narrated the duel further until the character got a failure on an Athletics check to cross a gap, only to have the NPC take his Lightsaber skill check then and there. A hit, a couple of wounds. Ten minutes of duelling and changing scenery, and still only two combat checks. One by the player, one by me for the NPC. According to initiative, the 'Player Side' had its turn again, and seeing his comrade dangling from a ledge, wounded and all, one of the other characters let rip with his Blaster Rifle, forcing the NPC (also suffering a couple of wounds due to a nasty number of successes and an adcantage or two against him) to withdraw from the edge of the gap. Fifteen minutes in, only three combat checks in the initiative order. But a whole lot of tension, in a good way. They had never had such an evocative and emotional combat in any RPG, as this one. Only three freaking combat checks.
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    VanHippo reacted to KungFuFerret in I just had a revelation about the new film hate...   
    Now, first off, I'm not painting everyone with this brush.  I'd like to think we live in a world where everything doesn't have to come with a disclaimer...but, this is the internet, and I'm talking about Star Wars, so that thought is a pipe dream.    So, if you are just someone who doesn't like the new films, for whatever reason, but are NOT a flaming ******* about it, I'm not talking about you.  This is directed at the type of person who can't even hear the mention of anything related to the new films, without having a spike in their blood pressure, and ranting in a toxic manner about SJWs and Kathleen Kennedy, and harassing people on twitter about it.   Ok?  Ok.   Plus, this is a "mostly in jest" observation, but also how it does seem to me, as someone who grew up with the OT, but also thinks the NT is just fine.
    The really toxic ******* about the new films, really feel like a kid, who walked into his room, and found his little sister playing with his Star Wars action figures, and is furious because she's having them do stuff that he doesn't want them doing.   So he yells to his mom to "make her stop touching my things!  She's not playing with them the right way!!"  
    That's it really, I know that's less than half the size of the disclaimer for it, but hey, sadly this is the world we live in.  Anyway, carry on.   
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    VanHippo reacted to Darth Revenant in Losing an eye   
    I would go with an increase in difficulty for any vision based skill checks until the crit is healed. Then the occasional setback die after that for some vision based tests.
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    VanHippo reacted to HappyDaze in Xenology Question   
    Just as we're allowed to use the Tholothian culture with Human stats and just refer to them as Tholothian Humans if we don't like the idea of the ret-con.
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    VanHippo reacted to warchild1x in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    It is a dark time for the players. Although the last splat book has been deployed, FFG silence has driven the players from their homes in pursuit of the next release...
    Led by the togruta mystic, Absol197, they huddle around a cracked holocron hoping from a message in the dark...
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    VanHippo reacted to Nytwyng in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Just earlier today, I encountered someone online claiming that 90% “of Star Wars fans” have turned away from the franchise. ?
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    VanHippo reacted to CeilingSquid in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    *grits teeth*
    Could we refrain from editorialzing on TLJ's and the franchise's recent quality in this thread, mayhap?
    As someone who actually enjoys recent Star Wars ventures, the smug negativity is inescapable. Especially when it's taken for granted as the default audience response.
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    VanHippo reacted to OddballE8 in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Thank you!

    Now, on topic again, have we gotten all the career books for all three lines yet? (counting cyphers and masks, here)

    Because if we do, then I could see them ending the line, if it's not making them enough money.

    That said, I would be oddly ok with them ending the line if they've done all the career books. 
    But that's just me. (So much stuff to find online anyway, so I don't need adventures and fluff books, really)

    Ps. that said, I would be delighted if they kept making the books. They're all very gorgeous and well done. Just saying I'd be strangely ok with it if they ended it.
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    VanHippo reacted to HappyDaze in Gm rolling dice   
    It's a narrative game. Players need to be able to separate their knowledge from what the characters know. 
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    VanHippo reacted to HappyDaze in Tips for those without Reflect   
    Try not to make guys with guns want to shoot you.
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    VanHippo reacted to emsquared in Jedi strain recovery, I need help?   
    If it matters to you, at our table "any and all checks" means "any and all checks". Including recovery checks.
    We also tend to target Strain pretty heavily in non-combat encounters (social, exploration, infiltration, mechanical/slicing, etc. - it's one of the great strengths of this system to be able to make non-combat as high-stakes as combat), so to not allow this would make doing anything at all in the game world a bad idea. Because doing anything at all (of consequence) in the gameworld can Strain you.
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    VanHippo reacted to Dark Star in Jedi strain recovery, I need help?   
    I don't like this idea at all. First, if it's all happening at the same time, how do you decide who goes first; because it'd suck to be them. Second, If I can spend it to make my friends feel better, why can't I spend it to make myself feel better? Finally, it'd feel very meta-gamey if all my friends rolled first and gave all their boosts to me, like some sort of group reiki session. It just feels easier and better to let me spend my own advantage rather than go through the rigmarole of daisy-chaining a bunch of advantages together.
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    VanHippo got a reaction from Split Light in Unrelenting Skeptic makes lying impossible?   
    Another way to handle it is that the BBEG starts giving his henchmen false information. Then the NPCs think they are telling the truth, which should bypass the talent. Also it might fit the intrigue theme.
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    VanHippo reacted to Archlyte in Air in Space?   
    My rule of thumb for when I am not on the forum is to not explain too much. I like to preserve the exotic nature of the Galaxy by having it remain alien to the players and myself as much as possible. 
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    VanHippo reacted to BadMotivator in Unrelenting Skeptic makes lying impossible?   
    One thing to keep in mind is that while you may know someone is lying, that doesn’t mean that you can get the truth.
    Also, a good idea for these checks is to roll both the pc and npc rolls hidden so only the GM can see them. This is because knowing if a roll succeeded or not gives the players outside information with checks like this. 
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